Hand Car Wash

We all have hectic schedules, and sometimes that means skipping out on some domestic duties. Therefore, consider whether you are enticed to utilize an automatic car wash since you are sure you will be too busy to complete it. But if you have already coated your car with paint protection film, you must think that an automatic car wash is better, or a hand car wash is better. That is the reason you can search for a hand car wash near me. You will find Auto Boss Vaughan for the best services.

Well, regardless of whether your automobile gets paint protection film, we’ll discuss how to wash it properly in this blog. Sadly, despite how alluring it might be, a car coated by the passive protective film is not recommended to be washed in an automatic car wash. However, that may come as unfortunate news. But we are offering the best services. Although paint protection coating is an incredible product, cleaning your automobile yourself may be easier now that it has it.


Do You Know The Basics Of Paint Protection Film?

Are you using paint protection film on your cars, or are you thinking about getting it put on? If so, you are aware that paint protection coating is a thin layer of adhesive urethane coating that sticks to your car’s topcoat.

Once fitted, it is invisible to the human eye and shields your car’s surface from anything that could dent or scratch it. Additionally, it enables cleaning your preferred vehicle even simpler.

Before finding a hand car wash near me, check that you are washing your car correctly or not. Therefore, We’ll start with the fundamentals of cleaning the car and having a protective film. Read this article till the end to know more about car hand wash.


Let’s explore the Dos and Don’ts of hand car Washing:


Do Clean Your Car Regularly

There are better options than neglecting to clean your car for an extended time. It might be challenging to keep up during Canada’s salty, cold weather. Still, it would be best if you avoided delaying too long since the salt buildup on your automobile may begin to affect the topcoat paint or the durability of the paint protection layer.


Do Start From The Wheels

Since your motor’s wheels are frequently filthy components, they should be cleaned first. Why? Since it solves an enormous cleaning problem on your automobile and then enables any leftover detergent to flow over the tires once more as you clean the body of the car.


Use Two Separate Tubs For A Hand Car Wash

When washing your car, avoid using dirty water to wash it. When you constantly wash your automobile by using the same scrubber in one tub, that is a situation that is very easy to get into. Have two pots alternatively. In one, use liquid soap; in the other, use water. While applying extra detergent to the sponges, rinse them in the washing tub after soaping up a particular area of the automobile. It indeed does work. You can find a hand car wash near me for better wash options.


Don’t Wash Your Car Directly In Sunlight

Everyone has seen car washing videos in advertisements and motion pictures where people often wash cars in the sweltering summer sun. Even if it’s entertaining, washing your car in the sun could have unintended consequences. If sunlight is straight on your automobile, the water you use to wash it will disappear quickly. This implies that your car can acquire water stains. Even worse, the ingredients in the soap may respond poorly to the intense sun. So, you can find a hand car wash near me for your car wash in Vaughan.


Away Bugs, Birds, And Tree Stuff Right In Hand Car Wash

Your car can sometimes require a thorough wash. And it’s crucial to get rid of any stuff like bug spatters, bird droppings, or moisture right once to prevent damage to your highly durable film. Therefore, always have a small kit to treat those places quickly. There’s no need to wash off every tiny stain thoroughly. For this reason, you can find a hand car wash near me.

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Don’t try to Use Powered Buffers

A buffering has the potential to slightly damage the surface of a car in a hand car wash. In addition, problems might occur when dust or other debris gets in the way of the buffing procedure and causes a scratch instead of a sparkle.


So, you can avail yourself of Auto Boss Vaughan’s best services for better cleaning your car with protective films. We are the best results of your search for a hand car wash near me. We provide the services of a hand car wash and automatic car wash, car detailing, car tinting and window tinting. Moreover, we are here to provide the services of protective film coating. We can shield your car from temperature and sun deterioration, as well as flaking paint and blemishes. We also add protection to home and vehicle windows and enhance glass safety. And we can complete it all for a lesser price than you anticipate.