Auto tinting

Do auto tinting producers provide a warranty, or does it comes through a dealer? The widely asked question from the Auto Boss Vaughan. The answer to this question is that auto-tinting films have a manufacturer’s warranty. It doesn’t come through the installation company.

It is significant to know the auto tinting warranty, whether it is through manufacturers or dealers. You must choose an inexperienced dealer who has installed window tints poorly and wants to fix the installation to get compensation. If you choose an auto tinting producer with a warranty, Select Auto Boss Vaughan to install the tinting film properly.

Some companies offer warranties on car window tints starting from a minimum of five years to unlimited. Warranty depends on the product quality and price. Many warranties cover issues like bubbling, cracking and peeling. You require paperwork to understand the services that are covered in the warranty. 

If you installed your car window tints from somewhere and brought us that receipt, it is not warranty-proof. You need proper paperwork as warranty proof. You will get a tint warranty right from buying window tints.

Warranty time

Auto tinting warranty time starts from two years to a lifetime. It also depends on the tinting manufacturer.

Types of window tinting

There are different types of auto tint warranties.  

Lifetime warranties: Window tinting warranties are usually for a lifetime.

The window tinting producer provided warranties. It also depends on the tinting producer. Companies offer different terms and service warranties for two years to a lifetime.

Nontransferable warranties: Auto tinting warranties are non transferable. It means these warranties are provided to the original and first owner of the car. It cannot be transferred to the next owner.

No charge, No fault warranty: protect against peeling, cracking, color change, demetallizing and bubbling.

Laws: The best window tinting warranty must comply with State or country laws. For example, the province or state laws for tinting percentage and color differences.

High-quality films come with more warranty: You will get more warranties when you buy auto tinting films of high quality or performance.

Actions to void auto tinting warranty

Pre-existing possibility of glass breakage, seal failure or thermal fracture can void the warranty. The window tinting warranty doesn’t cover double or triple-paned, patterned, textured or mirrored glass.

You must know that small moisture beads can appear under the tint, or it may look cloudy. These conditions disappear after the tinting is complete. Wait to wash your car after you install window tints for at least thirty days.

Services covered in the warranty 

Solar reflective properties

Many companies offer 

a lifetime warranty for the tinting films. Some companies provide a warranty against glass damage from sunlight for five years. 

You may have two warranty claims for glass breakage or seal failure. The amount deductible of 5% or $25, whatever is great. 

Peeling, bubbling or delaminating 

Window tinting warranty also covers delaminating, bubbling or peeling from the glass. Normally bubbles on car tinting appear when they are incorrectly installed. You may have a warranty of re-installation free of charge.


Window tinting companies also provide a warranty for the product color, ensuring the color may not be turned to purple. High-quality films never change their color. Most companies provide a warranty on the color for a lifetime.


Cracking is not a common thing. Poor-quality films can turn brittle and shrink over time, causing cracks. Quality films with warranties are fine.


Poor quality or cheap tinting films may shrink over time. It means the films may let the light enter from the edges creating a fade line within the car in the exterior or interior of the car.

Voiding warranty 

Improper care or abuse voids the auto tinting warranty. 

Auto tinting warranty is non transferable

Window tinting warranty is non transferable, provided to the buyer or the vehicle’s first owner. It is non transferable to the next purchaser of the vehicle.

Do you claim a warranty in case of window breakage?

Window tinting producers offer different guarantees. If you experience an accident or the glass breaks suddenly, you don’t have a specific reason for the glass breakage. The company will not offer tinting warranties in the mentioned-above situations.

Window tints with lifetime guarantees

Imagine your car tinting warranty covers material, labor or both. The window tinting warranties come with quality films. 


While selecting the window tint provider, an important factor is checking for the warranties. Maintain the necessary documents ensuring that your auto tints are safe. Reputable companies offer warranties, especially if something unusual happens to your tints. Window tints came with different warranties, including color, peeling, or bubbling. AutoBossVaughan provides you with complete information if you have queries about the warranties. Our tinting experts know the pros and cons of the top brands and give you useful information. Contact us to know more!


What is the difference between each film series?

A traditional dye-based film, metal-based film, ultimate all-around performance.

Do window tinting providers give a warranty on it?

Window tinting providers give a warranty on the tinting films. The warranty doesn’t come from installation professionals. 

Is there any warranty for the window tinting film?

Yes! Window tinting comes with a warranty.

Does the warranty cover scratches?

Many companies do not cover scratches, metal rubs or customer damage. Auto tinting is installing an undetectable window film. Auto tinting for the front windshield helps in 99% UV protection, glare, heat reduction and enhanced privacy.

What actions void the warranty?

Car windows must not be washed for a month after installation. You must not use products that contain abrasive materials or ammonia.