Is paint correction bad

Paint correction is one of the popular options in the automotive world, especially when it comes to rejuvenating the car’s appearance while eliminating imperfections from your car paint. However, the process may have potential drawbacks. In this article, we will try to address the question: Is paint correction bad for your vehicle?

There are a lot of questions that come into your mind when you think and search for paint correction. The most important question can be: Is paint correction bad? The answer is yes! When you opt for an amateur (inexperienced paint correction shop. They can cause damage to the car paint. When the car paint is removed too much, it is known as “clear coat burns through.”

Paint correction 

Auto paint correction is removing a delicate layer of paint by using multistep correction methods. The expert detailer uses a specialized polisher with buffing pads and cutting compound. They will keep trimming the car’s clear coat until the scratches are leveled. The auto paint correction is helpful in restoring the clarity and shine of the car’s clear coat. 

Why do people opt for paint correction?
why do people opt for paint correction?

Swirls and scratches appear on the car surface due to improper washing with hard brushing or drying the car paint with rough, old cloth or mitt. Abrasive car wash is the major cause of swirls on the car surface. If you are living in an area with harsh weather conditions, such as heavy snow, it can also damage your car’s clear coat. Improper snow removal can destroy the car paint.

However, scratches are deep and caused by anything such as fingernails scraping against the doors while closing and opening the door or other vehicles rubbing against yours in the garage. Paint correction is the solution to many car surface problems. 

Paint correction helps in cases

  • When swirls or scratches from the wet vehicle disappear, it means they are minor, and paint correction can help in getting rid of them. 
  • Suppose the scratch is of a different color than the vehicle color. For instance, you may see the white line on the red vehicle. 
  • If you rub your finger across the scratches, does it catch the feeling of imperfection? 
  • If the scratches are deep enough, auto paint correction is not enough, and your car will require repainting. If your vehicle has minor scratches, paint correction is the right choice. 

The disadvantages of paint correction 

Everything comes with disadvantages, including:

1: loss of clear coat

Improper or excessive car paint correction leads to removing the car’s clear coat, making the paint surface vulnerable to damage. It is important to provide this task to experienced and trained professionals. 

2: Over-polishing.

Aggressive and over-polishing can wear down your car paint. If an inexperienced detailer does excessive polishing, he may cause irreversible damage. It is important to keep a balance between preserving the car paint thickness and correcting imperfections.

3: Expense 

Professional paint correction services are expensive, especially when you choose a protective coating over it. The expense is justified because of the skills required to perform the process.


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Is paint correction bad?
Is paint correction bad

If you choose, an expert paint correction professional like Auto Boss Vaughan will help you get the right scratches. However, if you hand over your vehicle to an inexperienced correction service provider, he can cause bad rather than good. Then, you may remove a lot of paint, also known as clear coat burn-through. 

Cheaper auto paint correction shops use aggressive compounds with a rotary buffer, leading to excessive paint removal. It can also cause deeper and permanent damage. Some of the inexperienced or cheaper car paint correction shops hide scratches with high-filler sealants or waxes. Waxes can be removed only from the washing. When washing removes waxes, scratches will reappear because they were not actually removed. 

If the auto paint correction experts use super aggressive compounds or apply high-filler waxes, they can cause permanent damage to your car paint. 

Professional ceramic coating and PPF installers do paint correction before applying protective measures to the vehicle for two reasons. 

  • Maximizing glossy appearance with natural uncoated paint. 
  • Removing scratches or swirl marks 

Ceramic coating, or PPF can block these paint defects and don’t even hide them.

Auto Boss: The correction experts

Although auto paint correction DIY kits are available in the market, it is not recommendable. You may require specialized machinery, tools, polishers, and polishing compounds. If you have bought cheaper tools, you may end up with permanent damage to your car paint. You will require multiple polishing paint and a lot of time. We suggest using the least aggressive methods with fine polishing and soft pads to reduce burning through the paint.

The answer to the question is paint correction bad? The answer will be absolutely no when you choose Auto Boss. Our experts have vast knowledge and training in the field of auto paint correction.


It is a sad reality that everything from iron and wood to glass will deteriorate over time. Your car paint can also have scratches on it over time. Paint correction is a good option if your car paint scratches are minor.

Actually, paint correction is removing the paint layer to remove scratches. Experts in auto paint correction will perform this task perfectly and leave your car shining perfectly. However, if you choose a DIY project for auto paint correction, you may end up with a mess. An inexperienced paint corrector can cause damages to your car paint that are not reversible.


Does car paint correction cause damage to your paint?

In the process of auto paint correction, a small amount of car paint is removed from the surface. If the paint correctors are inexperienced, they can remove more paint.  

Is it worth getting auto paint correction?

If your paint appearance appears to be new and fresh again, then paint correction is worth it because it will increase the value of your vehicle.

Is paint correction permanent?

No! Paint correction is not permanent. It may last from months to years, depending on the areas you are living in or when it is done professionally.