Auto Tinting Toronto

A window tint may last for years if they are professionally installed. If you install the tint correctly, it will positively affect your car’s appearance and satisfy you. Hence, choosing the right tinting shop is important. There are plenty of car window tinting shops in the market, but how can you figure out their pricing and professionalism? Auto Boss Vaughan has provided exceptional window tinting for a lot of years. We have tinted more than 10,000 cars in Toronto. We have mastered auto tinting in Toronto. 

Car window tint is significant for every car, not for the attractive look but for the protection. Car window tint protects you from shattered glass and may save passengers from injuries. It helps reduce glare.  

 Check for a few features in a window tinting shop. Some of the significant features are 

How to find the most reliable window tinting shop?

Find a reliable window tinting shop near your area or online. Tinting right on your car has a major impact on your window tinting. Ensure your car is in professional hands. A professional tinting installation makes your car look attractive and sleek. 

Computer-cut window tints and films 

With the improvement in technology, so must go for computer-cut tints. The computer-cut system has a database with the car’s accurate specifications. These professionals cut the tints into accurate pieces before touching the car windows. 

Other systems can produce smoother results. They can also create damage to your car. If your car tint service provider works with uncut film pieces and does hand cutting, you should not prefer them.

Multiple tinting 

Small shops may offer up to two tint options. Quality auto tinting in Toronto offers more choices. More colors, qualities and shades. The quality tint shops offer a wide selection. 

At Auto Boss Vaughan, we are offering different window tint packages. You can select the one best suits your budget and needs.

Window tint warranty

You must get a warranty if you pay a handsome amount for window tinting. If your car tinting shop is not giving a warranty, they will not do good work. Auto Boss Vaughan offers many tinting packages that include warranties.


You can ask for experience in the car window tinting industry. You need help doing window tinting. It requires proper training. An amateur window tint installation company still needs to learn advanced installation methods. The result will be amateur since Auto Boss Vaughan has vast experience with expert installation teams. We can provide the best results in a limited time and cost less than others in Toronto.

Previous Work sample

Experienced window tinting installers are usually proud of their work. You must ask for the portfolio before selecting them. Check their online availability. Auto Boss Vaughan installs window tints daily; check the website for more information. If you want, we can share our past work with you.

Check online reviews

With the advancement in internet availability, the need for an online presence of the window tinting company increased. The Internet resource for finding window tinting companies with experience. Use social media sites and Google reviews to know the opinion of people. 

Seek reference 

Even strangers may be able to provide you with information about the store. Social circle about the specific window tinting shops. Even strangers may be able to provide you with information about the store. And social circle about the specific window tinting shops. Even you can ask strangers about the shop.

An organized shop

Check for the area or space where your car’s windows will be tinted. Check four things

First: The space or shop should be well organized. It must have a film role on one side of the suppliers.

Having a computer plotter is plus point, as it may speed up installation.

Secondly, they must have a cutting expert.

Thirdly, check for cleanliness. Quality tinting shops have separate tinting bays with climate control systems to prevent dust and other ailments. 


Window tinting installers advertise their services based on price. A $99 tint installation service is not worth it. Two things are important in this regard,

  • First: Experienced and skilled tint technicians work for higher wages. Their capabilities and experience equate to the best quality.
  • Second: A better quality tinting film is usually expensive, excluding labor.

Avoid selecting shops with low-cost services as they may compromise on either expertise or film quality.

Interview the installers

Ask multiple questions. An experienced installer understands your concerns and answers the questions adequately. They will guide you about the percentage of tinting, its shades, and state laws. They will help you pick the right installation film that fulfils all legalities. 

Professional window tinting installers never hesitate to answer any questions.

Visit tint shops by yourself. 

Check out some tint shops in person. It is helpful to compare prices and the availability of tint brands.  


In a nutshell, choosing good films includes dyed, metallic, ceramic or carbon. With the quality improvement, the lifespan of the film improves. Quality films have the quality of infrared heat rejection; it keeps the car cooler.

You must check the level of debris under the film. Check your installer for the proper installation of the film. Your installer must guide you about the care for the film. For example, avoid using cleaning products with ammonia or abrasive cloths.


How much percentage does a tint make any difference?

You can get 70% tint on your car windshield. It helps in reducing the temperature and glare in your car.

Which tinting type is the best?

Ceramic tint is the uppermost layer for film performance and aesthetics. The non-conductive ceramic particles block 99% of UV rays without blocking signal transmission or reception. The ceramic tint offers superior UV protection.

Which tint color is best?

Gray is one of the common lens colors. It is dark enough for sunny days and provides accurate color visibility.

How to choose the right window tinter?

If you want to block UV rays, get 50% translucent tint film. However, you must also go for darker window tinting films to minimize light-induced headaches.

Work with tint experts.

 You can determine the reputation of the tint installation providers by checking their reviews online. Check out their expertise and experience and whether they are offering a warranty. Ask about their team and skills.

Make a deal with Auto Boss Vaughan to fulfil all your requirements regarding the tinting job.