cost of paint correction

When we talk about calculating the cost of paint correction, the quality of PPF coating doesn’t matter. Paint correction does require techniques, but no specific tools are required on it. However, it is important to differentiate between buffing and paint correction. However, light buffing can be included in paint correction because it can improve the existing paint condition by removing a lot of minor swirl marks. You can also get rid of the grayish or faded look with light buffing.

Factors to consider while calculating car paint detailing price

Some of the factors that affect the cost of paint correction are:


Although the quality and installation of paint can be subjective, however, it depends on:

  1.   Paint protection film quality
  2.   Wrapped edges
  3.   Installation marks (bubbles, stretch marks etc)
  4.   Overall quality ( straight, close to edges etc)

The above-mentioned things are applicable to every car part, panel, paint, or color. You should inspect your paint for correction or removal. Check your paint in a normal to highlight so that you know how much car paint correction is required. Many products may not hide your imperfections, so recovering these imperfections is necessary.

Complete paint protection is when the whole paint is removed from your vehicle, however, you can remove major scratches by removing a layer of your car paint.

Level of correction

The level of car paint correction can be measured by limiting your budget and thickness. Minor swirl marks are not hard to remove if you are hand-washing your car. You can get them removed by hiring a professional polisher like Auto Boss. However, if your paint is damaged by various years of machine or power washing, a lot of deep swirl marks may occur on your car’s surface. The paint layer may not be thick enough to be corrected completely, making you figure out this problem quite seriously. One of the best ways to correct these deep-rooted imperfections is to remove your car’s clear coat.

Correction costs vary from one detailer to another and the quantity of your work. Auto Boss Vaughan provides you with all kinds of detailing services, from minor imperfection removal to complete paint correction. However, the time of paint correction depends on services like preparation work, protection services, and then correction. Some of the services, like washing, claying, or decontamination, remain the same regardless of the correction amount.

The first stage of paint correction is polishing. Polish can remove a good amount of swirl marks. The minor swirl marks take 4 to 6 hours to polish.  

The second level of correction is waxing and polishing, which is two to three stages of polishing. If your paint condition is actually worse, the results are ultimately slower. Every inch of car paint correction, like engine bay, door sills, and painted trim part, takes time to get renewed.

The last or advanced stage is to apply paint preservatives to provide complete protection.

Paint type And  color
Paint type and color

The time of curing the polish depends on the type of paint, which may range from 20 to forty hours. Hard paint takes more time to correct; however, soft paint gets swirl marks easily. Comparing the different paint colors with PPF coating, paint colors may require more time for correction. However, you may be required to remove the paint protection film instead of complete correction.

Swirl marks are more visible in some car paint colors than others.


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Vehicle size/ type

Car paint correction cost also depends on the vehicle type and size. The larger vehicles require more work then more will be the cost of car paint correction. If your car has more carves and trims, it would not be easy to correct your paint.

The second thing that is important to consider in the paint correction price is metal or plastic panels. It is hard to do paint correction on plastic panels because they are more flexible than metal fabrics. Polishing plastic panels makes it difficult to apply polish on them. 


The location also determines the car paint detailing price. The correction cost for vehicles will be less in rural areas than in large cities. The full paint correction cost for local companies is always less than the companies operating internationally.

Experience of the auto detailers

The paint correction price also depends on the experience of the auto detailers. The more experienced the auto detailer, the higher the cost. However, the cost you pay to an experienced auto detailer also ensures the finest appearance of your vehicle.

A less experienced auto detailer may cost less for paint correction, but it involves a risk of not having the proper work.

How much should the cost of paint be corrected?
How much should the cost of paint be corrected

Suppose you are working with a professional detailer that provides you with the finest qualities. In that case, the expected paint correction price will range from $500 to $ 2000, depending on the work required in every stage of detailing. The paint correction cost includes proper preparation, waxing, and polishing along with the other detailing services. Most car owners like to have a ceramic coating over the corrected paint. Some of the detailers include ceramic car coating in the detailing, like wheel detailing for interior work. If you want to have ceramic coating as a part of paint correction, you will need to pay more.


The cost of paint correction depends on the vehicle type, size, and nature of the paint, the location of the detailer, and how much detailing you require. The experience of the detailers also adds to the paint correction price. An experienced auto detailer like Auto Boss will charge you more, but they guarantee the quality of the work.


What are the stages of the paint correction?

The stages of paint correction are

Stage 1: Surface preparation and Assessment.

Stage 2: Machine polish and Paint correction.

Stage 3: Protection.

Stage 4: Quality control.

Is car paint correction easier?

Car paint correction is simple but labor-intensive work where knowledge or experience is important.