commercial window tinting

Are you thinking about the right commercial window tinting? The window tinting market is growing at a CAGR of 5.1%. The demand for these window tints with energy-saving options will expand more in the coming years.

Commercial window tinting can be money-saving, especially regarding utility bills. These tints increase the value of your building. It would be best to choose high-quality commercial tints to enjoy the benefits. 

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The factors to consider when choosing a commercial window tinting film

Search for the available option

All the window tinting films are not suitable for commercial windows. Knowing about available options for tinting films can save you from mistakes.

Do the proper research. Consult your family and friends, research online and get the references to know about the tinting options. 

Have accurate information about window tinting for commercial buildings.

Some of the commercial window tinting options are here:

Solar films: The purpose of solar window tinting films is to reflect heat and block UV rays from entering the building. They enhance workplace productivity and comfort. The forms of solar window tinting films include neutral, reflective and low-energy window films. 

Decorative films: besides solar tinting films, there are also decorative films. Adding these decorative films adds style and curb appeal to your business. They attract more customers to the business. Decorative tinting films come in various options, such as textured frosts, textiles and patterns, and gradient and colored films.

Safety films: These tinting films prevent theft and accidental damage. They make your office windows sturdier. These tints improve your peace of mind as you relax about your security. They have options like security films, solar safety, and anti-graffiti films.

Consider maintenance

Some commercial window tints are easy to maintain, whereas others are not. Before selecting the window tint for your glass, you must consider the maintenance level. Select the window tints if they are easy to maintain; otherwise, you must hire professionals to maintain them. 

You can save time by selecting window tints that are simple to clean. Learn about window tinting maintenance to protect them from damage. Possible good care prolongs the tinting life.

Energy and cost-savings

Energy-saving window tints can save up to $450 annually. However, they do not help save energy to warm your building in winter. Poor insulation windows can spike up utility bills.

Window tinting films with heat prevention properties help reduce the working of the HVAC system.


Commercial window tinting protects you from harmful UV rays. It helps in protecting the workers from the risk of skin cancer risk. UV rays can add to skin-related problems, such as wrinkles, sunburns, DNA damage, or premature aging.

Dark window tints protect eyes as well.

Consulting the experts

There are certain fake window tints available in the market. You will require experts to guide you in choosing the best window tint. A professional tinting company can sell you high-quality options. Consulting a professional company can help you in getting the best tinting.

Some of the things are significant to consider while selecting a window tinting company are

One of the important things is licensing. Licensing provides proof of reputation, professionalism and credibility. 

You can also consider the company’s experience. An experienced tinting company is competent and provides you with excellent services.

Know the installation and film costs

The prices of commercial window tinting vary depending on their quality. Knowing about the prices saves you from excessive spending.

Researching different business tinting prices helps you in comparing between the sellers. Contact the window tinting companies for estimates. It would help if you did not focus only on window tinting prices. Consider installation cost as well.

Discussing different pricing aspects can create a reasonable budget. It can be cost-saving as well in the long run.

Choose the best tinting specialist

Selecting one of the best tinting specialists can be challenging. The tips will help you in right choices. 

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Commercial window tinting is a perfect way to upgrade your office appearance. It gives your building a new look, protecting it from UV rays and heat. It is money and cost-saving in the long run.


Which film type is best for tint?

Ceramic window tinting is the best tint in the market. It is highly strong, durable and resistant. In this window tinting, ceramic particles are used instead of metal. It has non-conductive properties. It will not interfere with your cell phones and electronics.

What is the best tinting film percentage?

Window tinting films with 20% or less shade tend to be dark.

How to choose the right tinting film?

Several factors help decide the right commercial window tinting for your business. You can get help from Auto Boss Vaughan.

What are the factors to check the right commercial window tinting?

The factors to be checked from commercial window tinting include the prices, quality, warranty and the tinting installation experience.

Which factors to check for the best window tint?

If you aim to get UV rays blocked, install a translucent film with 50% or more tinting percentage. We suggest darker percentages if you want window tints for privacy purposes. A lighter window tinting film can be helpful in light-induced headaches.

What is 20% window tint?

A 20% window tinting film’s surface is more reflective and allows less visible light than 35%.