my car need paint correction

Cars are not just a mode of transportation. It’s a style statement and shows how you keep the things you own. Who doesn’t like to sneak peek at something that looks drop-dead gorgeous? The same goes for cars. A car with a flawless exterior is the star of the show. Before you read on, have a look at your car. How does it look? Does it make you feel happy and proud? 

You must be thinking hard before answering because no one likes to say bad things about something they own. There is no need to be confused or say bad things about your car. We are here to help you figure this out. Read this blog to become familiar with the signs that will let you know if my car need paint correction or not. 

When Does My Car Need Paint Correction?

Many car owners fail to figure out the right time when their car needs paint correction. Also, some car owners delay the process intentionally. But it is neither good for your car’s health, nor it gives a good impression. Following are the signs of a bad car’s exterior. If your car has any of these, especially at an extreme level, you need to be quick. 

Swirl Marks and Scratches

No matter how hard you try, you can not protect your car 24/7. Cars get scratched accidentally. This is something that no one can stop. However, if your car has a PPF or ceramic coating, it is somewhat safe from scratches. But if you have no advanced protection on your car it will get visible imperfections. The most common imperfections are scratches and swirl marks. Aggressive washing techniques, harsh environmental elements, accidents, etc can cause it. They are most prominent under sunlight. So does under bright light your car is not looking its best? If yes, then you need car paint correction. 

Hazed and Faded Paint

Hazed and Faded Paint

Another sign that will answer the question of whether my car needs paint correction is the paint’s condition. After too much sun exposure every car loses its shine. This is due to harmful UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Excessive exposure to these conditions leads to the oxidation of the car’s paint. It loses its vibrancy and starts looking hazed. If your car appears to be dull, you need car paint correction

We can not control natural harmful elements, but we can reduce their effects. A car paint correction won’t only make your car look shiny but also lock the vibrancy in for years. In short, it will restore the original look of your car.

Stubborn Watermarks

Every car owner uses water to clean the car. Surprisingly, this water can make your car look dirty. This usually happens due to acidic rain or hard water. They stick to the car’s surface and leave marks as they roll off. What’s worse is even regular cleaning can’t make them go away. You can try cleaning them. If you are lucky, these marks will come off to an extent. But you need to do something about stubborn marks. Don’t worry; car paint correction professionals deal with stubborn watermarks, too. They use special cleaning agents and tools to get rid of these marks. So, if you are finding it hard to scrub off watermarks, get help from professionals.  

Natural Elements

Nature does not like cars as much as we like. This is why many environmental factors have the worst effect on a car’s paint. Bird droppings and tree saps are a perfect example of this. They not only make you UGH in disgust but also bad for the car’s paint. These seemingly small elements significantly affect the car’s exterior. Even if you clean it or wash it off, the stain stays there. Also, it is quite visible because it changes the paint’s color a little. This happens because of the chemicals of natural elements. 

It’s better to clean these as soon as you notice. This reduces the impact of damage. But still, you need prompt action to save your car from such incidents. It can also deteriorate the car’s paint with time. If you don’t want to lose your ride. Get professional help as soon as possible.


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Damaged Paint

Another thing that will help you decide your car needs paint correction is its clear coat. This is the outermost layer of the car’s exterior paint. Paint peeling, flaking, or discoloration are clear signs of the bad condition of your car. Also, it shows how badly your car needs paint correction. You might have no idea, but this clear coat protects the original paint. Any damage in a clear coat can lead to other issues. So, to protect the underlying paint, you need to work on a clear coat. 

Car Paint Correction Cost
Car Paint Correction Cost

Paint correction cost worries many car owners once they know their car needs paint correction. There is no fixed paint correction cost. It depends on many factors that influence the overall cost. But according to some estimates it costs between $500 to $2,500. Mostly, it’s the vehicle’s condition and labor cost that affects car paint correction cost. 


Like other auto enhancement services, car paint correction is a modern upgrade. It has transforming powers. Paint correction makes vehicles look stunning with a single job. It can restore the showroom-new look of your car. All the visible imperfections on your car’s paint will be removed in one go. However, it’s not easy to restore the original look of any vehicle. This is why you need professionals to help you out in this regard.


How do I know if my car need paint correction?

Your car needs paint correction if it has visible imperfections. This includes swirl marks, water stains, scratches, etc. 

How can you tell if a paint job is bad on a car?

If, after a paint job, your car does not look perfect, there is a mistake. If the paint is not shiny or appears dull, this is a clear sign of a bad paint job. Also, residue, chemical staining, and peeling are due to bad paint jobs. After a paint job, you need to look flawless. If it isn’t like that, you trusted amateur auto professionals. 

How often is paint correction needed?

Paint correction is a durable process. It can last for years if done correctly. Also, regular maintenance has a great impact on keeping the car in good shape.