Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting is an important investment that comes with long-term benefits. Tinted windows help in reducing energy costs and provide an additional security layer. It also provides UV protection, improving employee productivity and reducing glare and fading furniture. Hence, it is a beneficial investment for the commercial building. It is important to ensure you have chosen the right window tinting film. Before getting your window tinting, it is significant to consider these steps.

Types of window tinting films 

Solar window tints: They are good for UV blocking. They enhance the productivity and comfort of your staff. Solar window tints include neutral reflective and E window tints.

Decorative films: These films come in amazing styles and patterns. They have texture, patterns, gradients and different colors. They can enhance privacy and security.

Security and safety films: These films prevent theft and accidental damage. These films have three types like security, solar safety and anti-graffiti films. 

Factors to consider while selecting the commercial window tinting

The factors to consider before choosing the right window tinting:

Know why you require window tints

Every window tinting film has its unique quality and benefits. You must evaluate your reasons for tinting. When you know why you need window tinting for your commercial building, it will be easier to select the right one. A certified window tinting installer like Auto Boss Vaughan can help you decide. 

If your office building is in a region with harsh weather conditions, you must select a security film to protect your windows from weather-related damage. However, if your building is in a hot region, you will require tints with UV-blocking technologies. These window tints protect your interior from fading.

Compare the performance 

Compare the qualities of different window tinting films. It depends on your goals. If you want energy-efficient tinting film, you will have to explore the tints with specific quality to protect against UV rays. The tinting films with a higher visible light transmission rate can offer better efficiency. It is helpful on sunny days, whereas lower UV-level yields more energy savings in cold weather. 

Contact Auto Boss Vaughan, one of the trained installers, to compare the performance of the window tints. They will suggest the right window tinting films for your commercial building.

Determine the appearance

While selecting any window tint, it is important to consider aesthetics. It would be best if you planned about the specific characteristics of the window tints. These characteristics include clarity, bronzing reflectivity and other features.

Ask for the In-house estimate 

The last step in window tinting is to get an in-house estimate. Compare the prices of one or two tinting brands. Get a final quote from both companies. Once you receive the payment schedule, you can select low-cost but high-quality films. 

Consider maintenance

You must select commercial window tints that are easy to maintain. You can solve a lot of maintenance costs.  Learn the maintenance process of your window tints. Select the window tints with energy, cost and time-saving properties. 

Think for protection

If you are considering protecting your window glass, consider blocking the harmful UV. Consult the window tinting specialists with vast experience so that they provide the best services.

Ask for the available options 

All the window tinting films are not suitable for commercial window tinting. Check Google and other references and get information about different window tinting films. 

Select the right window film 

Make your window tinting selection process simple with our trained professional. The window tinting installers understand every commercial tinting film’s features and installation issues. We suggest the right tinting film to ensure the perfect installations. You can also use the window film selector tool.

Select the right window tinting installer

Squeeze the list of window tinting installers, and seek the qualifications and experience as much as possible.

  • They must be certified and re-known or suggested by window tinting procedures. 
  • They are licensed and know the area’s rules and regulations.
  • They are A+ rated in the Better Business Bureau.
  • Vast experience.
  • Insurance 
  • They have positive and high rankings on Yelp, google, trust pilot and other review sites.

You must thoroughly review window tinting and installers before agreeing to or signing the contract.

Auto Boss Vaughan: The window tinting installation experts

The Auto Boss Vaughan team is experienced and skilled, and available 24/7. They have been helping businesses for decades. They provide the best installation services across Canada. Contact us now for a free consultation and real help.


Commercial window tinting helps protect the original window glass from shuddering and environmental damage. It also protects your building from UV rays, which are energy-saving in the long run.


Which window tinting film is the best?

Check the quality. Window tinting film provides a warranty and lasts longer. It should be made up of ceramic or carbon. The higher-quality films can last longer. It provides UV resistance and stronger scratch resistance. 

What are the five best-quality tints? 

The best quality tints are 

Moto Shield Pro Premium Precut Ceramic Kit.

Moto Shield Pro Premium Ceramic

Lexen Max 2Ply Carbon 

Lexen Max 2Ply Premium Carbon

Gila Heat Shield Basic

Which is the good tinting percentage?

50% window tinting percentage is the best one. Its effect is not darker. However, it blocks a larger portion of UV rays.

Which tint thickness is the best?

Although all window tinting films help prevent glass shards and save you from injuries. However, thick window tints can boost security levels. It takes more time to break the window frame. 8 to 12 mil window tinting films are one of the best choices for security.

What makes the quality of window tinting?

Higher-Quality Material= High-quality commercial window tinting.

Material affects the quality of window tinting; it is consistent in color and resists scratches.