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Sometimes, the car interior smells unpleasant. The bad smell appears because of the small piece of food or water spill. The smell is so unpleasant that everyone can get rid of it. Whether you can use air fresheners but the bad odor remains, you need full interior detailing now! 

Steps to eliminate your car odors

You can deodorize your car by yourself with these easy steps:

Finding the source

Check the source of the bad smell and then remove it. Try finding it out whether it is a water spill or some object falling. Using a flashlight to check under the seats, trunk or cargo area. Find the culprit and discard it. It will help in reducing the odor.

Clean, clean, clean

Clean the place from where you find the source of the smell. If it is hard to clean, you can contact an all-purpose automotive cleaner or an interior detailer. You can use a carpet cleaner or automotive upholstery if the bad smell source is your carpet or seat. You can also use an extraction cleaner or steam cleaner.

General or thorough car cleaning

Once you get rid of the bad smell source, clean the surface. Still, the smell is in the car. You can use an automotive interior cleaner. Do a thorough cleaning that includes wiping down shift levers, steering wheels, controls, buttons, armrests and the areas you frequently touch. It would be best to deodorize and clean high-traffic carpets and floor mats in one step without a super cleaning detailer. He will clean all of your car interiors within the given time and provide a brand-new look.


If the bad smell is new and you have found its source before spreading it throughout the car, you can get rid of it by using a car freshener in the affected area. If, like other odors, it has penetrated the surface or spread throughout the car, you will require deodorizing your entire interior.

Deodorize your cabin filter, AC duct vent, ductwork, and entire car interior. Park your car in the open air, leave the motor in running condition, turn on AC, use recirculating mode and the high setting.

Place your deodorizer in the front cupholder. Open rear windows to keep airflow through the cabin. Remove the cap of the product and depress the button of the actuator to release the spray. When the spray is spread all over the car, exit and close the car door. Allow the spray can to empty. After it is empty, turn off the ignition, and close the driver’s door after exiting. Leave your car for 15 minutes. Open car windows and allow the air to release from the car.

A high-quality car deodorizer can retain its effects for 30 days.

Car deodorizing systems

Some of the most famous car deodorizing systems include:

Ozone deodorizing

Chemical device method

Professional car washing and detailing professionals use several systems to eliminate odors from your car. I will discuss both of these methods in detail.

Ozone Deodorizing method

Even when you remove the odor source from your car, the smell can return. Some of the smells can linger in your car. An ozone deodorizing machine is the major thing to deodorize your car. You can leave your car for hours or overnight after using it. The machine produces ozone gas consisting of unstable electrical molecules. These molecules can attach with another particle, like bad-smelling molecules. Hence, the molecules are neutralized.

Chemical device method

The chemical device also provides nearly similar results. A chemical system that creates a chemical reaction produces chlorine dioxide. Like Ozone deodorizing systems, chlorine gas penetrates upholstery, plastics and carpets. Chlorine has disinfecting benefits, and it helps sanitize your car’s interior in a short time. Compared to the ozone system, the chlorine system is not scent-free. It requires airing out from the vehicle after the process completes.

It is significant to understand that most air fresheners will mask or hide the smell without treating the root cause of it.

Why choose a professional car detailing and washing

You can perform three steps on your own. However, it is time-consuming and requires efficiency. It is possible to remove the source of the smell, but if the smell arises again, you will be unable to get rid of it. Complete cleaning of your car requires effort and patience. If you have less time and leave the car interior without properly drying out, it may smell again.

If you want a cost and time-efficient solution for getting rid of bad smells, you will require a professional car detailer, or you may prefer to hire an odor removal service. Auto Boss Vaughan’s trained detailing staff can identify the odor source and treat it accordingly. It is like a doctor who identifies the problem and prescribes the most accurate medicine. In a similar analogy, we have the latest tools and technology to treat bad smell issues at the proper time. We have complete access to chemicals and machines you cannot purchase from your local automotive stores. Some of these chemicals and cleaning products are expensive and one-time use only.

Whenever you feel a bad smell in your car, Auto Boss Vaughan professionals use proper chemicals with car shampoo to wash your car. We also use steam extraction with our odor eliminator system to eliminate the smell source.


A bad car smell makes your drive worse and more unpleasant than pleasant. When you find the source of the smell, try to get rid of it, then wash your car and deodorize it. We suggest you get an expert auto detailer to make your car interior new.


Can car detailers remove odors from your car?

Auto Boss Vaughan detailers use specific cleaners to absorb odor from your car before vacuuming.

Can I get rid of the car odor by myself?

Yes! You can eliminate car odor by spreading baking soda over it, then removing it.

Why does the car interior smell?

A musty smell can be mildew or mold forming in the air-conditioner’s depth. Start your fan at high speed without turning on the AC.

How does smell develop in your car interior?

Smell develops in your car due to molds and mildew.