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Finally, you have planned to do something amazing with your vehicle that gives you a royal feeling. Window tinting is a good idea for that. Tinting your car gives you a comfortable ride. Window tinting protects you from external glare and heat and harms the sun’s full rays, like ultra-violent and, in some cases, infrared rays, and gives you a little privacy. Picking the best percentage of tinting Promise you for long soothing trips in the summer. It is your basic right to have a high-quality tint for your car when you are spending money. Before jumping into tint percentage, it is better to have a know-how about types of auto tinting 

  • Ceramic window tint

It is the best quality auto tinting but the most expensive as well. 

  • DIY window tint

DIY window tint can not fulfill your hopes and wishes. Yes, it is cheaper, but it may be a waste of money as it needs to be replaced much earlier than other tints. 

  • Carbon window tint

Carbon particulars are added, giving it life longer than DIY tints. Similarly, its cost is higher than DIY and lower than ceramic auto tint. 

Now let’s discuss the best tint percentage for your vehicle’s windows. A few tested tips are listed here for you. Continue reading the article and find the best answer for your quarry. 

Tinting your car’s window is a good idea that will not only add up the value of your car but also give it a luxurious appearance with a promise to increase its resale. Auto tinting usually has a long life, but some factors depend. 

Unique auto tinting quality

The window tinting offer in Toronto has a different lifetime. It is the quality of the tint that determines the lifespan. It is a nonprofessional and foolish idea to spend your money on poor quality window tint as it fades out or detaches or tears away easily, making your money go in vain. Cheap tints are mostly made of dye; exposure to direct sunlight or external elements like bird droppings can make them peel off, fade out or crack. Low-quality tints can fade out and reduce their cooling effect just a few months after installation.  

It is suggested to choose hybrid auto tints that offer a better life span at an affordable price.

 Prefer the tints made out of metal if you don’t want to spend another ten years. A serious drawback is this type of window tint is a signal blockage. 


  • In automotive window films, ceramic window tints are the best option. It is a good blend of ceramic particles, which is usually non-conductive. The plus point of choosing ceramic window tints is that they are resistant to scratches and strong against most external elements that can hurt them. 

1. Check state rules

You must have sound knowledge of the law of your state about car tints and how much dark tints are allowed legally by the state. Each state has prescribed its law about visible light transmission (VLT), which means how much light can pass through the tints. 

 The front drivers and passenger windows enjoy a 35 tint vs. 20 tints for all rear windows.

2. Consider UV protection

Suppose you have harsh summers with an average temperature of 40°or more. In that case, the best option for window tint is the one that offers good ultra-violent protection, as you can get 99 percent of cancer-causing ultra-violent coverage. 

3. Think about how the tint will look

Aesthetically think about the look of your car after the installation of tints. The darker ti ts can give a luxurious look to your car. So your asthmatic sense and the trends are to most important factors that affect the outlook of your vehicle 

4. Read product reviews

All the auto tints are formulated differently. So searching for customer reviews on social media or Google is wise. You can also go for a market survey to help you finalize your decision about tint’s best percentage. 

Not all window tints are created equal.

5. Leave it to the professionals

The best idea is to leave this headache to the professionals. They can give your car a major flawless touch. Feel free to hire the services of (company name), where experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment are ready to work on your vehicle and promise to deliver your vehicle back in time with a monarch-level finishing. We promise your car tints will give you a nice new look after many years. 

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Tinting your car’s window is a legit decision that can improve its appearance through side-by-side tinting and protect you from external glare and sun. Giving you a relaxing and cool driving experience in hot summer. Auto tinting can also protect the interior of your vehicle.

If you want royal treatment for your vehicle, contact Auto Boss Vaughan. Our professionals are ready to help you change your car’s exterior look. 


What is the legal tint in Toronto?

The VLT or Visible Light Transmission rate of the vehicle’s front and side windows should be 70% or higher. It means that the darkness of the tint cannot be more than 30%. For the windows at the back, any tint is allowed by the Ontario Window Tint enforcement.

Does window tinting affect car insurance?

Tinted windows do not affect your insurance coverage, provided you ensure they are legal. They with neither increase nor decrease it.

How long does it take to tint car windows?

The time frame for tinting varies from vehicle to vehicle. A complete car of average size can take up to 4 hours. 

Full-sized fleets generally take tinting time between up to two hours. A set of front doors usually only takes 30-45 minutes.

What is the lifespan of auto tinting?

You may wonder how much time window tinting lasts. The lifespan of window tinting lasts for more than ten years. Many auto tinting service providers offer a guarantee for up to 10 years. 

How much time window tinting requires to fade?

The tint fading process depends on the materials used in the film. Poor quality window tinting film may fade with the harsh sunlight soon after installation. Ceramic and carbon films may last longer, around ten years. Window tinting films made of metal and quality dyes deposits may last around 20 years.

Which type of window tinting lasts for a long time?

Unique window tinting may last from three to five. It depends on the window tinting form. Ceramic tinting may last long. Dyed tinting requires replacement more often than other window tinting films.

Does window tinting get darker with time?

Unique window tinting may not change color over time, especially if installation is proper and you have cared for it. If the window tinting gets darker, it needs to be right. 

Which window tint is right for the night?

Ceramic window tints are also the best option for maintaining proper visibility at night. Ceramic tinting may reduce the light amount from entering the car. They also don’t cause reflections or distortions. So your vision may not be impaired.