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Headlights are one of the essential parts of your car’s appearance. When the headlights are exposed to environmental elements, they may get filthy. Most drivers wonder if the ceramic coating effectively protects the car’s headlights from factors causing damage. Can you save the headlights with nano-coating?

The benefits of applying nano-coating are twofold. First, it will keep your headlights sharp and clean. Second, it will protect your car’s headlight from UV damage. Although there are a lot of protection solutions available in the market, nano coating is the best way to consider. Here, I will guide you about why you should choose nano-coating over others.

Is it possible to use a ceramic coating on headlights?

Coatings are created to protect many parts of your car from environmental elements, especially when it is exposed to them, like the paint or rims. 

According to research, it has many benefits, such as UV protection and improved appearance. Anyone can use it on the headlights. It is tough, durable, and offers protection from debris and environmental dirt. It will also protect headlights from discoloration caused by sunlight exposure. Here, I will discuss the rundown of its benefits to your car’s headlights.

Protection from UV damage 

Nano coating protects the headlights of your car from harmful UV rays. Although you may not care for it, sunlight can cause your headlights to fade and crack over time if not adequately protected.

Some coating kits like Adam’s Coating can have everything you require to protect your headlight. You can also use wax or sealant to protect them, but wax is less effective than a proper coating.

Get Long-lasting shine 

Suppose you are a true car enthusiast and take care of every part of your car. You can coat your car’s rims and other parts that may last long. You can also apply this coating or protection layer on your headlights. The coating can save the shine of your headlights for a significant period and is also easy to maintain.

Important tip: if you want to apply nano-coating on your headlights, it is vital to use it according to the instructions mentioned in the manufacturer’s kit. When you apply it properly, you can enjoy the benefits of it.

Protect damages created by particles

The coating helps in protecting your headlights from all tiny particles of gravel, dirt, or bugs slamming into the headlights at high speeds. People least care about this collision because it is minor; however, it causes the light to chip over time.

Caution: It is essential to understand that headlights are constantly exposed to UV rays from the sun; they need proper care.

We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest you use nano-coating specifically for headlights rather than other products like sealants or wax.

Hydrophobic coating properties 

You must invest in a coating with hydrophobic qualities to get optimal headlight protection. The hydrophobic coating is effective, creating a transparent protective layer on your headlights. However, it is quite expensive and challenging to apply.

However, it can be the best protection option if you have enough money and want it to apply to the headlights. It is helpful to protect your headlights from oxidation and sunlight exposure. After you use a coating on your headlights, your lenses are well covered.

The coating requires 24 Hours of cure time 

The coating can keep dirt and grime away from the headlights and protect them from getting chipped and damaged by minor particles. 

Don’t worry about the shine of your light. It will be able to shine through the coating. However, nano-coating may require 24 hours of curing time.

Why Ceramic coating is Better than other Options 

Ceramic coating is better than other protective options. Let’s compare the options.

The coating is better than wax

Wax is another way to protect your headlights. However, nano-coating is more effective. 

Firstly, it will not protect nano-coating. However, wax can cause the headlights to become hazy, which can be dangerous. 

Apply additional coating on the spray sealant

You can also use spray sealant to protect your headlights. You can apply it on your car exterior but must let it cure before driving. However, you must know that it is less protective than a coating. You can apply coating on it, but first, you have to let it dry. 

You prefer sealant because you can apply a coating layer on it.

The transparent bra protection film is not permanent

The transparent bra protection film is a self-adhesive film wrapped around your headlights to protect them from damage. You can replace or remove it. Hence, it is not permanent.

Remember! The transparent bra protection film will not protect nano-coating. If you are looking for a permanent protection layer, the ceramic coating is the best option.

Clear mask protection film

There are better protection types. You may try it for headlight protection. It is a form of adhesive plastic that will cover headlights to prevent cracks and chips. You can remove it when you want to wash your car.

However, the temporary option makes it a less adopted choice. Its other drawback is trouble getting its edges right.

Headlight lens restoration

Headlight restoration is a permanent form of protection for your headlight. 3 M’s M’s restoration kit protects your headlights before applying nano-coating.

It will create a new surface for the headlight lenses that will work to keep them in a better appearance for long.

However, this process is complex and may take a couple of hours to complete, and you will require a professional installer for the best finishes.

Key Takeaways

  • There are countless ways to protect the headlights; every option has benefits and drawbacks.
  • Hydrophobic coating can be the best way to protect your car’s headlights, but it is a bit time and money-consuming.
  • If you want permanent protection, ceramic coating is the best option, but if you wish to moderate protection, you can choose transparent bra protection film or lens restoration.


The ceramic coating consists of nanoparticles that can create a smooth, long-lasting, permanent protection layer for your headlights. It can protect your car’s headlight from the bang of objects like bugs, protects the glass from breakage, provides UV protection, and much more.


How long does coating last on headlights?

The coatings have cured, and the headlights have an excellent appearance and may last a few years.

Does coating prevent headlight oxidation?

Coating saves your money, time, and frustration to prevent headlight lenses from discoloring, fading, and yellowing in the first place for less than the replacement of lenses.

Is coating helpful with the sun?

The coating protects headlights against UV rays exposure. 

What are the benefits of coating?

The benefits of coating include the ability to dirt and mud and repel water and water-based contaminants. It provides better gloss than sealants and wax and provides scratch-proof coating.