interior detailing

Do you know how car detailing is actually worth it? The answer is Yes! There are a few real reasons for it.

For the new ones in this field, it is not very economical. However, it has more advantages than washing your car by yourself. There are some significant reasons to get your car detailed.

Increase in resale value

Think about reselling. It doesn’t mean you are going to lose your car. It is also worthwhile and helpful when you want to change your vehicle or upgrade it. The car detailing boosts the resale value up to $2,000, according to Auto Boss Vaughan experts.

You are also able to increase your car’s average resale value by up to 15%. You can get your interior and exterior detailing before getting it for sale.

Protecting your car’s resale value

A professional car detailer removes imperfections such as minor scratches or stains. If the damages are irreversible, such as rust spots on car body panels, detailers can get it repaired.

If your car is a new one or second-hand, detailing on a regular basis makes it easier to sell or trade for about five years.

How much is it worth if you want to invest in car detailing?

Car detailers specialize in detailing techniques such as paint correction or vinyl installation, making it worth investing in. Detailing services cost around $500. If your car value is less than around $12 000, you can have it detailed for around up to $200. Your car value can increase up to $600. However, some of the services, like tinting, cannot increase resale value.


If you want to prepare your car for resale, you can perform polish or wax by yourself. Washing your car can help to earn extra dollars. A comprehensive detailing job has more benefits.

Detailing helps in protecting the car’s clear coat

At Auto Boss Vaughan, excitement about car detailing, but it won’t fix a lot of things. Serious problems such as rusting, pitting and scratching must not be avoided or replaced by simply a car wash. Even the best detailers cannot eliminate rusted floorboards.

Major goal of car detailing is to remove small imperfections and protect the car’s clear coat from debris, dirt or environmental factors. The car’s exterior coat is like skin. If you don’t care about it, it will start fading or cracking, which leads to more problems.

You must protect it by applying a sealant or wax on it, a professional car detailer or yourself.

If you never take your car to professional detailers, dirt, salt, debris and other factors may begin destroying its clear coat. Once your clear coat is damaged, the contaminants will attack your car sheet metal, which may cause rusting.

Factor affecting car’s clear coat

Some the substances like sealants or wax help in protecting your car’s clear coat from

  • Rock particles and dirt
  • Metallic particles
  • Acid rain
  • Road salts
  • Industrial fall Outs
  • Pollen

The clear coat is usually hard and resistant to environmental contaminants, but it also requires cleaning.

An expert detailer from Auto Boss Vaughan can offer cleaning services like claying or other methods to clean it up.

Car detailing is convenient

With time car detailing has become advanced. It saves your money by saving your time. However, it provides the benefits of a glossy and shiny car exterior. You can take help from a professional car detailer or do it by yourself with the help of a mobile app.

Things to Remember!

Remember! A professional car detailing service saves your vehicle from scratches. Selecting an experienced car detailing expert helps in getting the right services at the right time.

Detailing makes your personal car your brand

Professional car detailing services can help you to maintain the original appearance of your car. According to a survey conducted by Forbes, up to 95% of people want their car to have a personalized apparency. However, a dirty vehicle can promote a negative appearance of your personality as well as your company.

For example, in ride-sharing, you don’t have to go to car detailers, but leaving it unclean affects your company’s reputation.

Keep the prospects and clients comfortable

In today’s competitive world, everyone wants face-to-face interaction. However, getting your car detailed periodically is the best thing you can do.

Detailing eliminates germs and odors

You can observe the difference between inter detailing or wiping your dashboard is quite dramatic. Carpet extraction, also known as carpet shampooing, is one of the necessary things to remove odor from a car. If you bought a used car or noticed a musty smell can be a common factor to fix at first. Remember! Not all the detailers are able to perform carpet extraction. Car detailing is also helpful in removing odor-causing materials that are worth investment.


Experts from Auto Boss Vaughan said, “It is a good thing to get your car detailing services from time to time. It helps in protecting your investment value, your health and your car’s appearance. You can consider car detailers as car doctors. They can recommend the best suiting products when to get the next services and much more.


What is the importance of interior detailing?

The internal environment of your car holds many bacteria, germs and allergens. If you don’t clean your car interior, these bacteria affect your health negatively and may cause allergies.

Is auto interior detailing worth it?

Auto interior detailing keeps your car condition a new one. It also helps to increase the car’s life. When a car is completely clean from inside and exterior, it increases the life of the car.

What interior detailing?

Car interior detailing involves the complete cleaning of the inner vehicle parts. Cleaning car interiors include plastics, leather, vinyl, natural fibers and carbon fiber plastics. Detailers use techniques like vacuuming and steam cleaning.

How often can you detail your car’s interior?

Keeping your car interior pristine and clean is important. Experts suggest a complete interior detail to a minimum twice or thrice a year or once after six months.

Why does the detailer charge more?

Car detailers charge more because they can clean your car’s interior and exterior completely.