PPF and car wash

For some people, cars are more than just a mode of transportation. For car enthusiasts, it’s a reflection of their style. This is why they pay attention to small details that will enhance their car’s aesthetic look. Some advanced automotive updates are an excellent way to achieve this goal. PPF is one of the most advanced automotive enhancement services. However, to keep enjoying its benefits, one needs to maintain it well. Today, we will share the secret of PPF and car wash and how it helps maintain your vehicle’s pristine condition. Whether your car is PPF-wrapped or you are thinking of getting one, this blog is for you. 

PPF for Ultimate Protection

PPF has revolutionized the automotive care processes. It is the greatest favour you can do for your car. PPF is commonly known as paint protection film and clear bra. It forms a tough layer over the vehicle’s exterior. This polyurethane film protects the car from all kinds of damage. From harmful environmental elements to daily driving challenges, PPF deals with everything. 

PPF can help you protect the fantastic aesthetic allure of your car. It keeps the car in good shape and condition. Where every car is getting deteriorated with UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, scratches, etc, your PPF-wrapped car will be rolling on the road looking its best. But to enjoy its benefits for years and years, you need to learn proper car cleaning. PPF is tough, but rough car washing methods can destroy its effectiveness. If you want to learn about PPF and car wash the following information is for you.



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Car Cleaning Process of a PPF-Wrapped Car

Cleaning a car properly is important to maintain PPF for a long time. Regular hand car washing is a lot different from PPF car wash. Read the following points to know the proper cleaning process for a PPF wrapped car. Also, read our guide on is PPF worth it? To clear your thoughts on PPF and make an informed decision.

Getting PPF does not mean your car does not need cleaning. It should be cleaned regularly but with care. Let’s learn how to properly clean your car together. 

Choose the Right Product

PPF tends to keep itself clean; still, you need to wash your car for proper maintenance. You can not use any product to wash your PPF-wrapped car. Be very select about detergents you use for hand car wash. Go for PH-neutral soaps and shampoos. These are specially designed for automotive enhancement services. These shampoos are milder than ordinary vehicle cleaning products. It cleans the car without damaging the outer protective layer. 

Use Soft Car Cleaning Tools
Use Soft Car Cleaning Tools

PPF is tough and can act as a barrier against powerful impacts and harmful elements. But if you go rough, the chances of damaging your PPF are very high. Play safe and use soft cleaning tools to get rid of any dust or stains. Sponges and microfibre cloth are a good choice for hand car washing. Avoid using stiff brushes and pointed tools to clean your car. With the attention of cleaning the car properly you will end up damaging your PPF. So be careful while cleaning your PPF-wrapped car. 

Gentle Scrubbing and Rubbing

Along with mild detergents, your car cleaning technique should be gentle, too. Avoid aggressive circular motion cleaning techniques. A few gentle swipes into and from motion are enough to make your car glow like a diamond. You don’t have to be harsh on your car. PPF cars are super easy to clean. Use gentle pressure to rub the area, and all the visible marks will fly away.

No Air Drying

PPF will make water roll over its surface while you clean your car. To avoid any watermarks and stains, pat dry the cleaned area with a soft cloth. This will prevent water stains. Also, don’t let the water dry on its own. Air drying is the worst thing you can do with your PPF car. It lets minerals deposit on the paint protection film. To avoid this, dry your car as soon as possible. Learn how to properly maintain your paint protection film. This will help you enlighten yourself about the maintenance of PPF. 

PPF Car Washing Pro Tips
PPF Car Washing Pro Tips

Washing a PPF installed car is not like regular cars. PPF will protect your car from damage, and you will protect PPF from damage. Here are some tips to wash your PPF-wrapped car.

  • Avoid washing your car for a week after applying PPF. 
  • Remove bird droppings and tree saps as quickly as possible. The chemicals inside these elements spoil the car’s paintwork. A quick cleaning can help stop these chemical reactions.
  • Use lukewarm water and a soft cloth to clean your car. The more gentle you are, the longer PPF will stay. 
  • Do not use any car wax or sealant that has harsh chemicals. For instance, petroleum and solvents. 
  • Only neutral PH mild car washing products.
  • Don’t forget to mention car washing service providers to be gentle. High-pressure water from these automatic car washes will destroy the PPF. 
  • Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight. Heat will cause water to evaporate quickly. This will leave water marks on the car’s surface. This is why you should do car cleaning at a place with zero to no sunlight.
  • Wash your PPF car after every two weeks. PPF has self-cleaning and healing properties. That’s why it does not need a lot of cleaning.
  • PPF will deteriorate with time. If your PPF is old, inspect its condition regularly. If you see any signs of peeling, scratching, or any damage, seek help from professionals. PPF experts will help you address and resolve the issue.


PPF provides ultimate protection against daily driving challenges. It stays for up to seven to ten years if maintained properly. To preserve your expensive investment, learn proper maintenance techniques. You can get help from our guide to learn proper car washing techniques. You need PPF to maintain the flawless look of your car. PPF reduces cleaning hours to a great extent but that does not mean you stop washing your car. Regular cleaning and maintenance are what you need to preserve your investments in the long run. 


Can I take my PPF car to the car wash?

Experts are not in favour of automatic car cleaning procedures. High pressure can reduce the effectiveness of your PPF. No matter what method you choose, just be gentle with car cleaning.

What car wash to use on PPF?

Gentle car wash soaps and detergents are best for PPF. They are designed to properly clean the car without damaging the protective PPF layer. A neutral PH detergent and a soft cloth are enough for cleaning PPF cars. 

Can I wash my car after PPF?

Yes, you can. Whether you are getting an automatic car wash or a hand car wash, wait for at least two days after PPF installation. Moreover, experts recommend hand car washing over automatic car washers.