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Do you want to clean your car windows without streaks? It is extremely common when it comes to detailing, as many need to learn how to clean the glass while avoiding spots.

It would be best if you focused on driving your vehicle and you don’t have time to clean the car’s interior. When you leave your car dirty for too long, it becomes smelly. When children and passengers remove your vehicle, they touch the car windows. Dirty windows can be dangerous as they distract vision while you drive. If your windscreen is dirty, it can lead to accidents.

Guide to cleaning your car windows 

 If you want to get rid of this situation, here is a guide to cleaning car windows inside and outside:

The best thing to clean your car window 

Newspaper! Yes, the newspaper is the best thing to clean any glass, but modern water-based inks used in newspapers can leave your windows with streaks. 

Regular clothes and paper towels are poor at removing contaminants. It can leave residue and fluff behind, which means you can repeatedly clean the car windows if you want to get the car to shine without streaking. A microfiber cloth can be the best cleaning investment.

Here are some of the options for a cleaning product:

Window wipes

Window wipes can clean your car windows. It became a popular cleaning method. We don’t suggest using car windows, as they are ineffective at cleaning. However, they are readily available to have in the vehicle or to use in the car wash. You can wipe over your car with a microfibre towel.

Glass cleaner

A single and two glass cleaners can be available. If you have tinted windows of your cars, ammonia-based cleaners may cause discoloration of your tint. It can dry out with rubber seals. 

Formulated cleaning glass products can provide the best cleaning; they are created for cleaning automotive glass. We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest the best cleaners available in spray bottles; you can save a lot of time when you reapply it by spraying it over the glass.

The products like Autoglym fast glass are highly rated products that can remove insects, dust, tree sap, oil, grease and bird droppings from the glass.

DIY cleaner

Rubbing alcohol: If you have less time to get new products, you can have a lot of homemade cleaning solutions available in the market, such as rubbing alcohol. You can use these items on the dashboard and cupboard to clean and best condition as professionals. 

White vinegar: It is a cleaning solution; you can mix two parts of distilled water and one of white vinegar. Put this solution in a spray bottle. Here are a few steps to clean your car by replacing glass cleaner with white vinegar.

How to clean car windows flawlessly

Start by using a car wash. It will help you eliminate the dirt and bugs; it means you are polishing up the car windows.

Start cleaning the window glasses from the windscreen. There are chances to get dirt on your sidecar glass, so we recommend washing them in the end. 

Exterior windows

You will require a glass cleaner and two microfibre cloths for cleaning exterior windows.

Spray cleaning solution on the whole window. Besides, windscreen side windows are small. You will not require working in sections.

Use a lint-free cloth. Wipe your car windows vertically, then horizontally for streak-free cleaning.

Buff the glass windows in a small circular motion with the other side of the microfiber cloth, or use a piece of new fabric for buffing.

Interior window 

Clean the glass interior more carefully. Here are some tips that will help you in getting the clean glass

We at Auto Boss Vaughan don’t suggest using cleaning products on the car window interior. Spray cleaner on the clean cloth.

You use a microfiber cloth to wipe the window up or down in a vertical motion, then in a horizontal motion. 

Use a dry and clean microfibre towel to dry the glass.

Remember! Rolling down the window to catch the dirt at the window top. In this way, you can clean the exterior and interior of your car window glass.

Plan the car window cleaning on a cloudy or cool day because solid UV rays can dry the cleaner quickly before you wipe them thoroughly. 

Cleaning the rubber around the car windows

It is common for drivers to overlook the rubber trim around the car windows, as it doesn’t easily fall under the car body categories. Here are a few steps to clean the rubbers around the car windows.

Use a sponge or microfiber cloth and remove dirt. 

Use a damp and clean microfibre cloth to wipe away the car shampoo and ensure no residue is left on car windows. 

Dry the trim with a microfibre towel

Once it is dried, apply a rubber protectant. Applying the protectant keeps it in a better condition. Some protectants, like Autoglym vinyl and rubber care, protect its interior or exterior rubber to form a rigid but flexible anti-static barrier. The protector helps protect it against moisture, fade and oxidation.


When your car windows and windscreen are clean and in the best condition. Clean windows improve your car’s look. Suppose you need more time to clean your car windows. Contact Auto Boss Vaughan for detailing one part of your car or get the entire interior detailing.


Can you clean your car with natural products?

Yes! Using white vinegar is possible. However, it would be best if you made a distilled water and vinegar solution. If you use vinegar directly on your car windows, it can damage the tinting films.

What not to clean car windows with?

Avoid using old towels or paper towels that come in most DIY washing kits. Paper towels can create a rough texture on glass windows. It can even develop scratches.

Can you clean your car with toothpaste?

You can use toothpaste for polishing minor and fine scratches from any glass surface. However, It can take a lot of time when you try cleaning your car windows with it.

Is there any home remedy for cleaning car windows?

Make a solution of one teaspoon of dishwashing soap in a warm water bowl, and add five to ten drops of white vinegar. Take two microfiber towels. Soak one in a cleaning solution and the other to wipe off and dry.