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Car driving experience is not traveling from one point to another. It reflects your personality and style. You can improve your driving experience through window tinting. It adds sophistication, elegance and provides protection. If you want your car windows tinted, it can get very difficult to determine which tinting shade will fit the best with your car’s color. Tinting shades affect your car’s appearance. The tinting shade can give a subtle or dramatic effect. 

While choosing the best tint shade, you must ask these questions

Is it good for the weather in your city?

The weather of the city in which you are driving can affect the choice of window tinting color. Many windows tinting shades are good in one area but not suitable for other areas. For example, in areas with hot weather conditions, you need legally darker shades. The darker tints allow less light and heat to pass through. But in many areas, darker tinting is illegal, so you have to choose lighter shades.

We suggest a darker shade to keep the heat away. You can use lighter color schemes if you are driving in a city with less hot temperatures.

Will it improve privacy?

Window tints are added to improve your car privacy. Despite the fact that darker tints provide higher security for your car, driving a car at night with a darker tint is difficult. You must consider this factor before selecting the tint shade.

Many shades of window tints are available in the market. Some are common. Some are not. We suggest you select a light shade.

What are the main types of window tinting in Toronto?

There are several forms of window tints available, from completely black to clear right down. The types of window tinting films depend on the material used in them. The material also affects the cost of the film. Some of the common window tints are

Dyed Tint: The experts use a dye layer to absorb the light and reduce heat from entering the car. It provides a non-reflective darker layer. It is cheaper as well.

Metalized window tint: In this form of tint, a layer of metallic particles is used to reflect light and heat from your car. These tints are the providers of a sleek, shiny finish and superior heat rejection.

Carbon window tint: Carbon particles are used to block light and heat from your car window. They offer superior UV protection and reduce glare. It maintains a matte finish that makes it a popular choice among many car owners.

Ceramic window tint: In this type of tint, ceramic particles are used to block UV rays and heat. Additionally, this tint allows light to pass through it. Hence, it can provide a higher clarity level and reduces glare. It is one of the most expensive tints.

Crystalline window tint: It is a specialized ceramic tint providing heat rejection, the highest UV protection and clarity. Multi-layer nanotechnology is used in these tints to block light and heat and maintain a clear appearance.

Clear window tint: It is also available in the market, especially for those drivers who don’t want a reduced light transmission through windows. Clear film is also a good choice to get protection against harmful UV rays. You can select a clear window tinting film with multi-layer or ceramic optical technology. The clear film also allows 50% less heat transfer through car windows without giving them darker shades.

What is the percentage of Window tint?

In most areas, there are legal restrictions on car window tint percentage. These restrictions change from area to area. We suggest checking the local law about the percentage of window tints before selecting their shades. In some areas, there are legal limitations regarding tinting. You can get window tinting within these limits

Some of the common window tint percentages are

  • 5% tint. 5% is the darkest available percentage of the window tints that allow only 5% light to pass through your window.
  • 20% tint: It allows around 20% visible light to pass through your car window. It provides moderate level heat reduction and privacy.
  • 35% tint. It is also known as “darkest legal”, a combination of your window glass and tinting film allowing 35% of the light to pass through the window. It provides a low level of heat reduction and less privacy level. Tinting rear doors with the darkest legal percentage is a popular choice nowadays. It provides greater privacy and shade to the rear passengers.
  • 50% tint: It provides the least level of heat reduction and privacy and allows only 50% light to pass through.
  • Medium to light: You don’t require extra dark tint shades to protect your car from glare and heat. Many drivers like to install tinting film with slightly lighter shades than the darkest legal limit.

We suggest knowing about the intended use of the vehicle and local laws about tinting percentage.

Can I install window tints by myself?

Yes! You can install window tints by yourself, but it requires some practice. However, choosing an experienced and reputable window tint installer helps you in applying the tint correctly. They are experienced personnel and don’t cause damage to your car windows.

Auto Buss Vaughan is at your service.

If you are unaware of tint percentage laws or their types, talk to our experts. Our experienced team members will help you in getting the right tint with the most suitable tint shade and percentage.


Do you want your car windows tinted for aesthetics? Or do you want comfort and extra privacy measures? Tinting your car windows provide you security and privacy, and comfort, especially in hot weather conditions. It also adds value to your car’s appearance. Communicate your concerns to Auto Buss Vaughan and get the best suggestions. Some of the shades are good in one climate, the same shades are not good in another. Auto Buss Vaughan: auto tinting Toronto provides top-in-class services. Give your car a brand-new look. Contact us Now!