paint correction on cars

People use paint correction and polishing interchangeably, but these terms are not the same. Here, I will explain in detail what paint correction is on the car and why it is important.

Paint protection is a detailing process that removes imperfections available on the car’s clear coat. Car paint detailing allows your car paint to be restored to its original factory condition. Although you can do car cleaning by yourself, automotive paint correction involves a few more steps. You can partner with a professional paint correction provider like Auto Boss to get the best results.

What is car paint detailing?

A new vehicle can cost around $50,000 to $500,000 and a lot of time in searching for the best-suited model. If you are buying a used car, you will look at its condition. You will probably don’t want to buy a car with a damaged exterior. The same is true when you want to sell your vehicle. Paint correction addresses the imperfection from your car surface.

Paint correction on cars is a treatment that involves removing minor swirl marks or scratches through machine polish. A fine layer of clear coat is removed along with the permanent or deep scratches from the clear coat that helps in making your car surface smooth, and shiny. When professional and skilled detailers perform this task, they make the car appear like a new one. However, it is not the same as polishing or waxing.

Although polishing and waxing make your car appearance shiny and sleek, they don’t remove the imperfections from your car surface permanently. Waxing hides minor scratches rather than removing them. However, paint correction is the deeper process that provides you with the best result when it comes to removing scratches and other imperfections.

Purpose of paint correction
Purpose of paint correction

The major purpose of paint correction on cars is to remove paint imperfections while restoring the paint’s original condition. While considering time, money or efforts to ensure a spotless car, you may require proper maintenance. However, your car surface is continuously exposed to road debris, UV rays, or harsh weather conditions. These factors will make your car’s surface dull, and imperfections like swirl marks appear on it over time. When scratches and swirl marks go deep, you will require paint correction.

Paint correction on car address:

  • Bird drop etching and bird droppings
  • Holograms
  • Buffer trails
  • Bugs
  • Water spotting
  • Micro marring
  • Oxidation
  • UV fading
  • Random scratches
  • Road tar
  • Spider web marks
  • Tree saps

Importance of paint correction on cars

However, paint correction on cars is carried out to remove the imperfections from the paintwork. However, it helps you refurbish your car’s unappealing clear coat.

You can get your old paint fixed through the paint detailing process. Paint correction on the car is more than just improving visible appearance. It fills the gaps and scratches. Once the paint correction process is completed, the car surface is ready for any other protection process.

Paint correction increases the lifespan of your car paint and the resale value of your car by restoring your car’s clear coat while removing paint imperfections.

Remember! If your car’s clear coat gets damaged, the dirt and grime start penetrating from it, making the base coat pigmented. If your car paint is faded, paint detailing may not work.

The process

The paint detailing process of auto boss provides you with the finest finishes. We achieve the best-in-class results by using supreme quality polishing, pad, polish, compound, sealant or wax. We can also use a DA or rotary polisher.

Suppose you want to do paint correction by yourself. In that case, we recommend using a rotary polisher because it is easy to use as compared to DA machines. DA polishers are advanced machines that require a lot of experience for perfect results. Not only rotary polishers you may require other tools and products to complete the process. However, the best tools don’t guarantee the best results.

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Know whether your car needs paint correction
Know whether your car needs paint correction

Before deciding to have a paint correction process, ensure your car needs it. For example, if you see scratches on your car bumper and paint, it means the car’s clear coat is damaged and needs replacement. If scratches are available on the paint, they can be removed through compounding or buffing.

The best method to ensure getting the repairs done properly is to ask some of the questions from the auto detailer before selecting them.

  • What are your priorities?
  • What is their experience?
  • How much time do they require for comprehensive detailing?
  • Are they affordable?
  • Can they provide the best quality services within the prescribed time?
  • Do you need partial or comprehensive services?

Once you get an idea about the services and your needs, it is the right time to look for the resources and recommendations. After narrowing down the choices, select the best one that is suitable for your needs.

Auto Boss: Optimal, swirl-free finishes guaranteed

Auto Boss Vaughan provides the highest possible standard of paint detailing services that are achieved with a combination of waxing and polishing.

We provide a swirl-free finish through a dual-action polisher to remove imperfections from the car’s clear coat, followed by a layer of wax. The carnauba wax penetrates fine imperfections or holes, making it swirl-free. Our state-of-the-art services make us one of the best detailing providers.


Paint detailing or paint correction for the car is a technical process with multiple stages to remove imperfections from the car’s surface. You can remove the swirl marks by yourself, but hiring a professional detailer helps you in getting the desired services.


What is automotive paint correction?

Automotive paint correction is a process to remove minor scratches, hazing, swirl marks, marring, and other imperfections from your car paint. The process requires specialized tools, machinery and polishing compounds to remove fine layers of paint and clear coat until the car surface becomes smooth.

Is paint detailing good for your car?

The paint detailing process makes your car look amazing, but it doesn’t protect the paint from damage.  

What is car color correction?

Paint correction is the restoring or rejuvenating process of the paintwork from your vehicle. It requires machine polishers such as Dual action or rotary polishers to eliminate imperfections from the uppermost layer of your car.

Is paint detailing an expensive process?

Paint correction cost depends on the amount of correction you need, whether it is partial or complete paint detailing.