after ceramic coating

Coating your car with graphene or ceramic coating is the best ever decision to renew your car’s appearance. Car ceramic coating provides better durability, enhancement and performance as compared to conventional sealant or wax. It provides the best finishes for your car protection. 

If you don’t provide proper care to your car, a ceramic coating will depreciate faster. Before deciding how long after ceramic coating you can drive your car, you must know the following steps. 

24 crucial hours

The post-24 hours of the ceramic coating are critical. Although it is okay to drive, the coating is still curing. It is significant to avoid 

  • Hard water 
  • Washing within 24 hours of ceramic coating.
  • Automatic brush wash 
  • High pH soaps. Using neutral pH soaps is fine.
  • Don’t Park your car under trees to avoid tree sap or bird droppings.
  • Gently lubricate the ceramic coating if the mentioned conditions can occur. Wipe away the surface with a new one, clean and high-pile microfiber towel.

The upcoming fourteen days

The ceramic coating actively cures, but we recommend taking care for the next fourteen days. Be careful for fourteen days. 

If your car comes in contact with pollen, dust, tree sap, bird droppings or contamination build-up, rinse with a gentle hand wash and clean water. Use a microfiber towel for cleaning. You must not use unbalanced pH level soaps and detergents to avoid the coating from breaking down. 

Cured ceramic coating and its maintenance

You must perform a maintenance hand wash for at least two to four weeks to maintain the coatings’ hydrophobic properties. 

Ceramic coating provides the benefits of ease of wash. 

Ceramic coating maintenance

  • Adopt the “two-bucket method” hand wash.
  • Use pH-neutral soap to improve the life span of the ceramic coating.
  • We recommend washing your car in a shady area to prevent streaking effects and water spots. 
  • Avoid automated brush washes. Stick to touchless or hand wash only.
  • You must not use drying towels that cause abrasion. Use edgeless microfibers.

Seasonal ceramic coating maintenance

Give your car seasonal maintenance after every three to four months. It ensures an increase in durability and performance. Use pH-neutral soap, and apply sealant.

Ceramic coating decontamination

Your ceramic coating heated up during exposure to the sun. Microscopic contaminants like environmental particles and other metallic particles can be embedded on the car’s surface. Contamination affects the coating appearance. It also affects the coating’s ability to repel dirt, water and other contaminants. 

We suggest you decontaminate your car surface.

How to cure ceramic coating faster?

Ceramic coating is a durable and long-lasting product to protect your car paint and gives it a new appearance. Ceramic coating takes a lot of time to cure. However, you may use a few tips to speed up the process. Shop now and explore our extensive range of products. Find great deals on quality items. Don’t miss out on our competitive prices. Check out our price list today!

Temperature increase: Heat can increase the curing process of ceramic coating. After the process completes, try parking your car directly in the sunshine. Using a heat lamp to dry ceramic coating earlier.

Ceramic coating accelerator: Multiple ceramic coating accelerators are available to speed up the curing process. You can use these products before applying coating on your car. The lower the level of surface tension, and helps in curing.

Dehumidifier: Humidity slows down the process. You can use dehumidifiers to minimize humidity levels and improve the curing process.

Optimal condition: If the mentioned above steps do not work, you must wait for dry, warm, low humidity. Generally, the ceramic coating takes nearly 24-48 hours to cure completely.

It is significant to follow the coating manufacturer’s instructions.


Everyone who owns a car wants its best appearance. A lot of people are unfamiliar with ceramic coating. It is a nice decision for your car paint protection. It acts like a robust shield and safeguards the car’s paintwork against scratches, dreaded bird dropping and harsh environmental factors. Ceramic car coating is a game-changer product. 

In a nutshell, ceramic coating is a high-quality, cutting-edge polymer. Once the ceramic coating is applied to the car’s surface, it bonds with the paint. It fills minor imperfections in your car paint, providing an extra defence line. 

Are you caring about your car’s appearance and want a durable solution? Keeping your car in proper appearance improves its value and protects your investment. So what are you waiting for? Contact our experts and give your car a brand-new look. 


How long does ceramic car coating take to dry?

Ceramic coating is a long-term coating and retains for years once it is dry. The end product is highly glassy and provides shields and car paint. The ceramic coating may take 24 hours. After drying the coating, it is safe to drive the car.

 What happens to ceramic coating if it gets wet from rain?

Ceramic coating helps in protecting your car paint from weather conditions like hailing or rain.

In the first week of ceramic coating, you must protect the car from rain, even for tap water, because it may cause coating disintegration. The ceramic coating may require time to cure.

We install an additional protection layer on ceramic coating, also known as a coating reinforcer that limits rainfall penetration.

What are the things to avoid doing after applying the ceramic coating?

It is significant to avoid certain things after ceramic coating like 

  • Washing your car for seven days or a week. Give your ceramic coating proper time for a cure.
  • You must not use abrasive materials like rough brushes or sponges for car cleaning. Hard brushes can reduce ceramic coating’s effectiveness and can create scratches.
  • Don’t apply sealant or wax on the ceramic coating. It will reduce its effectiveness.
  • Don’t park the car under trees or bird ivories. 
  • Don’t let dirt accumulate in your car. When you clean accumulated dirt, it may cause a lot of effort and scratches on the car’s paint.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners or chemicals. The use of gentle cleaners will help to retain ceramic coating for a long time.

Treating your ceramic coating with care ensures its long life. 

How can I make my ceramic coating cure faster?

Yes! Although ceramic coating cures slowly and completely over time. However, You can reduce its cure time by using the steps such as 

  • Speed up the process by increasing the coating temperature. You can use a heat lamp or park your car in a warm and dry area. Avoid overheating because it may cause the ceramic coating to peel or crack.
  • Applying curing accelerators can speed up the process. Curing accelerators can minimize the curing time.
  • Some of the ceramic coating types are designed to cure through UV light. If your car coating is UV-curable, it is possible to accelerate time by exposing it to UV light. 
  • You can reduce the humidity level to improve the curing process.

Remember! Trying to reduce curing time may weaken the coating or even damage it.

Can the ceramic coating be done in 1 day?

The cure time for ceramic coating depends on factors like vehicle size, surface complexity, layers applied and curing product. The possibility of curing ceramic coating can be reduced to one day. It may take many hours to finish.

  • The procedure’s first step is to clean your car and remove grime, dirt and debris. The step involves washing, claying, and surface polishing.
  • After cleaning and drying the surface, the experts apply the ceramic coating. They can apply multiple layers depending on the product. A curing time is required to settle down each layer.
  • After applying the final layer, the ceramic coating will require time to cure.

Generally, car ceramic coating can be applied in one day. It is significant to give proper time to get the ceramic coating cured.