Auto Tinting

After purchasing a new car or you have decided to give a new luxurious look to your old car, tinting your car’s windows will be a nice addition to the royal look of your car. Go for a market service and find your locality’s best window tinting service. It will help you to find the best tinting company and a reasonable rate. The best professionals in auto window tinting will ensure to return your car with a new lavish look. They will give you a surety to several years of tint life.

 Read reviews and references as a guide

Go for a market survey before finalizing your window tinting decision, as many things are involved in it. The tint, the company you decided to hire for installation and money matters a lot. So it is suggested to search for the reviews about the company to get a clear picture of their services. A tinting firm that is confident about its products and services will give you its customers’ references without hesitation. 

Search for the customer’s testaments and reviews about the firm’s services on social media or other review sites. By doing this, you can get a clear picture of the services you will pay for, which will help you to make a fruitful decision.  


Hire Experienced Window Tinting Services

Find an experienced firm to install your window tint, even if it charges you more than an ordinary firm. Hiring an inexperienced firm may lead you to more losses because inexperienced hands may cause improper installation, which ultimately results in paying more money to redo the faults and errors.

An experienced company will allow you to streamline the window tinting project. A maximum ROI will be given to you on time completion of work will also be possible.

Check out the Company’s Warranty

Never compromise on warranty. Those firms who have full trust in their product will offer you a warranty. Warranty means the security of the money you paid for a service. If your car tint fails to function, like it bubbled up, cracked or faded out, you can easily claim a warranty, which gives you a free-of-charge maintenance service or tints your vehicle’s window. Always ask for a manufacturer warranty that covers everything about tints. It would be best to ask the following questions while discussing the warranty with the firm’s representative.

  •  warranty period 
  • The warranty covers the type of maintenance and repair 
  • Price limit is offered warranty.

Determine the worth of the warranty. 

Remember to ask for a price estimate 

Different tint firms offer the same services at different rates. However, prices vary because of many factors, like the type and quality of tint, the number of windows to be tinted, your car’s model, and the brand of tint film you choose for your windows. Keeping the above factors in mind, do a little market survey, and then find a tinting firm that can provide your desired services in your budget range. 

Ask for the tint company’s portfolio

The portfolio is proof of the company’s efficiency and expertise. Being a lint always ask for pictures and videos of their old clients. And Past projects. Their pictures and videos will help you to make the final decision. 

Do it yourself, please. 

Find the Best Auto Window Tinting Services, Today!

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Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Window Tint Service

Once you have decided to tint your windows, you must find the best window tint service in your area. Ask your local window tinting companies these five questions before hiring them.

How Long Will My Tint Last?

Investing in a car window tint that will last you for years to come is important. Stay away from companies that only offer temporary tints that last a few weeks or months. A good quality tint will last five to ten years for your car.

Remember that harsh conditions can impact the lifespan of your tint. Sun exposure and overall climate greatly affect how long your window tints will last. Keeping your car covered as much as possible is a good way to extend the life of your window tints.

What Are the State Laws?

Every state has a different set of window tinting laws. Following your state’s laws is important to stay out of trouble. Your window tinting company should be knowledgeable about the laws in your state.

For example, Florida window tint laws require your car to let at least 28% of light in the front windows and 15% in the back and rear windows.

How Long Will Tinting Take?

You need to know how long you can expect without your car. Ask your window tint dealer how long it will take them to do the job. Most companies can do a solid tint job within a few hours, but some dealers prefer to let the car sit overnight so the film can dry properly.

What Is Your Guarantee?

Your tinting service should offer some guarantee or warranty on your car’s film. These warranties usually cover any bubbling or peeling after the initial application. 

If something goes wrong, it will ensure you can fix your film for little or no cost.

How Much Will Tinting Cost?

One of the biggest factors you will need to consider is the price of the job. You don’t want to get overcharged for your window film, but you should also be wary of companies that undercharge. Generally, you should pay at least a few hundred dollars for your window tints.

Finding something in your price range is important, but avoid extremely cheap tints. These typically will only last briefly, and you will pay more money to fix them.

Get Your Car’s Windows Tinted Today

Getting your vehicle’s windows tinted is a great way to increase overall security and keep your car looking great for years. Finding a great window tint service is the first step to a better-looking vehicle. 

Here at Auto Boss Vaughan, we can handle all your tinting needs. Check out our services page for more information on how our window tinting can improve your vehicle.