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Have you ever wondered why car detailing involves ceramic coating? If you have ever looked up a car detailing or maybe even taken a trip to an auto detailing shop, then you will have noticed this coating on their catalogue of services. 

Now, a coating may sound like an extravagant procedure that your car does not need, but we assure you that it is quite the opposite. Without a doubt, you will want your car to look like it has just been washed and waxed each time you drive out, and the brilliant solution to that is a ceramic car detailing coating.

Let’s start with the basics of car detailing. Car detailing is the term used to describe the process of taking a car through very comprehensive and meticulous cleaning, restoring and finishing and restoration works. Car detailing is done so thoroughly that at the end of the process, the car could pass off as a new one. 

The standard of car detailing in Toronto is not any less. Toronto boasts of many cars detailing services that do perfect detailing jobs. In this article, we will show you why your car needs ceramic coating and why you shouldn’t exclude it from your car detailing routine. 



What is a ceramic coating?

Amongst the processes involved in car detailing is a ceramic coating. That is a liquid polymer that is applied to the external body of a car, usually by hand. That utilizes nanotechnology, which forms a chemical bond with the original paint of your car to create a semi-permanent protective layer for it.

A more natural way to think about ceramic coating is as a sacrificial layer of protection for the paint job of your car. However, it does more than protect your car’s paint. 

This kind of coating applied during car detailing lasts for a long time, years even. This means that you don’t have to keep coming back for a coat every few months. Compared with car wax, this comes out ahead in terms of protection and longevity.

Although a ceramic coating is more expensive than car wax, the difference in cost is worth it. So, the next time you take a trip to the auto detailing shop, ensure that you get your car a ceramic coat.


Why Your Car Needs Ceramic Coating 

Here are the answers to your questions on why you need to include coating in the list of car detailing processes for your car. Several benefits come with a detailing job. We’ll outline some of them for you.

Protection from Ultraviolet Rays

No matter what you do, you cannot hide your car from the sun. Except you do not plan to use it. And with the sun comes ultraviolet rays which can do a lot of damage to the body of your car, especially the paint. When exposed to the sun, paint oxidizes, which causes it to fade, and its brilliance reduces. 

However, if your car detailing includes a ceramic coating, then your car paint will the protected. The ceramic coating prevents ultraviolet rays from reaching the paint, and so oxidation does not occur.

Protection from chemical stains

Daily, there are many natural acid contaminants to which your car is exposed. It could be from acid rain, tree sap, even bird droppings. These contaminants bond to your car body and destroys the paint. This will not happen if you have a ceramic coating on your car body. Since the ceramic coating is a protective chemical bond, it will stop the contaminants from reaching the actual car body. However, the pollutants should be wiped off on time.

Increased ease of cleaning

A Ceramic coating is hydrophobic. That is simply a technical way of saying it does not allow water and other liquid to cling to it. This will make cleaning your car a lot easier as the ceramic coating prevents mud and other dirt from bonding with the car paint. So when you wash your car, the dust and grime come off much more quickly.

A shiny car body

If you want the paint job on your car to turn heads, then it will be a good idea to get your car a coating. Washing your car is not enough to give it a shine and gloss that pops. Car detailing will increase the reflective properties of your car’s paint such that it becomes much more brilliant and clear. A ceramic coating gotten during car detailing is guaranteed to keep your car looking like it just rolled out of the factory, maybe even better!

Long-Lasting Car Body

A ceramic coating will generally give your car body a longer lifespan. It offers protection from rust, oxidation and other degeneration effects of natural elements. This increases the durability and longevity of your car’s body. 

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Ceramic Coating


What a Ceramic Coating Will Not Do

Although ceramic coating comes with a host of advantages for your car, it is not a magical solution to all the problems you have with the exterior of your vehicle. Here are some of the things coating will not do for you.

  • Eliminate the need to wash your car

Although a ceramic coating will reduce the frequency at which you have to wash your car due to its grime repelling properties, it will not eliminate the need. You still have to wash your car.

  • Make your car scratch proof

There is only so much a coating can do for you. Yes, a coating can eliminate some scratches from your car body. However, if you brush your car against a wall, it will show. 

  • Maintain itself

As with everything else in life, proper maintenance is required to make the coating on your car last for a long time. However, eventually, you may still have to renew it. 



Getting your car a car detailing is a necessity. It is not a luxury. It is an investment that in the long run, will show returns in terms of the preserved value of your car. 

Do you have further questions about car detailing and ceramic coating? Or are you wondering where to get an excellent car detailing job for your vehicle? Please contact us.  We’ve got you and your car covered!

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