Tinted Car Windows

Why does a person need to tint car windows? Here are several reasons: your protection, your family’s protection, safety, and privacy. Therefore, it is equally necessary to take care of tinted windows. If you do not care, your tinted car windows will damage soon. So, it requires a gentle cleaning solution and avoids using abrasive materials that could scratch or damage the tint.

Consider The Following Steps To Clean Tinting Car Windows

1. Arrange Cleaning Supplies

The first step is gathering cleaning supplies. You’ll need a gentle cleaning solution, such as a mild mix of soap and water or a specialized tint-safe window cleaner, a microfiber towel or sponge, and a squeegee.

So, you need the following cleaning items to clean tinted windows:

Gentle Cleaning Solution For Window Tinting

Use a soft soap, water base solution, or specialized tint-safe window cleaner. Never use harsh chemicals or ammonia-based car cleaners. You will damage the tint if you are not good at finding quality products.

Microfiber Towel Or Sponge

Always Use a soft microfiber towel to scrub the window. Its use will help you to remove dirt and grime gently. However, abrasive materials like steel wool can scratch the tint.


Use a squeegee or wiper to remove the excess cleaning solution and water from the tinted window. Although, its use will prevent streaks and water spots. Make sure to use a soft squeegee blade to avoid damaging the Tinted Car Windows.

Clean, Dry Microfiber Cloth/Towel

Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe the remaining moisture from the window after the wiper. This will prevent streaks and water spots. However, never use paper towels because they can scratch the tint.

2. Ensure, The Car Is Parked In A Shaded Area

A shaded area is necessary to prevent the cleaning solution from drying quickly.

A shaded area is best while cleaning tinted windows. Therefore, direct sunlight can cause the cleaning solution to dry, leaving streaks and water spots on the glass. This is particularly problematic for tinted windows because they are more sensitive to heat and chemicals than untreated windows.

Tinted windows with dry cleaning solutions can create a hazy or cloudy appearance. Although, it becomes difficult to remove and clean. So, a shaded parking area helps slow the drying process and gives more time to work with the cleaning solution. 

Additionally, working in a shaded area can make the cleaning process more comfortable because it reduces the heat and glare from the sun.

3. Being Careful While Wetting The Windows

It is necessary to be careful while wetting the windows with the cleaning solution. Your care will prevent saturating the tinted areas. So, Use a microfiber cloth to scrub the window, paying extra attention to areas with dirt or grime buildup.

4. Use A Squeegee

So, use a squeegee to remove any excess cleaning solution. It is good to Start from the top of the car’s window and work your way down vertically, wiping the squeegee blade clean after each pass.

5. Use A Clean, Dry Microfiber Towel

Use a dry towel to wipe any remaining moisture from the window, being careful not to apply too much pressure that could damage the tint.

Repeat the process on all the windows until they are clean and dry.

Importance Of The Right Tools To Clean Window Tint

Using the right tools is essential, especially when cleaning tinted car windows. Here are a few reasons for having the right tools:


Proper tools can get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, the appropriate tools can work more effectively, and these tools will avoid mistakes that can slow you down.


The right equipment can also achieve a higher quality result. For example, using a squeegee or wiper instead of a paper towel can avoid streaks and water spots on car windows.


Keep yourself safe with the use of appropriate tools. For example, using a ladder instead of standing on a chair can help avoid injuries to clean window tint.


The right tools preserve the condition of the surface you’re cleaning. For example, a soft towel instead of an abrasive scrubber can protect the tinted car windows from damage. 

So, Avoid harsh compounds, such as ammonia-based car cleansers and abrasive materials, because these can scratch and damage the tint. Moreover, avoid using high-pressure water and power washing; it can cause peels or bubbles on tinted windows.

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