Touchless car wash near me

Are you looking for a touchless car near me? Search for the nearest locations of touch-free car wash, see maps, reviews, working hours, and other useful information. Here, I will guide you about which kind of research is helpful in getting proper information.

Resources to get initial information about touch-free car wash near me 

Here are some of the important resources:


The Internet is the largest resource for searching for any information. Nowadays, nobody has enough time to visit a business in person. 

  1. Online search: Over the search engines, you need to type Touchless Car Wash near me or Touch Free Car Wash near me. You will get a list of the car washing companies along with their websites, social media pages, locations, contact numbers, and other useful information. Use your map location to start your search. If you are using your mobile for the search, turn on location to get accurate information.
  2. When you look for the touchless car wash near me, you will get some of the top car wash providers. You will find the respective websites. Click on the websites to see the details like directions, google reviews, working hours, and contact numbers.
  3. Website: Every reputable contactless car wash provider maintains its website. On the websites they have complete information about the services they are providing.
  4. Phone Number: Call at least five to ten companies to gather information about them. Confirm their working hours and ask for the accurate location.
  5. Social media: Check for the social media profiles of more than one business to have a comparative analysis of the customer services and response rate.
  6. Online Reviews: Online reviews are one of the important forms of knowing about how much a business is trying to satisfy its clients. Check for both positive and negative reviews if a company is answering its negative views.
  7. Personal references: Personal references are one of the most authentic methods to get information about specific businesses.


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Assess the workmanship

Assess the workmanship

The assessment of quality work includes:

  1. Quality of Chemicals or cleaning compounds: Asses which chemicals they are using for washing your car. Touchless car washes can use high pH chemicals for decontaminating your car surface; however, low pH chemicals are used to remove oil-based or mineral-based contaminants. A professional car washing company works with high-quality chemicals.
  2. Systems: Asses which system they are using mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems when positioned properly to achieve higher performance. Friction-based car washes rely on brushes, bristles, and cloth to wash your car. However, a contactless wash system relies on water pressure and volume to clean your car’s surface.
  3. Procedure:  Assess whether the tunnel is properly configured, chemical applications, or chain speed orders are necessary for a perfect car wash. Assess whether the company balances the chemical dwell time, temperature, and mechanical action.

Judge the pricing and time of the process.

Judge how much the process costs and how much time the company will require to complete the process. Get quotes from different companies and ask for discounts or deals. Compare the processes and pricing of multiple companies to judge about the cost of car wash and time frame for the service. Avoid too expensive or too cheap companies, as an expensive company is overcharging. A very low cost means the company may be compromising on the quality of the material. 

Auto Boss: Superior automatic touchless car wash

Auto Boss: Superior automatic touchless car wash

Maintaining your car’s exterior is important in maintaining its resale value. Most car owners wash their cars by themselves, but it is sometimes convenient to take your car to a professional hand car wash or automatic car wash. However, automatic car washes use abrasive brushes and chemicals that can create scratches on your car.

A popular car wash method is contactless car wash because of its speed and low rates. However, not every claim is true. You will require careful research. A touchless car wash is a drive-through car wash. A touch-free car wash results in zero or minor damage to the car paint because we don’t use abrasive brushes

Auto Boss is one of the trained and experienced touchless car wash providers in Vaughan. We employ the best monitoring options and consistently high quality. Our experts are specialized in tunnel operations. We provide you with comprehensive car wash services, including express wash, hand car wash, automatic contactless wash  within your budget and deliver your vehicle in the best possible time.


If you are searching for a touchless car wash near me, type the phrase on Google to get the initial information about the car washing companies in your area. After searching, check their websites, social media pages, and reviews. Check how responsive they are, especially towards the negative feedback. Call on different companies to get the quotes and judge how their staff behaves to a new customer. Initial calling will also help you in judging the consumer services.

Get the price quotes. Professional car washing companies like Auto Boss Vaughan will provide free quotes and offer multiple discounts and deals. Ask for the time they will take to provide you with the optimal car wash.


Is a touchless car wash good?

Using a contactless car wash is a safer option than a conventional automatic car wash. Automatic car wash has larger brushes that create scratches on our vehicle.

What is a contactless car wash?

Touchless automatic car wash is another kind of mechanical, automated car wash in which you can get your car washed while driving through. It is cheaper than other car washes.

Do I need to turn off my car during the touchless car wash?

In some of the car washes, you need to turn off the engine.

Can you wash your vehicle without touching it?

No! Touchless car wash is not a DIY option. However, a foam lance can be used instead of hands and use a pressure washer to pour chemicals into your car and get your car clean.