commercial window tinting

Although window tints are becoming popular, consumers still need to determine their choice. Window tinting films have been available in the market since the 1970s. It is noticeable that in this industry, innovations are also consistent. 

Here, I will provide a clear perspective on the common myths about window tinting films. 


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Usually, people think window tints are expensive, but it needs to be validated. One expected benefit of window tints is that they are more affordable than replacing windows and offer similar benefits with professionally installed sunscreen tinting films. It can reduce cooling and heating costs for commercial and home buildings. Energy bills include many factors like fuel prices, direct sun exposure, and type of installed film. However, typical energy saving reduces by up to thirty percent.

Window tinting films turn purple

It is an outdated belief that was true in the 1980s but is not valid anymore. With the development of dyeing and pigmentation technology, window tinting films don’t change color. With high-quality tinting movies and proper installation, getting purple window tints is rare.

The tinted window is quite dark

Window tinting films can be dark or light, according to your choice. Tinting films are available in any light transmission that allows buyers to customize the amount of light. Even a weak percentage of window tinting can block more than 98% of harmful UV rays. Most window films may secure a lot of heat while allowing up to 70% of the visible light. With Auto Boss, Vaughan can help you choose the shade that offers a better appearance and protection.

Not Long-lasting 

High-quality window tinting comes with a warranty of long life. Some tinting films offer around 15 years of warranty for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. 

Tinting film can break Window glass

Glass breakage happens as a result of poor installation. While installing sunscreen film on the window glass can increase its temperature. Choosing poor-quality window tinting film when installed correctly will not cause glass breakage. However, factors that cause glass breakage include the amount of internal and external shading, glass shape and size, and history of glass breakage.

Experienced installation experts like Auto Boss Vaughan can suggest the appropriate film-to-glass, reducing the risk of glass breakage. Some of them also offer warranty protection for less time.

Window glass has built-in UV protection

Like many other misconceptions, this tale also originated from minor truths. First, understanding the composition of ultraviolet rays, that is UVB and UVA. UVA rays have long wavelengths and are responsible for premature skin aging. These rays are 95% of UV radiations. However, UVB rays are of short wavelengths that cause sunburns. Both of these rays can cause a risk of skin cancer, so it is crucial to manage both radiations.

Window glass may also block UVB rays. People believe that glass windows can protect against sunburn. However, experts say that glass can allow 74.3% of UVA radiation. Window tinting helps in blocking UV rays. You cannot protect yourself from UV rays without it. A sunscreen window tinting film blocks 99% of UVB and UVA rays, providing you with the best protection. 

Unable to clean 

It is also considered as you cannot clean window tinting film. The misconception starts from the suggestion to avoid film cleaning for 30 days of installation. A professional window tinting specialist can leave the window film fingerprint-free and spotless. 

You can clean your window from both sides where films are installed. Here, I will provide tips for cleaning your glass windows, including:

  • Avoid excessive or abrasive scrubbing; use paper towels, sponges, or soft cloth.
  • You can clean window tints with water and soap or cleaners.
  • Avoid cleaning materials with ammonia.
  • Use a squeegee or soft cloth to clean window film.
  • You can clean tape residue by cleaning it with acetone dipped in cotton.

Window tinting hurts indoor plants

When you install window tinting film first, it may change lighting conditions. Several indoor plants take days to adjust, impacting their growth and flowering. However, if the plant receives the accurate light amount before, it may learn to adapt to the new lighting conditions.

Other plants can grow better. Plants having dark-colored leaves grow in partial shade, which means these plants will grow more in glass with window tinting film. Flowering plants that increase in hot weather.

Blocking 99% UV light will not deprive plants of essential nutrients. Plants can also rely on blue and red-light wavelengths outside the UV spectrum.

Commercial window tinting is cosmetic

Window tinting may look excellent, but they are for more than a better car appearance. Window tinting films block up to 80% of UV rays. It will help your interior from sunlight bleaching or fading, which can protect you against skin diseases. Moreover, window tinting keeps the environment cool, even on summer days. 

Window tinting films are the same

Talking about tinting films, people usually think that they are the same. However, they appear in different styles, types, and sizes. Here at Auto Boss Vaughan, we offer to choose from various window tinting options and installation purposes. 

Illegal to have tinted windows

It is the other myth that every window tint is illegal to install. However, window tinting laws are different in different cities.

Window tinting reduces the resale value of the car or property

Fine quality window tinting will protect your building or vehicle’s upholstery from harmful sun rays that may cause fading. In vehicles, untreated windows can cause cracking or fading. It adds value to your car and maximizes your investment.


Myths about window tinting started from the fact as a result of poor installation. When the window tinting is of high quality and installed correctly, it will save energy, gain heat, improve privacy, provide protection against UV radiations and aesthetics, slow interior fading, and can hold shattered glass in the proper place.

Professional commercial window tinting installation:

Do you want your commercial building or vehicle windows tinted? Proper installation will save you from the harmful effects of Sun rays and environmental factors like bird droppings and acid rain. Our experts strive to provide you with top-notch services. Contact us for details about the best quality Commercial Window Tinting film and installation process. 


What are the standard window tints?

20% to 30% window tinting is most common because they are noticeable.

What causes window tinting to fail?

The standard window tinting can fail just because of poor installation. If bubbles develop in your window tints, the chances of getting damaged are more than with a window tint installed professionally.

What is the science behind window tinting?

The science behind commercial window tinting is based on nanoparticles that help block sunlight. Window tint of metal oxide and metal nanoparticles works by reflecting and absorbing sunlight.

What is the disadvantage of window tints?

The downside of window tinting is that it may reduce visibility at night. The visible increase the chances of an accident, making navigating challenging.