ceramic coating

Ceramic or nano-coating is the best option for protecting your car paint. Car enthusiasts like to invest in coatings. It helps maintain your car’s appearance, protecting it from contaminants and repelling liquids for an extended period. However, it also needs maintenance. According to experts, a ceramic-coated car only needs a proper wash.

Tips to follow 

Although the nano-coatings maintenance routine is not a white-and-black solution that applies to every vehicle, you can get a proper annual car inspection, especially from the company where you got it coated.

The question is, “How to increase the lifespan of the coating? Auto Boss Vaughan experts will help you extend your protective layer’s life. Some of these tips are as follows.

Regular wash

Nano-coating doesn’t make your car dirt or contaminant-proof. You will have to take care of it as well. It still requires washing, but more than it may require for factory paints. We recommend a thorough and proper car wash at least once after a couple of weeks. Washing will help prevent the build-up of dirt, pebbles, or degrading materials on your car’s surface. We recommend you use a pH-neutral car shampoo that is wax free. Avoid using harsh chemicals, clay bars, abrasive car shampoo or wax.

Wasting your car after ceramic coating will leave a residue on the coating top that reduces the hydrophobic properties. Wax remains causes the coating to become dirtier with time. 

The coating is like a car cover. If you don’t care about it, the dirt and dust can penetrate it, affecting your vehicle’s paint work.

Wash your car at dawn or dusk, especially when the sunshine is less. Early morning or shortly before sunset. Select a cloudy day to wash or dry your car. We suggest you wash at this time because the sun dries up quickly on the coating top, which may cause quick drying of soap water spots or streaks.

Try avoiding automated car wash 

Automated car wash is the easiest way to damage your paint’s protection layer. The curtain-like cleaning rags and brushes of the automated car wash can wreck the car’s coating quickly. It is due to its highly abrasive bristles that have scratch-prone pollutants from other vehicles and may damage your car coat. It can also create marring on your coating. At the same time, automated car wash systems use acidic soaps, such as industrial detergents. It can harm your car’s clear coat.

Whenever you want to clean your car, adopt a touch-free wash. In this wash, soap and water are the only things that touch your car. The washing expert from Auto Boss Vaughan will rinse the vehicle with water, apply a soap layer then wash it off with highly pressurized water.

Using maintenance boosters

Besides car wash, maintenance products are essential to keep your car coating in proper shape. The boosters will fill up swirls and scratches from the car coat and restore the hydrophobicity. Apply these boosters every three months after car wash.

We suggest you use specific boosters. However, sealant or wax can hinder your coating’s functionality.

Annual inspection 

Get an annual auto detailing. Your auto detailing expert will help revitalize your ceramic coating and restore your paint protection layer and shine. The expert can also assist in establishing problems resulting from your car wash maintenance practice. If he finds minor scratches or marring signs on your coating, he will apply spray and try to prevent and resolve future issues. 

Spot removal

Contaminants such as tree sap, bird droppings, tar, bugs and splatters are acidic in nature. They can degrade your car’s clear coat. Check the spots on the car surface, and remove them instantly. Try avoiding the use of aggressive products or polishing your coating. 

Get the ultimate solution

If you have applied ceramic coating on your car paint to protect it, taking care of it is necessary. Auto Boss Vaughan detailing services help you apply and maintain the ceramic coating. We are highly trained professionals with vast experience, and we guarantee your desired outcome.

Contact us now for complete information and detailing services. We provide complete detailing facilities.


Ceramic coating is one of the best paint protection solutions. Applying at least three coats of nano-coating is significant to bring its hydrophobic qualities. However, it is not a dustproof solution; it requires maintenance and care.  


Does ceramic coating need maintenance?

Ceramic coating is a paint protection option. However, it also requires washing and maintenance. We recommend washing it after every two weeks.

Which type of ceramic coating lasts for more than five years?

Professional grade ceramic coating (Veros) lasts more than five years. It is easy to apply and protect your car paint for years.

What to avoid after nano-coating?

Avoid the following after nano-coating

Hard mineral water

Washing or abrasives

Automatic brush wash

Low or High pH washing solutions

Avoid parking in the locations where tree sap or bird droppings fall on the coating.

Can you wax your vehicle after ceramic coating?

Yes! You can apply wax on the ceramic coating to get an extra protection layer and shine.

How many coats of ceramic coating can you apply?

You can apply two coats of ceramic coating and one coat on the surface. It will be sufficient for around five years of protection.

Will nano-coating fade?

No! It will not crack, fade or turn yellow

Can you apply polish over your nano-coating?

No! Polishes need help to work on them. If you try to use polish over the coating layer, you can strip it off. You can leave it damaged or patchy.