rain Damage car paint

At Auto Boss Vaughan, our experts receive questions about the elements affecting car paint. Many ask whether the rain affects the vehicle’s clear coat. The answer to this question is “It depends.” Besides watermarks, rain can result in rusting, fading, and other problems. If you wash your vehicle correctly after showering, you may protect it from hard water marks. But if you don’t wash it may result in the building up of dirt. It is harder to remove this dirt. 

In summer or spring, when rain is continuous, we suggest you wash and get it cleaned after a week. If proper hand-wash doesn’t work, use a surface cleansing mitt or a clay bar. These solutions can remove ingrained dirt from your car paint. 

Acidic rain effects 

Acid rain is a mixture of the dry and wet deposition from the atmosphere that contains a more significant amount of sulfuric and nitric acid, as defined by EPA. Sometimes it includes elements and pollutants more than usual, depending on weather patterns. 

Acidic rain has higher than average acidity and has different effects than average. It can damage paint more than normal rainfall. It has the impact of hard water spots that can damage your car paint permanently.

However, taking preventive measures can protect your car’s engine. High-quality protective coatings like ceramic coating and wax help detect the harmful effects of rain elements. 

Dirty rain 

Rain contains dirt particles and contaminants that leave mud on the vehicle’s surface that dries in the sun. Dirty precipitation usually occurs in deserts or areas with low levels of greenery. The dry mud can affect your car’s clear paint coat creating micro-scratches or may create fading effects on your car’s surface. 

The common myth about the rain 

The rainwater is supposed to be pure and can wash the car. However, the truth is far different because of the two reasons.

Rain contaminants 

Rainwater causes more damage than it helps you. In some cases, rainwater contains contaminants and pollutants from the air that cause damage to the car’s surface. The acidic rain leaves a thin layer of pollutants on your car’s surface that can harm your paint. 


Rainwater has low pressure that is not strong enough to wipe off the stains from the car’s surface. It can provide light rinses that cannot obliterate dirt and grime from your vehicle. Overall, leaving your car in the rain to get a wash for free is not a good idea. Your truck needs intense pressure to remove the contaminants and dirt from your vehicle. 

We performed a survey of what people have in their minds. 

  • People consider it a waste of time to clean up your car if it had rain on it only. They will like to wait for the next rain to wash the car.
  • Some people are concerned about water spots created by rain.
  • Washing the car before it rains can help get rid of water spots. 
  • Very few people believe rain can convert dirt into a bigger mess. 

How to protect vehicles from the rain?

How can you protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the rain? These tips can help you in protecting your car.

The best option is to wash your car after every two days, whether it rains or not. Apply a ceramic coating on your vehicle to protect it from rain damage.

Regular wash: 

You may not know that washing the vehicle after and before a rainstorm has a lot of benefits. At the same time, pollen season brings sticky pollen along with rain, when it dries, can cause damage to your paint. Proper car wash after exposing your car to the shower can help you to get rid of watermarks and dried layers of mud on the car surface before it is created. 

Car Polishing

Regular waxing and car polish help you in preventing future paint damage. Polish or wax adds an extra coating layer to your car’s surface. It protects your car from UV rays, hard water spots, and more. Polishing or waxing sometimes acts as water repellent. Our car washing services include high-quality products. 

Invest in high-quality car care.

Suppose you are searching for top-notch paint protection and hand-applied ceramic coating. Auto Boss Vaughan offers premium services that take your car maintenance to the next level. Some of the products are backed up with the manufacturer’s warranty. It guarantees the car for up to two years.

Do you have a paint question?

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Choose Auto Boss Vaughan 

Water spots and stress be gone! With a car washing plan, don’t worry about the weather forecast, sleep sound, and get your car washed regularly. We provide low-cost, high-quality services. Frequent car wash keeps your vehicle shining and offers services like paint correction, detailing washing, and more.  


Rain damage is not considered a serious problem with car paint. However, in the long run, it can severely damage it. Applying a paint protection coat like ceramic coating or paint protection films can help you to retain your car’s original paint. Along with protective layers, washing it after regular intervals can help keep the dirt, grime, and water spots away from your car.


Does rain have the worst effect on car paint?

Acidic rain can cause damage to the car paint if it is exposed for a long time. It can bring harmful particulates or pollutants that stain the car’s surface.

How to protect the paint from rain?

You can protect your car’s clear coat by applying sealant or car wax. Sealants or wax create a barrier between the car surface and the environmental elements,

Can your car ruin in the rain?

Cars are not waterproof, regardless of technology and advancements. If you drive your vehicle through standing water, it may affect your car engine.

Can it ruin a car’s new paint job? 

Car paint can bear a light shower even after four hours of application. However, heavy rains affect the new color.