Professional Car Handwashing advantages

Hand washing your car yourself will save you some money. However, you can’t downplay the advantages of professional car hand washing. After years of mechanized car washes, people now go for professional car hand washing. In fact, research shows that professional hand car wash companies are making automated car washes irrelevant.

Cars aren’t just conveniences that move people from one place to another. A car is also an investment that should be nurtured with great care. That’s not to say cleaning your car at home with the right tools isn’t impossible. But part of giving your vehicle the best maintenance possible is employing professional car cleaning services.

Using a low-cost professional car hand washing service will provide permanent results. These days polishing for services, and car cleaning that companies offer is called car detailing. These professional wash services are better because they help maintain and improve cars in numerous aspects.

Most customers feel washing their cars themselves uses lesser amounts of water than professional hand washing. However, they are wrong because home washing consumes more water and has the added issues of improper waste disposal. Improper disposal of such water can cause an environmental hazard to everyone around you. 

In this blog, we detail why you should hire a professional hand washing company. Here are the important details you need to know about professional car hand washing in Vaughan.

Why Do You Need A Professional Car Wash Service?

Using a professional car wash is a low money investment that comes with great returns. Washing your vehicle is critical for specific reasons. It makes your car look clean and adequately maintained, which gives the car a good resale value. Also, you will feel and look better when you drive a clean and well-maintained vehicle. 

Furthermore, professional hand washing in Vaughan is a cheap way of maintaining the appearance of your car. Contaminants like tree sap and dirt can destroy the paint as well as the great look of your vehicle. Only adequate professional hand washing will remove such contaminations.

How often should you visit your car wash? Many car manufacturers recommend washing your car weekly. However, this can change based on your preference. Now you know why you need a professional car wash. It’s time to discuss the advantages of a professional hand car wash. 

 Professional Car Handwashing

What Are The Advantages of Professional Car Hand Washing

For a lot of car owners, nothing is as good as a neatly washed vehicle. Unfortunately, the busy schedule of many drivers prevents them from washing their cars themselves. Fortunately, professional car washes can help you achieve a clean and beautiful look for a new car. 

While the automated options will interest you, they offer a lesser care level compared to a hand wash company. We are aware you want to know if car handwashing is better than other means. To that end, let’s talk about the advantages of choosing to use a professional hand car wash. 

Getting a thorough crash

Thoroughness has to be the top advantage of using a professional hand wash service. Unlike automated washing, hand washing gives a higher level of neatness. The higher level of neatness is because the professionals inspect their job while doing it. This attention to detail ensures every part of your car gets proper attention. 

Protect your paint

Another pro of car handwashing is that it protects the paint of your vehicle. When you apply wax, and a clear coat on a dirty surface, particles left behind can seal onto your car paint. It isn’t just displeasing to see. It also allows acidic leftovers to “eat up” the colour of your vehicle.

You see, an automatic car wash doesn’t guarantee the removal of dirt build-up and debris. However, hand washing professionals ensure the complete removal of specks of dirt before they add a protective coating. 

Avoid damage

Automated car washing depends on several moving parts together with high-pressure to remove tough dirt. However, this equipment isn’t error-free. A system breakdown can dent your vehicle by damaging the body or scratching the paint. Luckily, hand wash is done by experts who control their movement, thereby reducing the risk of destruction. 

Protects your investment

Buying a car is a significant investment. As such, it’s only right to care for your vehicle properly. The better the state of your vehicle, the higher it’s trade-in value. Depending on the car, frequent cleaning can equal thousands of dollars in value.

Road salt, bird droppings, acid rain and sun damage, are part of the threat to your car’s condition. However, regular car hand washing can help protect your investments from these factors.

 Professional Car Handwashing

Protect the environment

Washing your cars at home can cause damage to the environment. You will most likely use more water than usual to carry out the cleaning. While doing this, the water, soap, road grime, cleaners, and oil filter into the ground. 

Professionals treat and filter the water used to clean cars before pumping it into the city’s sewer system. Only professionals will make such investments to avoid polluting the environment. In places like Vaughan, professional car hand washing companies aren’t allowed to operate without proper waste disposal methods. Therefore, when you choose professional car handwashing, you’re protecting the environment too.

Early detection of faults

Hand car wash professionals possess the eye for detecting issues about to happen to your vehicle. Things like tiny windshield cracks and paint chips are easily noticed by professionals. When unattended to, these minor issues turn into big problems.

Prevents premature rusting

Always make sure you secure the services of a hand wash company that uses steam. Steaming is effective in cleaning cars properly because it also reduces the chances of rusting by a mile. 

You see, the mist from the steam dries when you use a microfiber towel. Zero moisture means there’s no oxygen to combine with for the rusting process. For rusting to happen, oxygen must integrate with vehicle alloys and metals. 

Easy to access

Professional car hand washing is readily available near you, making it easy to access. The ease of access is because setting up a professional car hand washing firm is affordable. 

It’s less expensive compared to the automated system. Consequently, you have more car hand washing services near you compared to mechanized services. 

Provides employment

Automated car washes only require a few people to operate several bays at once. However, hand wash companies work on a one-on-one or two-to-one system. One-on-one here means a detailer to a medium-sized vehicle, while two-to-one means two detailers per bigger trucks.

With this method, you don’t only get a shiny and beautiful ride. You will also help improve the quality of other people’s life. In terms of humanity, this will be the most significant advantage of using professional hand washing services. 

The above are the pros of choosing to hand wash your car. It’s time to explore how that decision will also benefit the environment. 


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Environmental Benefits of Professional Car Washes

 Professional Car Handwashing

It has been stated above in this piece that professional car washing is environmentally friendly. Here, we’ll look at the environmental benefits of a professional car wash instead of washing yourself. These benefits are:

Proper disposal of water

The water used in washing your vehicle at a professional car wash is recycled correctly. This is in contrast to washing a car in the driveway. When you do this, it is likely you’ll dispose of the wastewater as you see fit. 

Considering the number of chemicals required to wash your car correctly, getting a professional to do it will be better. Drivers who clean their cars at home will end up washing chemicals into the wrong places. While this might be convenient for you, it isn’t suitable for the environment.

Professional car washes have high tech equipment

Professional car detailing uses water treatment equipment and approved drainage facilities which they design to keep the environment safe. The technology is programmed to keep recycling water while cleaning numerous cars properly. Water that isn’t usable travels to the sewer for treatment before they release it into the environment.

Also, professionals use high tech machines to minimize water wastage during the cleaning process. The nozzles and high-pressure pumps they install use a fraction of the water you are likely to use at home.


A significant advantage of employing the services of a professional hand washing company is that they are available to you always. Hand washing your car by a professional weekly is a small investment that will pay off with the benefits listed above. You will be surprised how proud you will be when you keep your car sparkling clean. 

Also, it will help if you have a regular pattern for washing your vehicles. Don’t only think of washing when you notice dirt that can change the car’s colour. No matter how busy you are, always make time for regular vehicle detailing. 

From the main body of this blog, it is easy to see that professional hand washing has more advantages than automated washing. If you’re looking to hand wash your car in Vaughan, you should check out our professional car washing and detailing services. Here at Autoboss Vaughan, we take pride in delivering affordable, dependable and high-quality car hand wash services. We also do car detailing that ensures the interior shines as brightly as the exterior. Contact us today!