If you decide to protect your house Privacy, increase security and maintain the temperature of your house, then applying window tints is the best idea. Now, if you want to tint your window and save the expenses, then you should know the basics of window tinting. Many people ask, “Is it hard to tint windows by ourselves? People also wonder if tinting windows by yourself may be a bad idea. But it can be easy if you know about it. Let’s discuss some points related to window tinting services.  

What’s window tinting? Window Tint is a thin sheet made from carbon that protects our house from UV rays. If you want to tint yourself, you should know whether it has a warranty. Before applying tints, always check the size of the house’s windows. Then choose that film which can be fitted in windows. It would be best if you bought those films that cover your expenses. There are cheap, average and expensive films available but you have to see your budget. Remember to maintain, clean, and replace window films.

Tips for DIY window tinting installation 

Here! I will briefly discuss window film installation so that you can easily do it yourself. 

Buy quality window tinting Films.

When you buy a window film, try to buy an average quality because if you buy it cheaply, it may crack, peel, blister, bubble, discolor and fail to complete its service. When installing window films, always try to use efficient equipment. If it is not fixed correctly, then it can’t work. So always try to buy defect-free, adequately applied, top-quality window film. Always clean your window films with soft cleaning materials. Cleaning the window films is very important because if you use expensive ones, they will also be scratched. Clean the window by using ammonia-free solutions and microfiber cloth. After cleaning windows, they should dry quickly, so use a soft cloth or rubber squeegee. Use a silicone polish solution to keep the windows away from scratching and burnishing. If you want to peel off adhesive tape, always pull it carefully. If adhesive residue occurs on window films, apply a few mineral spirits or alcohol to a soft clean cloth and rub it off. 

Fitting And Measurement

When you buy a window film, you should remember the size of your home windows so they can be fitted properly. It is essential to measure the size of home windows and window films. If you want to measure and don’t know, this paragraph should be very helpful. To measure, you need paper, a notebook, measuring tape, and a coworker or assistant to help you measure. The first step is to always measure it from inside the borders. Don’t include the length and width of the frame. To measure the width of the glass, always measure from left to right. To measure the length, always measure from top to bottom. Keep your records accurate with a flexible measuring tape. Add more inches in measurement so that it will be cut to get the final measurement. If you want to measure the round window, you have to find the area in which A=πr2. 

Consider Rates and Factors

If we discuss the Price of window film, it starts from 2$ to 100$ per square foot. The rates of window film depend upon the quality of the glass, the size of the windows, and whether you want a classic or stylish window. If we discuss its rates by its types, then we should be aware that the Price of frosted glass is 6$ to 10$ per square foot. The Price of solar film is  5$ to 14$ per square foot.  Price also depends upon the shape. After all, if you want a unique shape, the glass will be cut. 


Maintenance on time can increase the lifetime of tints. To buy window glass, always contact reliable companies and try to avoid ordering online because you can’t recognize the size of it. The trend of tinting windows is too much in those areas where it is used often. Don’t clean your windows in rainy weather.

Choose Auto Boss Vaughan 

Technology will also change the use and quality of window tints too much. It might be possible that you don’t need too much hard work to tint windows yourself in the future. Warrantied window films are profitable because if damaged, you can return or repair them. Before checking the warranty, always check the tenure of the warranty card. Cleaning the window is essential so that it looks new and attractive. We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest that on hot days try to fall curtains on window films because if window tints are cheap, they may break or explode due to high temperatures. While cleaning windows, always consider the weather and tools. Determination to turn off your mobile phone.  

If you don’t have time or experience, you can ask us for help.


From the article above, we learned that it is not too easy, not too tricky, and needs experience and knowledge about Price, quality, and maintenance information. Moreover, if you want your window tints to look attractive, shape them properly. In the future, it will be used a lot.