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One thing that confuses many car enthusiasts is auto detailing and car wash. Many people are unaware of the basic differences between the two. Moreover, many think that both of them are auto car detailing. But that’s not true. Vehicle detailing is much different from traditional car washing services. If you are here, you must be trying the learn the difference between these two. Today, we will pinpoint the facts that differentiate an interior car wash from a regular car wash. So, let’s get into this.

The Basics of Car Wash

The Basics of Car Wash

Many times, it is referred to as auto car detailing. But if you ask an expert, he will tell you the differences at his fingertips. First of all, a car wash is NOT vehicle detailing. It is a simple cleaning of the car’s exterior surface. It washes away the dirt, road debris, stickiness, and other contaminants. Car wash cleans the clear coat of a car, making it look neat and clean. It is simply washing your car with a mild detergent. You must have seen your father or anyone in your neighbourhood cleaning his car on Sundays. Yes, that’s a car wash. You can not call it a detailing service. We will explain it later. 

So, for a car wash, all you need is a mild detergent, a microfibre cloth, a sponge, and water. Apply the soap with a sponge and start cleaning your car. Then, get rid of the soap with water. Swipe it dry with a soft cloth so that it won’t leave any marks. That’s all. It hardly takes more than 15 minutes to wash a car this way. It helps you keep your car’s exterior in A1 condition.

What about the tyres? Would you like to give them a quick cleaning? You can apply the same soap solution on tyres, too. But instead of using a cloth, clean the tyres with a brush. Rub the tyres with the brush to remove all the dirt. Use a thin brush that reaches the nook and crook of the surface. It offers better cleaning. Pour some water over the tyres and enjoy the clean look. 

If this is too much for you, we have a perfect solution for you. Read our previous blog on the best car wash by hand near me. You will not only find a car wash professional but also how to wash a car yourself like a pro. 


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The Basics of Car Detailing

Auto car detailing holds the power to transform the entire look of your car. It can save your car from deterioration. No, it does not only clean the exterior. It also includes an interior car wash. Simply put, it is one of the best auto services to maintain the look of your car. It offers plenty of benefits that a regular car wash can’t offer. So, if you want to enjoy long-term maintenance benefits, choose auto car detailing. Here’s a list of vehicle detailing steps and what differentiates this service from the car wash.

The biggest difference between the two is professionals do auto detailing. 

Besides washing, waxing and vacuuming are part of this service. 

It focuses on deep cleaning the car. From cleaning car carpets to windows, everything is a part of the detailing service. 

It not only cleans the exterior of the car but the interior, too. 

The cars are entirely cleaned, which gives the vehicle a clean look. 

It takes several hours to complete the whole process. Interior car wash to waxing the exterior can not be done in a few minutes like a car wash. 

Professional auto detailers not only clean the car but also sanitize it. 

Auto car detailing is expensive. 

Auto car detailers do everything that needs to be done to make your car look like new. From polishing the car to removing scratches, detailers do not leave any imperfections. You don’t have to worry about oxidation and rusting. Every single imperfection will be gone after the auto detailing service. Moreover, some professionals include an engine bay in their service. This enhances the performance of the car. So, in the end, you will enjoy a comfortable ride. 

Major Difference Between Car Wash and Detailing

Major Difference Between Car Wash and Detailing

You must have got a basic idea of what these services are till now. Many of you can also spot the difference between the two services. I am listing below the major differences in case you missed any.

  • Vehicle detailing is a more in-depth cleaning. 
  • Car wash only removes the surface contaminants. On the other hand, detailing gets rid of contaminants at the microscopic level.
  • The detailing service increases the life of a vehicle. It is made possible by applying the protectants at the end of the services. 
  • Detailing offers benefits for extended periods. You won’t need to wash your car every other week to protect the car.
  • Car wash can’t bring back the pristine look of the car, but detailing can. 
  • Car wash offers a sleek look for a limited period. In contrast, detailing offers a clean look and protection for extended periods. 


Both auto services are for maintaining the look and condition of the car. Car owners usually wash their cars on their own. However, they can not perform detailing services themselves. It needs professional expertise and cutting-edge technology to get the premium results. If you think your car is not looking its best. You should go for detailing service as soon as possible. Auto detailing professionals will get rid of all the imperfections in one go. If you want experts to handle your deteriorating car and bring back its pristine look, then choose AutoBoss.  AutoBoss is offering elite car detailing services. How long will your car stay looking like new with simple car washes? Decide the future of your car yourself. 


What is the difference between car detailing and car wash?

It is more than a mere car wash. From correcting the car paint to protecting it from external factors, everything is involved in the vehicle detailing service. Car wash does not offer such benefits.

What is the benefit of auto detailing?

Auto detailing offers numerous benefits. These include enhancing the look of the car and protecting it from future damage. It also preserves the resale value of the car. Besides bringing back the car’s pristine look, it improves its interior health. So, it not only cleans the car but also provides ultimate protection.