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You will not like a dirty car interior when you have to drive a lot. A dirty car interior can have a worse effect on mood. However, if you want to make your mood good. You will require a tidy, clean, good-smelling car. How will you get rid of the grime cup holder?

Cleaning your car cup holder

While driving your car, you will take a sharp turn, and the coffee or drink can spill out from the lid. Your kids may leave a paper cup filled with juice in the cup holder for a few days. Besides the reasons for the sticky mess in your cup holder, you also need cleaning. Here! I will provide some tips to help you clean your cup holder.

Cleaning a removable car cup holder

Many car producers anticipate the requirement to clean car cup holders, including removable rubber liners or plastic. Some of the cup holders are easy to clean. 

  • Clean them with a dishwashing soap
  • You can clean them simply with dishwashing soap and get them dry on your kitchen rack. 
  • After the cup is dry, recheck whether it is clean or not. You may find some leftover slime. You can wipe this slime away with a rag. If the juice or the liquid dries in the cup holder, you may clean it twice. A second round of dishwashing helps clean the cup holder.
  • Soak it in soapy warm water
  • You can also place your car’s cup holders in a bucket with water and soap. Let the cup holder sit for 10 minutes, scrub them. It will probably get clean in the first go. If grime remains, you can soak the cup holder and scrub them again. Rinse, dry, and again place them in your car.

If you don’t like cleaning these minor parts of your car interior, contact Auto Boss Vaughan after a couple of months for full interior detailing services. Please eliminate every little problem; we will help bring your car to pristine condition.

Cleaning a non-removable car cup holder

Some of the car cup holders are removable, some are non-removable. You have to clean the non-removable car cup holder in the place where they are.

Tips to clean the dirty cup holders

Some tips for cleaning the non-removable dirty cup holders, including 

  • Place an old sock on the tumbler’s bottom or the bottom of another large cup.
  • Spray all-purpose cleaner or glass cleaner on the socks. 
  • Twist the tumbler or scrub out around the cup holder to remove stains or minor spots.
  •       Vacuum the cup holder with a shop vac and finish the process.

Tips for cleaning grimy cup holders

You have worked harder to clean the cup holders; you may wish to keep them in this condition for long. Try using these tips to prevent a mess

  • Try inserting silicone cupcake liners in your car’s cup holders to catch spills and crumbs.
  • Avoid using open cups; instead, use travel mugs. Never forget to close the plastic tab when drinking from your cup.
  • If your mug doesn’t have a plastic tab, stuff it with a folded straw in the opening. It helps you in preventing water or juice from spilling while you drive.

Now you have the tips to clean your car’s cup holder. Only wash it a little. If you take your vehicle for full interior detailing, the detailers will clean it, and you don’t need to clean it separately. You can trust Auto Boss Vaughan team is licensed and aimed to ensure your peace of mind. Talk to our staff today to get an estimate for the services. 


When we talk about your car interior, every single part is essential. If grime remains in any corner of your car, the chances of a foul smell are there. The car cup holder is a part of the interior that is usually overlooked. Auto Boss Vaughan experts suggest cleaning the cup holder after every two weeks. If you take your car for full interior detailing after every six months, you won’t need to clean it separately.


How to remove dirt from a cup?

Don’t use harsh cleansers that can scratch the plastic. Use a sink/ tub/ tile, non-abrasive cleaner, or a paste of water and baking soda. Pour the paste into a damp sponge and rub it gently on the surface.

How to clean the dashboard with rubbing alcohol?

It is easy and safe to use isopropyl alcohol, which is more than 70% of it. Wipe down the surfaces.

How to clean cup holder stones?

Soak the stones in a mixture of 3 parts of water and one part bleach until the stain lifts, and rinse it with clean water. Dry it. 

How to get rid of the dirt from the car cup holder?

Use mild soap and warm water, dampen the cloth, and wipe the cup holders to remove grime and gunk. If there are some tough-to-clean spots, pour the solution into the cup holder and leave it for one or two minutes.