interior detailing

Car owners clean the carpets and seats but don’t care about cleaning the closed corners. You can see the console is full of dust. The Auto Boss professionals provide complete cleaning services for the whole interior of the car. Our full interior detailing services are designed to offer you comfort over time.

Car Console

The car console is between the beginning of the dashboard and continues beneath it. It often merges with the transmission tunnel between the driver and passenger seats.

Cleaning your car console 

When you start interior cleaning of your vehicle, you must understand that many things are necessary, from the cup holders to weird crevices and other corners. The center console is the most neglected part of the car. It is also a magnet for dust.

Clean it as well. You spend a lot of time in your car, even more hours than you spend with your family and friends. The small particles of dust and dirt, or coffee spills, can create an odd smell in your car.

Products used to clean your car console 

Here I will discuss the cleaning of the console of your car and the products used for cleaning it.

The dirt and grime stick to the car console creating the black color of the plastic.


Choosing the right cleaner is significantly important for your car’s interior. It would be best to select a cleaner that is not too harsh or mild. It would be best to choose a neutral pH cleaner that is safe for the paint of your car’s interior. Most of the car cleaners are quite harsh. They contain ammonia and other chemicals that harm the car’s interior.

Household cleaners are not designed to clean the car interior. They may need help cleaning the grime from the car. 

pH neutral cleaner

A quality, pH-neutral cleaner is the best way on surfaces like vinyl and plastic. You can use them to clean upholstery and cloth.

Home-made car cleaner

You can also create your car cleaner at your home. Pour 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, 1 cup of lukewarm water, 2 teaspoons of baby oil, and 1 teaspoon of Blue Dawn. Shake well to combine the nutrients. You can use this cleaner on doors, dashboards, and tires by spraying the solution and wiping it away. Spray the cleaners over the console’s surface. Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it. You can observe that the dirt and grime are breaking down and then can be wiped off easily.

We suggest you use the interior detailing cleaners as per the directions provided with it. Too less usage will not offer you complete cleaning. However, too much usage of cleaners can damage the plastic. It can also contribute to color fading over time.

Vapor steamer 

You can use a vapor steamer for deep cleaning. You can spray steam over the dirt and grime for deep cleaning. It can remove dirt within seconds. However, too much steam temperature can damage the console’s surface. So be very careful while using a vapor steamer.


We suggest you use a sponge for cleaning difficult stains or sticky substances. A sponge or soft-bristled brush provides you with a gentle and effective scrubbing,

Microfiber towel 

When you spray a vapor steamer or a cleaner over the dirt and grime, immediately clean the surface with a microfiber towel.

Steps to clean your car console

Every car owner wants to clean their dashboard and other parts of the car interior. Sometimes people don’t observe the dust and dirt building up on the console.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to clean your

Step 1: Vacuum 

Use a soft brush on a vacuum wand, vacuum the loose dust, and brush them away. Using a soft brush on a vacuum wand is the best. Using a soft brush to prevent damage and prevent scratching.

Step 2: Clean your dashboard

Grab a microfiber towel or cloth. Damp your fabric with water. Wipe your console with this cloth, including your speedometer, dashboard, and button. Wiping your console with a wet cloth helps remove heavy dirt particles. It makes the complete detailing process easier and more effective.

Step 3: Deep cleaning

Use specifically formulated cleaners designed to clean the plastic part of your car interior without harming it. Spray these cleaners on your car’s interior and wipe it off with a cloth, letting the area dry. Overusing car cleaners or harsh cleansers can damage your car’s interior.

Drying is also important, as leaving the area damp will attract more dust particles and create more filth. 


These tips are quite helpful for keeping your car console clean. We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest cleaning it twice a month. However, it takes time to clean your interior thoroughly. If you have a busy routine and don’t have much patience to clean your interior deeply, leave the work to us. Get full interior detailing once after every four hours, and you will not need anything else. Our state-of-the-art services will give you a car like a new one and mental peace.


What professional car detailers use to clean their car’s console?

Professional car detailers use microfiber, the perfect tool for cleaning your interior.

How deep does the detailer clean the car?

  • Gather dirt and debris.
  • Remove and clean your car’s floor mats.
  • Clean the windows from the inner side.
  • Clean your center console.
  • Remove the dirt and grime from the dashboard and the vents.
  • Disinfect your steering wheel
  • Clean leather and cloth seat covers.

How to clean a car’s door panels?

Use a water and dish soap solution and wipe the door panel down.