DIY Vinyl Wrap

DIY vinyl wraps are becoming popular these days among different car lovers. Let’s learn about these vinyl wraps’ pros and cons.

Pros of DIY vinyl wrap 

The pros of DIY vinyl wrap include

Excellent visibility

Experts reported that a car vinyl wrap could help you generate 30000 to 70000 views daily. It means at least four lac views a year. It depends on the mileage a vehicle covers. Hence, it improves the exposure to the business. It may increase the business of the companies that own their vehicles, like delivery trucks, vans or buses.

Exclusive space for advertisement

You have your own space for advertisement; it’s your vehicle. It means you don’t need to share the advertisement space with others. It makes your message memorable; you don’t need a prime position for advertising.

Innovative concept for marketing

You can use eye-catching vinyl ads. Studies show that vinyl wrap ads are read, and people remember them better than TV or social media advertisements.


Quality vinyl wraps printed with quality inks and cast with laminate may last many years. So, your marketing advertisement will last for years. Hence, with vibrant colors and excellent finishes, you can promote your business for at least four to five years.


Vinyl wraps are a good option for people who want to change the car’s appearance within their pocket. You can change your vinyl wrap at any time. If you want to update your car’s appearance, wrap it or get it unwrapped. You can restore the original paint color or install a completely new wrap. Restoring your original car paint is also possible, as the car paint beneath the wrap is protected by it.

Advertisement with one-time expense only

 The drivers who want to promote their business get their cars wrapped with an advertisement printed. So that people observe their fleet while they are on the road. It is also a form of free advertisement without repeated spending. 

You expose your business to the public whenever your vehicle is on the road.

Car paint protection 

DIY vinyl wraps preserve the car’s original finishes. They preserve the car’s resale value.

Easy repair/removal/ change 

Professional car installers remove car vinyl without damaging car paint. It is quite easy to change it or remove it yourself. 

You can get the same on one panel if it has scratches. You can change individual panels without getting complete car wrapping.


You can wrap the damaged panel with a vinyl film in case of a dent or scratch. It reduces the overall cost of the repaint. 

Future investment 

The car vinyl wrap’s lifespan is around three to five years. The car paint underneath this wrap remains safe for this time. It means you will have brand-new car paint whenever you remove DIY vinyl wrap from your car. Car wrapping also retains the resale value of your vehicle. For example, when selling A newly purchased car with white or black paint, wrap it and remove the vinyl. Hence, it protects car paint and car price as well. 

Vinyl wrapping is also suitable for business. You can wrap the vehicle in an advertisement-printed wrap for years. It is the cheapest and one-time advertisement and remains on your car for years.


DIY car vinyl wraps are a widely available customizable option. Car paints are available in one shade, whereas wraps are available in many effects and textures. If you want texture through paint, it is costly. However, the wrap is less expensive than the paint. 

Cons of car wrapping 

Besides advantages, car wrapping also has disadvantages. 

 Information is to be passed to the insurance company.

Although car wrapping has many benefits, one of its disadvantages is you have to inform your insurance company regarding the vinyl wrap. The wrap changes the car’s appearance altogether, and the insurance company will require the color of your vehicle.

Check for certification 

Make sure the installation company you opt for wrap installation is certified. If the installing professionals are not certified, you may not receive a warranty for the wrap or installation. An uncertified car wrapping person may need to install it properly. He may leave the scuffed car edges or create car paint cuts. Certified car wrapping professionals charge as much as uncertified ones. 

Auto Boss Vaughan has expert car wrapping professionals who can help you with the finest finishes for your wrap.  

Wear and tear

Although it is depicted that car wrap lasts for five to six years. However, it lasts for three years. It also creates bonding with the car surface making its removal time-consuming.

Difficulties with repainted or damaged vehicles

Some wraps will stick to something other than repainted cars. They even make large dents more visible. 

Performance tracking 

There are no means to check the car’s wrap’s performance. You can only check the basic statistics.


Suppose you have an aesthetic personality and want your car to look elegant. You follow the fashion and keep up with it. DIY vinyl wrap is the right option for you. Auto Buss Vaughan offers the services of a professional who can help you with the finest finishes for your car wrap.


What are the advantages of car vinyl wrap?

The advantages of vinyl wrapping are 

  • Cost-effective: wrapping is cheaper than the complete repaint.
  • Customizable.
  • Minimum downtime
  • Preserving car paint 

Is car vinyl wrap installation a good idea?

If your company has a fleet to represent it, car vinyl wrap preserves its paint, protects it and promotes your company. 

How hard is DIY wrap?

Professionally speaking, the cost of vinyl wrap and car repaint is almost the same. However, you can install car vinyl wrap by yourself. The installation tools are accessible. You don’t need a license, training or experience to install the DIY wrap.

Is vinyl wrap waterproof?

Yes! You can buy a waterproof car vinyl wrap.

Is it safe for car paint to install vinyl wrap over it?

Yes! Installing vinyl wrap is safe for car paints.

Is car vinyl wrap durable?

Yes! Car vinyl wrap is durable and self-healing. They sustain minor scratches and day-to-day wear and tear. It is more durable than car paint and lasts longer.

Does vinyl wrap crack?

Yes! The vinyl wrap does get cracks, fade or peel off from the car, but it usually takes six to seven years.

What are the drawbacks of DIY vinyl wrap?

Like everything, DIY vinyl wraps also have many disadvantages. For example, when the vinyl wraps are damaged, the color starts seeping through it. It loses the overall finish and becomes noticeable. Hence, losing the protective element.