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Over the years, car washing businesses have had to improve and rethink their service practices. As vehicle makers have developed their production practices, automated car washes have had to reinvent themselves to avoid damaging customer vehicles. 

When it comes to vehicle finishes, car wash operators need to be informed on the latest methods for turning out clean, shiny vehicles. To that end, car washes now use car paint sealants to provide protection and shine for your car. The application of this product brings about questions such as “cost of car paint sealant ” and “where to buy car paint sealant?” in Toronto. 

To put it in simple terms, car paint sealants are synthetic products that are designed to offer shine and protection for your car. However, there are different products out there, each one with various features and prices. 

How then do you decide the best product for your vehicle? To do that, you have to examine the cost and factors that affect the cost of car paint sealant. This article provides information about the value of car paint sealant in Toronto and where to buy them. 

What is car paint sealant?

Car paint sealants are synthetic products that protect the paint and external surface of your car while providing a shine that looks like a mirror. They are a massive leap in the right direction when it comes to protecting your vehicle. They are made up of complex polymers that enhance the performance and look of your car’s paint. 

A sealant is designed to bond to the outer layer of your car’s paint. For this reason, it is an effective protective mechanism against sap, UV rays, and acid rain. All of these contaminants are unofficially referred to as paint killers. Sealants also give your car a unique mirror-like shine that is guaranteed to improve the look of your vehicle.

Cost of car paint sealants 

The cost of car paint sealants in Toronto can reach as high as 70CAD. Car sealants have a price range that starts around 15CAD and tops out at about 100CAD. 

Of course, these prices are not just arbitrary figures that are pulled out of thin air. They are the sum of several factors and features. 

Some of these features include:

Long-lasting protection 

Generally, paint sealants for cars last for a long time. However, the length of this period differs from one product to another. There are products that lasts for a month or two. While others can stay in place for as many as six months. Basically, the longer a sealant lasts, the higher its price.

Ease of use

There are car paint sealants that are complicated to use. These kinds of products have to be applied by a professional. On the other hand, there are other products that you can easily apply. The ease of usage is another factor that affects the cost of car paint sealants. 


There are car paint sealants that give your car a shiny mirror finish. Of course, these look great. However, there is a better alternative. Some products give your vehicle a glossy wet finish. They actually make it look like you just painted your car. Sealants that offer this glossy look are more expensive compared to basic products. 


Most products on the market do not repel dust. Granted, it is not an essential feature to look out for. However, there are dust-repellant sealants out there. These products repel dust, fine sand and debris, keeping your car looking as clean as possible. Of course, they are a tad more expensive when compared to other types of sealants. 


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Where to buy car paint sealants in Toronto 

It is one thing to know the cost of car paint sealant. It is another thing to know where to buy one. It is imperative that you find out the best places that offer sealants for sale at the best prices. A least of our top picks on where to buy car paint sealant in Toronto include:

Car parts stores

They are called car parts stores for a reason. These businesses are home to a vast number of car accessories, parts and components. Some even offer car repairs services. One thing is certain, if you are looking to buy sealants for your vehicles, just look for the closest car parts store next to you.

They will be sure to offer you the best products at neighbourhood friendly prices. Also, they will be able to give you advice on the best sealant to buy for your vehicle. 

Online stores 

Online shopping is one of the many gifts the internet has offered us. Today, you can buy most about anything on the internet without any issues at all. 

Wondering where to buy car paint sealants in Toronto? Just visit your favourite online stores such as Amazon and you will able to get it delivered to your home in a few days. 

These platforms have the advantage of offering you a wide range of car paint sealant options to choose from. 

Car washes

Some automated car washes offer car paint sealants in Toronto. You can quickly head down to one close to you and find out if they stock sealants. 

Final thoughts

The cost of car paint sealants is not over the top. It ranges from 15CAD to 100CAD. It is an excellent investment that can offer you the best protection for your vehicle paint. You should definitely get one today!