Cost to paint a car

Black is the classic color and requires proper maintenance. Although repainting your car is an expensive investment, it protects your car from wear and tear or corrosive damage. Before choosing to repaint your car, here we will discuss the factors that affect calculating cost to paint a car.

Factors to consider while calculating car paint cost

Painting your vehicle can range from $300 to thousands of dollars depending on various factors such as vehicle size, the car paint provider, and the paint quality and color. These factors influence the total cost to paint a car. Here! In this article, I will discuss the primary factors influencing car paint cost. 

Vehicle size

The vehicle size and model will impact the cost to  repaint a car. Vehicle size and model also define the quantity of the paint to be used. It would need more paint quantity for painting a large SUV or truck will cost you more than painting a simple car.

Paint color

 All paint colors are not created the same; the paint quality and color also impact the cost to paint a car. Classic colors like black or white are cheaper than other colors. However, rare colors can be more expensive than common colors. Metallic colors are more expensive than non-metallic ones.

Paint quality

Paint quality is the largest factor in calculating the cost of painting a car. The synthetic enamel paint ranges from $300 and more for an average-sized SUV and sedan. High quality paint can cost you more than several thousand. When you choose an expert car paint installer like Auto Boss Vaughan, you can expect the best paint quality along with the finest finishes. In some cases, if you are settling for the lowest costs of painting a car, it means you are settling for low quality.

High-quality paint lasts for a long time on your car surface. Besides its initial cost, the superior quality car paint doesn’t require often repainting or replacing. Low-quality paint requires more coats to bring the best car appearance. Besides quality, if you want to have some design or texture to your car, it would need an extra layer of car paint. 

Layers of paint required

If your car is old and to bring the finest finishes to the car surface, you will require more layers and quantity of car paint.

Paint finish
Paint finish

Paint finishes can be referred to as the shine amount that a new paint brings to your car surface. Prices vary from gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finishes Depending on your choices. You would require sealants or wax to bring in the shine of car paint. The regular wax cost can range from $100 to $200. However, the cost of ceramic coating will be more than traditional waxing. Paint finishing costs are also included in the average cost to paint a car, depending on your choice. 

Repairs (if required) 

If your car surface has deep imperfections like scratches, repainting the car will cost you more than average. Suppose you opt for professional detailers and car painting experts like Auto Boss Vaughan. In that case, they provide every facility available in-house. However, they will charge for every service they provide. Some of the companies refuse to paint the vehicle with imperfections, or they don’t have both the facilities available in-house. So, you may need to visit to remove the car’s surface imperfection and then get it painted.

Is car painting a DIY project, or does it require professional services?

A DIY option is good enough if :

  • you want to make your car finish excellent before selling it 
  • Your car surface has minor imperfections.

A DIY paint may fix some of the imperfections but can’t improve the overall car surface. Painting your car also involves skill, patience, high-quality painting tools, and paint. A DIY paint  will not provide the overall finishes that you require. However, professional paint providers will improve the overall car surface. Search for a car paint near me to get the list of car painting experts in Vaughan.

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Professional car painting cost
Professional car painting cost

While looking for a car paint Toronto, avoid selecting an experienced car paint provider. We also don’t suggest trying DIY car paint. Expert car painting personnel offer different levels of services that can meet the demands and requirements of maximum clients.


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Some of the common paint services are:

Basic: The inexpensive and basic services involve applying a few coats of synthetic enamel. Basic car paint will not include the whole car surface. The cost of a basic paint job can range from $300 and more. 

Standard: A standard cost to paint a car includes the cost of  sanding and removing rust prior to applying car paint. Standard car paint brings the most attractive and finest finishes to your car. A standard paint cost ranges from $1000 and more. 

Showroom finishes: This is an advanced level painting step that involves sanding, removing dents and rust, and then applying around 24 costs of high-quality car paint. If you want the car to look like new, it may take around one month. The cost to repaint a car may range from $5,000 to $20,000.


When you are searching for a car paint near me or car paint Toronto, remember to choose experienced car painting professionals. Consider all the factors, from vehicle size, location of the painting professionals to paint quality. If you are tempted to lower prices, remember your car’s finest look may differ. If you settle for the lowest quality and prices, it may end up in improper finishes. Give yourself enough time to consider multiple factors before making a decision. Get a sparkling car paint, contact the Auto Boss Vaughan.


Is it cheap to paint a vehicle in black?

Painting a car in white or black is cheaper than uncommon colors. However, repainting a car cost also depends on the quality of the paint and the size of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to change your car color to black?

The cost to repaint the car black ranges from $300 to $1000.

What is the average cost to spray a car in black?

The average cost to spray a car black ranges from $300 to $2500, which can vary according to the size of the vehicle and paint quality.

How much does black car paint last?

Black car paint lasts for 5 years, depending on weather conditions, quality of maintenance, and care.