commercial window tinting

When the surface of window tinting film splits up from the glass surface, it is known as window peeling. Air bubbles develop underneath the window tint, which results in visual disturbance. Fixing window peeling is simpler and inexpensive than replacing it.

Commercial window tint peeling is also known as bubble or blistering. You will require taking time to fix a peeling window. Just ensure to pull out excess adhesive at the tint’s back.

Window tints help to protect your window from UV rays during the day. The major cause of peeling window tints can be

  • Poor installation results in bubble formation.
  • Low-quality window tinting films that are easily destroyed with sunlight.
  • Glue. You require glue to bind the window tint with the glass. It may start breaking down.

Factors to consider before replacing or fixing window tints

Warranty: consider installing window tints that come with a warranty, especially when you are getting them installed by professionals.

Decide to repair or replace: If the warranty of window tints is finished and you have applied it yourself, we suggest you choose a professional window tinting installer like Auto Boss Vaughan. If you want to replace window tints yourself, take high-quality materials.

How to fix a peeling window tint?

Here, I will discuss fixing a bad window tinting job step-by-step:

Step 1. Avoid fixing window tints on rainy days

Professionals suggest fixing a peeling tint at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit on a sunny day. You can also use a blow dryer to speed up the process. The heat will melt the glue beneath the window tint, which makes it easy to remove.  

Step 2. Spray water

Use a cold-water-filled spray bottle to wet the window glass. Using distilled water is also helpful in loosening glue from glass. It makes it easy to remove bubbles.

Step 3. Removing air bubbles

Use a straight-edge device like a scale or credit card, and try pushing the bubble to the tint edge. You can use a paper pin to pop off the air. You must be careful while popping the air from the bubble and try to save time. The window tint becomes even and smooth when the air is released from the holes.

Fixing a tearing or peeling commercial window tint

Here I will discuss a complicated method of replacing or removing peeling tinting films.

Step 1: Identify the peeling section

Determine the peeling area, and mark it. Make a round or square around the area, covering the damaged or peeled paint. Cut it with a sharp blade. Lift the marked section carefully and save the rest.

Step 2: Cut or remove the peeling tint

Use a sharp razor blade to cut the marked area. Lift one corner of the cut-out tinting film carefully. Remember! Please don’t do this step hastily, as it can damage the unpeeled part of the window tint.

Step 3: Spray water on the section that is peeled

Spray distilled water on the peeling sections to loosen the window tinting film. Remove the difficult section with a razor blade.

Step 4: Cleaning the glass

Clean the glass section from the adhesives where you have removed tints. Cut the tint to replace it with an inch larger from all sides.

Step 5: Apply water, and cut across the new and old tint

Spray distilled water to wet the window by using a spray bottle. Cut out the edges. Using a sharp razor blade to cut through the old and new tint would be best. Repeat the process on the other sides as well.

Step 6: Removing the old tinting film

Press the new window tinting film and clear all its bubbles. Pull out the old film sections that you cut before. Hold the new film in place and press it.


Window tinting films have two layers; ensure your blade has gone through both. Use a straight-edge device to remove bubbles.

The whole process requires a steady hand and patience. If you install window tinting film wrongly or unprofessionally, it leads to the worst look. Whether peeling or bubbling, they need repair done properly.

Professionals for fixing the process of tint peeling

We at Auto Boss Vaughan help you in fixing window tinting film professionally. You will get the desirable results and a sleek look for your commercial windows.

We operate locally and nationwide and have vast experience in window tinting installation. We have a specialized team for commercial window tinting, car window tinting, ceramic coatings, paint protection film, and interior and exterior vehicle detailing.

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Watching it peeling off is heart-wrenching if you are invested in high-quality window tinting. Peeling is one of the common issues with commercial window tints. It results from factors like age, harsh weather conditions, the glue used to fix the tinting film, poor maintenance methods and, most importantly, poor installation. Commercial window tinting requires care, a steady hand and patience. Get the help from professionals.


How can you remove the peeling window tint?

If you want to remove a piece or a complete window tint, use a sharp blade and water spray.

Can you save window tint peeling?

Window tints start peeling when their glue dries or hardens due to continuous sun exposure.

How can I repair the peeling tint?

You can repair your peeling tint by

Step 1: cut the tint section that is peeling. You can use a razor blade.

Step 2: remove the peeled tint by using distilled water.

How can I tint windows?

Avoid using abrasive sponges, harsh chemicals or bristle brushes. We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest you use water, vinegar and dishwashing soap. Use ammonia-free cleaner.