Ceramic coating

When the car wheels are painted, the car owner wants them to look different and beautiful from others. Car wheels, like other car parts, wear and tear over time. However, wheels are directly in contact with the road and are subject to damage. If you leave the car wheels unprotected, the hot metal debris, also known as brake dust, damages your wheels. The damages leave your car wheels faded and chipped, which affects you negatively. Ceramic coating is one of the best methods to protect your car wheels.

Ceramic coating/ nano-coating

It is the latest paint protection method. Unlike traditional paint protection films or waxed, nano-coating bonds chemically with the car paint. Its nanotechnology fills the minor gaps in the car paint, creating a hydrophobic smooth surface resistant to damage. It provides the highest level of chemical resistance that other protection methods cannot match with other protection methods. Chemicals like bird droppings, bugs and water minerals can damage wheels. Nano coating protects these chemicals from reaching the car paint.

Nano coating also has the best heat-resistant qualities that protect the wheels from brake dust.

Coating layers on wheels

Two layers of coating and a top coat layer are usually required to make a perfect finish. The multiple coating layers are enough to create hydrophobic qualities. This simple process of coating protects your car wheels from dust particles, dirt stains and other impurities.

Why coat the painted wheels

As mentioned, when you have painted wheels, they are more prone to damage. The coating smooths your wheel surface, protecting your paints from damage. Additionally, the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic nature ensures rolling off the water from the wheels, making it easy to clean.

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The process

Nano coating is a semi-permanent or permanent protective layer that must be applied professionally on your car. It requires skills, training and proper attention for auto detailing.

Preparing surface. You need to prepare the car surface before applying ceramic coating on it. Surface preparation requires decontamination that starts with washing and rinsing. Auto detailers use clay bars to remove contaminants from the surface. If damage from the paint appears, you will require polishing.

Polish makes the surface smooth and ready to apply coatings.

Reasons to apply the coating

The main question that appears in the driver’s mind is, “Why apply coating on the wheel?” There are three answers to this question.


Yes! Wheels are vulnerable to damage from dirt and debris from the road. Furthermore, if you observe the wheel’s spokes, they are just an inch away from the brakes. It means when the brake pads press against rotors. It creates brake dust that can bond to the car wheels. Brake dust makes the wheels a vulnerable part of the car, making them the most sensitive part of your vehicle that provides protection.

Difficult to clean

Brake dust bonds with the wheels, and it is difficult to remove. The car washing methods used to remove environmental contaminants from vehicle surfaces are insufficient. Moreover, wheels have unique curves and shapes, making this area hard enough to wash.

The design of the wheels makes cleaning frustrating and time-consuming. So, you will require a product that keeps contaminants from bonding car wheels and makes them easy to clean. The product will save time and money over time.


Wheels are an important part of the vehicle’s appearance. The beautiful car’s appearance is ruined by bad-looking wheels. That’s why the wheels also require protection. Car enthusiasts care for this part of their vehicle as well.

There are many ways your car can develop swirl marks on its surface; even a bad wash can create scratches. Nano coating creates a hard protection layer that protects swirl marks from developing on the car’s surface. Although it is not scratch free, it can prevent minor swirl marks and marring.

The acrylic-based ceramic resin coating makes the surface of the wheels that lasts for a long time. Unlike waxing that lasts for days, the shine created from this coating lasts for months.

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Car wheels are subject to wear and tear more than other car parts. Environmental contaminants like gravel and loose rocks, road puddles and brake dust are the hazards that can destroy the wheel. The ceramic coating on the wheels makes the wheel surface smooth. It prevents contamination from staying long enough and damaging its paint. In addition, the ceramic-coated wheels are hydrophobic, ensuring bead and roll-off, making it easy to clean.


Is ceramic coating good for your wheels?

Yes! The coating keeps your car wheels clean for a long time. It creates a semi-permanent layer with hydrophobic qualities that repels water and dirt from the wheels. Hence, the contaminants will not stick to the wheels. It makes washing the wheels easy and fast.

Is coating worth it for painted car wheels?

The coating ensures the cleanliness of your wheels. Although you can not avoid dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your wheels when coated with ceramic, the dirt and debris will not stick to them.

Does coating prevent wheels from brake dust?

The coating interlock on the smallest level hardens while curing and protects car wheels from brake dust.

What is the lifespan of the coating on wheels?

Suppose you are using spray-on coating for maintenance. It adds an extra layer to the original coating. Your coating will last up to five years.