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Fog is one of the major problems in winter. When the cold wind comes in contact with windows heated from inside, creating condensation. Fog decreases visibility level, and it can affect your driving speed as well. The steps to remove fog from your windows fast include:

  • Put on the heat
  • Turn on your car’s AC
  • Deactivate car recirculation
  • Roll down your car’s windows

Here we will discuss the reasons for fogging on car windows and the defogging process. You can also protect car glass from forming fog.

What Creates Fog on Car Windows?

In cold weather, the humidity point is low. It holds quite less moisture than warm interior weather. When you get into your car with snow on shoes or wet jackets, you increase the humidity level in your interior. Passengers’ breath is also hot, combined with the humidity in the air. You also love having a hot cup of coffee that gives you steam. All these factors increase the air temperature inside the car, creating fog on windows and windshield. It can create a visibility problem.

How to Defog the Car Windows

All you require are four easy steps to defog your car fast. The DIY tricks are also backed by science.

Increase heat

When you enter your car, turn on the heat. Increased heat will absorb moisture inside the car.

Turn the Air condition

Turn your car’s air conditioner on. It will increase the fog on the window, but in reality, it absorbs the excess moisture from the air.

Turn off Air recirculation

The next step in defogging the car windows is to turn off the air recirculation option. You can deactivate the climate control feature by pushing a button with a curved arrow inside the car. 

It is better to draw cold air inside the car to eliminate moisture at high speed. Cold air holds the least quantity of moisture.

Open your car windows

The last step is to open your car window completely. Opening car windows can be uncomfortable for passengers and drivers in cold weather but for only a few minutes. Keep your car windows as much as possible to defrost your car windows quickly. The cold air will replace the humid air inside your car, keeping away the fog from creating.

How to Prevent Fog from Windows

You have learned to defog your car windows in minutes; now, you must be interested in preventing fogging. You can apply a special product on your car windows to prevent fogging. Keep a few things on hand that can be found at your local automotive store.

Step 1. Clean your car windows and windshields to prepare it for the next step. We recommend you use an ammonia-free, high-quality cleaner. It would be best if you used a micro-fiber towel for drying.

Step 2. You have to degrease your car windows. Auto Boss Vaughan specialist suggests an alcohol-based spray cleaner remove lubricants and oils. You can remove the grease traces to prepare the glass for anti-fog products.

Step 3. Apply anti-fog inside the windshield. Anti-fog helps to prevent your car windows from fogging. Spray the product with a micro-suede applicator that comes with it. Spray a bit of solution on the applicator. Wipe out the glass vertically, then horizontally. Let it dry for two to five minutes.

Step 4. Buff the window glass with a dry and clean microfiber towel.

Keep car window cleaner to defog your car.

Keeping a car window cleaner made for this particular purpose helps defog your car. Some of the perfect glass cleaners are available in the market, and you can find them easily. These products are used to clean your car windows and windshield. These products are not expensive as well as they are easy to use. Get a detailing service from Auto Boss Vaughan to keep your car clean.

Windshield and Auto Glass Repair

Auto Boss Vaughan is a glass expert. We specialize in servicing luxury cars and windshield specialists. The technicians are experts and work with high-tech glass.


Winter comes with a cold breeze and winds. While driving in winter, you want your car temperature a bit higher to keep you warm. Humidity inside the car can create fog on your windows and windshield.

A simple window cleaner solution helps clean your windows. Remember! The cleaning solution may leave an unpleasant residue if not properly wiped off. It leads to many problems like streaks and smears when your window fogs up. It can make them challenging to see through and clean them.

If you do not care about the foggy windows, you are risking your life. You must understand that preventing fog is a matter of life and death. We suggest you buy a car cleaner specifically designed to prevent car fog.


How to defog a car window?

Park your car in a garage. Use wipers properly.

How to defog your car windows in the rain by using AC?

Turn on the AC, which helps remove air moisture from the interior.

Reduce the temperature of the AC to match the external temperature.

Turning off the air recirculation function allows the AC to draw fresh air into the car.

Turning on the heater is also helpful in clearing fog quickly.

How to defog your car window?

Ensure closing doors and windows. Please don’t turn your car on or breathe inside it. Your respiration can condense and create fog.

Does cold or hot air defrost faster?

Dry and hot air holds more water than wet and cold air; it is the fastest way to defrost your windshields and windows. Heat is self-evident,

The three steps in defogging:

  • Air conditioning
  • Turn off air recirculation
  • Crack the window
  • These steps help in keeping the air dry