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In this day and age, who doesn’t know about car paint protection film? This advanced auto enhancement service has the power to transform your ride. If you are here, you must have car PPF wrapped in your vehicle. It must be damaged from somewhere, am I right? If you said yes, read on. You don’t need to remove the car PPF completely because it can be repaired. This statement might have shocked you, but it’s true. In this blog, we will explore the ways to repair damaged PPF. So don’t go anywhere. 

What is a Car Paint Protection Film?

It is made up of thermoplastic urethane material. This transparent film is applied to the surface of cars. The PPF creates a barrier between the car’s paint and environmental elements. It protects the car from stone chips, road debris, bird droppings, rusting, etc. Everyone knows PPFs are highly durable. 

But what will you do if it gets damaged before time? Will you remove all of it? Getting PPF installed on your car can be expensive. So removing PPF for a small damage is not a smart move. Also, it can’t be an option for someone tight on budget. What if I tell you that the car’s PPF can be repaired? Yes, you heard it right. Continue reading if you want to learn the car PPF repair methods. 

How to Repair Car PPF?

Car PPF repair is much cheaper than installing a new one. A professionally installed PPF goes a long way. This is because of the expertise of expert PPF installers. So if your PPF is damaged in some area due to any reason, you can repair it. But before we jump to PPF repair methods, you can also learn how to maintain PPF

PPFs are repaired by patching and a self-healing process. Now, you must be wondering what these processes are. Read ahead to learn everything about these car PPF repair methods.


It is one of the most effective car PPF repair methods. Patching is patching over other methods when PPF is torn from multiple sites. All you need to do is cut a patch larger than the damaged area. It is then applied over the damaged area without overlapping the perfectly fine surrounding area. Before you apply the patch, make sure you clean and dry the surface. PPF is hard, but you can use heat to soften the films before pressing. The patch will adhere nicely to the existing film through heating. 


Another effective car PPF repair method is self-healing. It is indeed the most commendable feature of PPF. The special composition of PPFs gives them self-healing abilities. Every PPF has the power to heal scratches and marks when exposed to heat. So whenever your car is exposed to heat, it activates the self-healing property of PPF. All the minor scratches and damage will settle on their own in the heat. Heat brings back the original flawless look. It is the easiest and most convenient way to repair your car PPF. You can use a heat gun to work on each damage. Keep on applying till the scratch disappears. But if you put the heat gun too close to the car, it can damage surrounding undamaged areas. So be very careful while applying heat yourself.

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How Does PPF Get Damaged?

PPF protects the car by sacrificing itself. It takes all the damage in order to protect the vehicle’s exterior surface. Here are the common reasons that damage paint protection films.

Road Debris

Contaminants and other debris stick to the car’s surface when your car rolls over the road. These particles can be sharp and impure and leave stubborn marks on the car. So, if you don’t maintain your PPF-wrapped car, these particles will damage PPF. Also, it will lose its effectiveness after a short period. To save yourself from this, you need to maintain your car PPF well. 

Acidic Reactions

Chemicals from bug splatters, bird droppings, and tree sap damage the PPF badly. The acids in these natural elements are not PPF-friendly. If not cleaned in time, it can reduce the protectiveness riders enjoy with undamaged PPF. 

Bad Weather Conditions

Another factor that damages paint protection film is the weather. When PPF cars are exposed to extreme weather, the PPF layer gets damaged. Extreme sunlight, rain, snow, etc., deteriorate the car and gradually reduce the PPF’s performance.

Accidental Scratches

PPF works great against scratches. Its resilience to scratches does not make it completely safe. Despite being highly effective against scratches, PPF can get scratched. Commonly, the highly exposed areas get scratched. 

What Happens If Car PPF is Damaged?

If your car’s PPF is damaged, do not remove it yourself. Deal with the damage or take your car to a professional to get the problem fixed. Do not peel off PPF yourself because

  • PPF that is applied to the car’s contours should be removed with care and precise tools. Only PPF experts can help you in such a situation. 
  • To fix the problem, one should know the healing temperature of the PPF. This way, you won’t damage the undamaged film. 
  • Just like its installation, it should be removed with care. Professionals remove PPF in a way that leaves little to no adhesive behind.
  • The adhesive residue is then removed with high-quality products. It cleans the car’s surface and brings out the original paintwork. 

Do not try to remove PPF in the car if you lack expertise and specialized tools. Take your car to a professional. They will help you fix or remove PPF. If you can’t find any professional, come to AUTOBOSSVaughan. Their PPF professionals have the expertise to repair car PPF flawlessly.

Wrapping Up
Wrapping Up

Damaging a high-end investment like PPF can be heartbreaking. But the best thing about PPF is that it can be fixed. So, instead of removing the damaged PPF, you can try the car PPF repair method to fix the issue. The severity of damage determines whether the PPF will be fixed with patching or self-healing. It is important to fix the damaged PPF because if left unattended, it can get worse. Repair it yourself or seek professional help to keep enjoying the wonderful benefits of paint protection film. 


Can PPF be repaired?

Yes, PPF can be repaired, but only minor damages. Most commonly, PPF is repaired by applying heat or a patch over the damaged area.

How much does it cost to replace PPF?

To replace a PPF, you need to remove the existing one. This adds additional charges to the overall PPF installation cost. Usually, it ranges from $600 to $8000 or more. All clients can choose the price and package that suits their needs and budget.

How long will PPF last on a car?

The life of a professionally installed PPF is five to seven years. However, if maintained properly, it can last a decade.