The cost of car painting in Toronto varies with each locality. However, it’s easy to get affordable car painting in your location. Generally, painting your car is an undertaking that can bring you a lot of satisfaction. Aside from giving your car a new look, it can also enhance the durability of its exterior. Choosing to have your car repainted also requires an investment of money and time.

Before bringing your vehicle to a paint or auto body shop, take some time to get the facts. Understanding what the painting process entails makes it easier to choose whether or not to have your vehicle repainted. Armed with the facts, you can make a more informed decision.

Your car may have lost its sheen and lustre due to the passage of time and may require a new paint job. In such a case, it is necessary to get acquainted with car painting costs so that you can start planning your budget.

 Typically, car painting cost depends on a lot of factors such as the quality of materials and the extent of damage to the vehicle. To know the exact amount for the painting job, you need to take your car to a reputable paint shop. You can easily check around your locality in Toronto for an accurate assessment of your car.

In this article, we will discuss in detail everything you need to know about the cost of car painting in Toronto. We will also discuss the factors that affect car painting prices.

Why should you paint your car?

Aside from the undeniable fact that your car is getting old, there are other reasons why you should get a paint job. Scratches, dents, and other regular damages are common reasons why people get new paint jobs. Cars get minor surface damage daily, but all of that can add up over time.

A paint job can wipe the whole surface clean of all minor damages. If you buy a used car and love everything about it apart from the paint job, you should know that’s an easy fix. You can always have the car color of your dreams by getting it done in a shop.

You might also need to paint your car if your car has undergone an accident or some significant upgrades. Whatever your reason may be for wanting to paint your car, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

Cost of car painting in Toronto

The most basic quote for a paint job can range anywhere from $500 to $800. A basic job will not include any prep work such as sanding or priming. This price is for painting only – base paint and clear coat, and it applies to most full-sized sedans. 

You’ll pay a little more for larger vehicles or a little less for smaller vehicles. The price of car painting varies based on your car model and size. So, how much does car painting cost in Toronto?

On average, car painting can cost about $1,500 and $3,000. However, this will give you a fully loaded paint job with high-quality paints for the base and clear coat. The trims will be removed temporarily for painting and reinstalled afterwards for a proper paint job.

If you happen to have a classic car that needs restoration, expect to pay anywhere upwards of $7,500. Classic car paint quotes usually include the cost of any repairs and sanding that is necessary.

There’s a DIY option to painting your car, but it’s ideal that you go to professionals instead. Painting a car takes more than just the paint itself. You’ll need to have the proper tools and space to tackle a paint job. You’ll need to invest in a good paint sprayer, lots of sandpaper, and of course, time. 

If you’re not an expert car painter, it’ll take you double or even triple the time it would usually take. You may not even achieve the results that you want. Your best bet is to fork out the full price; it’ll save you time and money in the long run.

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Factors affecting the cost of car painting

The average price for car paint jobs can fall between $500 to $8000. But the final price of the car paint job will depend on the factors mentioned below:

The Right Auto Shop

The price of car paint jobs varies from place to place. Different shops offer competitive prices and services vary from one city to the next. So, it is difficult to find the right auto shop that will be the best for your vehicle, and that will get the job done quicker and better. It is advisable to ask around about particular shops before making any final decision. At the end of the day, you can get your car painted here at AutoBoss Vaughn.

Your car size and design

The most crucial factor is the size of your car. The larger your vehicle, the more paint would be required to get the job done. This means painting your car will require more money. Car design complexity is also a critical factor that is necessary to estimate actual labour costs.

The material – paint type

The choice of material depends solely on the metallic qualities, pattern, shade, and finish your car has currently. Based on this, the paint can be selected. Your paint material choice can be:

  • Enamel Paint ($50-$60 per gallon on average)
  • Acrylic Lacquer Paint ($40-$50 per gallon on average)
  • Water-based paint ($120-$130 per gallon on average)
  • Urethane-based Paint ($80-$90 per gallon on average)

Choosing the right brand is essential as you don’t want to be stuck with purchasing cheap paint and end up ruining the finish of your car. Therefore, it is recommended that you take advice from an expert before making any decision.

The paint quality

Another factor that affects car paint job pricing is the quality of the paint that will be used. High-end paints cost more money, but they are durable. These high-end paints are better, more durable and make your car more resistant to chipping or peeling.

When it comes to long-term car care, these paints can also offer a good warranty. Cheaper paint will cost you a lot less, but it is tough to get the benefits of high-end paint. It’s a trade-off that’s really up to you to decide.

Other factors

Other necessary factors are touch-up, full paint job, colour type, number of paint layers, and so on. To estimate the actual cost for a better result, all of these are necessary factors. Also, ensure you check out different auto paint shops in Toronto that are closer to you. This will help you get the actual estimate for the painting of your car.


Painting your car is an opportunity to try a new look or maybe even rejuvenate its original look. However, a car paint job is a long process that involves special tools and skills. That is why many believe it is a job best left to a professional. If you try a low-cost car paint job, the work may not be as per your expectations, leaving you upset with the results.

To get the best out of your car painting, it’s ideal to go for a more cost-effective solution. For roughly $500 to around $3,000, you can get a fully loaded paint job using high-quality paints for the base and clear coat. The trims will be removed temporarily for painting and reinstalled afterward for a proper paint job.

You don’t have to worry about getting your car painted anymore. Contact us today to get your car painted at the best prices!

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