Paint Protection Film

Are you horrified by little scratches which increase their size with time on the exterior of your car, and are you Conscious of the beauty of your car’s paint? The only option to eliminate these frustrating scratches is an auto shop that can restore the beauty of your car’s paintwork. The auto shop is not the only solution to the scratches on your car.

Have you ever heard about paint protection film(PPF) that can secure the original paintwork of your car underneath? Have you ever thought of adopting paint protection film as a barrier against external elements to secure the paint of your vehicle? If you answer no, this article is especially for gathering information about PPF as a protection tactic and other benefits. PPF guarantees about the long line of your vehicle’s paintwork. 

What is a Paint Protection Film?

The paint protection film is also called a “clear bra” or PPF. It is a urethane film developed to be installed on your vehicle’s painted surface with a promise to safeguard the vehicle from minor abrasions and scratches. Firstly it was used to protect the blades of helicopters from debris. Later, the mobile auto industry adopted it to protect the vehicle from debris. Like stone chips, bird droppings, and bugs, acids with daily wear and tear. 

 Paint protection film not only safeguards your car but also gives it a royal look and increases its market value. 

Professionals suggest getting your PPF applied right after purchasing your new vehicle. It is the best way to preserve the original look of vehicles. 

How Does it Work?

The important thing is to know about the product and its working. If PPF is installed professionally, it gives your face a long-lasting glossy and classy finish and prevents minor damage. Two lays, polyurethane on the top and adhesive in the bottom joint, together to make paint protection film. The best thing about PPF is that it never affects your car’s classy color, as it is a transparent shield against external damage. Paint protection film gives you flawless removal. As the adhesive firmly strike to the polyurethane film, both can be removed easily with any residue left behind. 

A paint protective layer is a unique, cost- and time-efficient protective layer, offering you state-of-the-art long-term protection for your vehicle. 

The process of installation of PPF is daunting, but a reliable and professional installer will do the best job for you. PPF coating your car is painless, but some specialized tools are used to prepare and clean squeegees and other heat guns to give out the best end product. 

 Experienced professionals like Auto Boss Vaughan provide perfect finishes that preserve the surface from the contaminations thrown at it.

Paint protection film benefits

PPF helps enhance the car’s appearance. It provides a barrier from environmental factors such as road debris, stones, UV rays and other contaminants. It is an extra protection layer for the car exterior that prevents dings or scratches over time. Most PPF guarantees maintaining the shine and gloss of your car paint for years.

Maintaining Resale value

When you apply PPF to your vehicle, it helps maintain the vehicle’s resale value. The buyer will observe the maintained exterior with the new car paint beneath the PPF. 

Scratch protection

The major benefit of PPF is the protection of the car paint against dirt and scratches. The paint protection film is a protective coating that resists small scratches, tree sap, bird droppings, and other environmental elements. These elements can degrade and damage the car finishes. If you don’t apply paint protection film on your car, the environmental elements and contaminations can make it harder to clean. Over time these contaminations penetrate the car paint, leaving it dull. When dirt or scratches accumulate over the paint protection film, you can remove them easily with a car wash.


The protection level from dirt and scratches depends on the type and quality of PPF.

UV damage protection

The paint protection film is a barrier between car paint and the sun’s UV rays. Car paint fades over time due to prolonged sun and heat exposure. PPF preserves the paint’s original look.

Although paint protection films come with warranties, using them can damage existing paint warranty in rear cases. The level of protection varies depending on the model of your vehicle. You must consult your PPF installer and read the manufacturer. You can reach the manufacturer directly to check about the existing warranty. 

UV levels can also linger longer and get intense every day, consider the weather intensity while deciding about the quality of PPF, plus whether or not you want to apply it on your car. 


Generally, PPF preserves your car looks, protecting investments for coming years. Keep consistency of maintenance, go for car detailing and wash regularly to avoid contamination to stick on the car’s surface.

Auto Boss Vaughan provides state-of-the-art washing and detailing services and PPF installation.

PPF’s long-lasting effects

PPF is a highly crack-resistant and durable material that protects against yellowing, fading or peeling off. The PPF’s long-lastingPPF’s long-lasting effects enhance value for money since you don’t have to install a new PPF for years. 

Get a Paint protection film now!

If you want complete auto paint protection from chips, scratches and other damage types, then PPF is the best solution to every question of yours. It is made up of durable and clear material installed on your car’s exterior, creating a barrier between environmental factors and car paint. It helps to keep your car’s sleek look and helps maintain its resale value. 


It helps to protect car paint’s wear and tear. You can protect your car from chips, scratches and other environmental elements. PPF is made of durable, clear material that can be applied to the car exterior, creating a barrier that shields the paint.

Auto Boss Vaughan provides state-of-the-art installation services for paint protection film and quality cleaning and detailing services to maintain your car’s appearance.