Cost of Ceramic Coating

When people ask questions about the cost of ceramic coating, they often forget about the benefits. It’s hard to talk up the benefits of certain car detailing services. However, the advantages of ceramic coating are pretty obvious if you know what to look for.

Ceramic coating offers incredible properties that protect your car against scratches, acid rain and swirls. Not that alone, ceramic coating reduces the damaging influence of chemicals and UV light on your car.

All of these can affect the painting of your car, making it look unattractive and old. What ceramic painting does is create a protective layer that takes the damage instead.

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Against popular opinion, you can apply paint protection film on your car together with ceramic coatings. In fact, some people apply for paint protection on their cars first, then ceramic coatings for maximum protection. Although ceramic coatings are different from paint protection films in that they have thicker layers.

Interestingly, ceramic coatings last over five years on your cars after installation. But it is important to use the after-care products and follow all the maintenance tips. Now you see the cost of ceramic coating is worth it after all.

However, the cost of the ceramic coating varies. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the cost ceramic coating. More importantly, we will highlight the factors that affect the price of ceramic coating.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Before we delve into the factors that affect the cost of ceramic coating, it is essential you know what ceramic coating is all about.

Ceramic coating is a silica-based layer installed on the exterior of your vehicle. What ceramic coatings do is form a chemical and physical bond with your car’s body.

This bond is usually referred to as “nano-bond” which explains why ceramic coatings are also known as nano-ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings blend seamlessly with your car’s paint. So much so that it is often difficult to distinguish them from your car’s painting. This car detailing option allows you to protect your car’s paint thereby saving you money on repairs.

It is not news that there are other products that parade themselves as authentic ceramic coatings. To know original ceramic coatings, they do not come in plastic bottles.

Any ceramic coating in plastic bottles will only form a layer of film on your car which will last for 3-4 months. The constituents of ceramic coating cannot be inside a bottle because they will react and burn the bottle.

That said, there are a series of steps to apply ceramic coatings and they include:

Washing the car’s body

The essence of washing the body of the car is to remove dirt on the car.

Apply chemical decontaminants

Applying chemical decontaminants will require the use of tar removal products. Also, auto shops sometimes use clay bars to remove contaminants. The essence of the chemical decontaminants stage is to remove any dirt or scratch which will stick to the ceramic coating after application.

Polishing the paint

Just in case there are dirt residues or scratches on the car, an auto shop may choose to polish the paint.

Applying IPA

According to Britannica, IPA is isopropyl alcohol. It’s a chemical solution that helps the car remain polished. The application of this chemical also removes any excess polish left on the car’s body.

Spray with silica spray

After applying ceramic coating, the next step is using a silica spray. Silica spray will help to preserve the ceramic coating against water spots. This will in turn make the coating durable, glossy and hydrophobic.

Spray with silica spray

The Cost of Ceramic Coating

The cost of ceramic coating ranges from $500 to $5150. However, this price is dependent on several factors. For instance, before the auto care experts apply ceramic coatings, there may be a need for paint corrections on your car.

If there is an error in paint correction, the ceramic coating will be affected. This will affect durability and effectiveness. So, an expert has to carefully correct your car’s paint. It’s a necessary step that can affect how much you have to pay for ceramic coating for your car.

Likewise, your type and brand of car will affect the cost. For example, some cars have more contours and bends than others. All of these will affect the cost too. So when pricing ceramic coating, include these before arriving at a conclusion.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Ceramic Coating

Below are the different elements that combine to determine how much you have to pay for ceramic coating:

Size of the car

One common factor that affects the cost of ceramic coating is the size of the car. If you use a big car, it will mean more materials, more labour hours and a higher cost estimate.

Colour of vehicle

Surprisingly, most people do not know the colour of their vehicle also affects how much they will spend on the ceramic coating. Usually, people think scratches, grimes and water spots are not noticed on dark cars. This is not true.

Scratches are light, so if you have a scratch on a dark car, you will easily notice it compared to a white car. To conceal the scratches on dark cars, auto care experts may need to do more polishing than on white cars.

So, dark cars cost more to coat with ceramics than white cars. Depending on the colour, the average cost of the estimate of ceramic coating is $1000.

Areas of application

Ceramic coating services in Vaughan apply coating on external surfaces of cars for better protection. But, they can also be applied to the interior of cars too. Some car owners will prefer to apply ceramic coatings to their tires too.

If you will be coating your tires, your vehicle will be on a special lift with thorough washing on each wheel. After this, the expert will coat the car.

So, you will pay for extra washing services, extra coat material and extra labour. Equally, pricing for ceramic coatings in the interior of your car will affect the overall price too.

Condition of your vehicle

Before a dealer applies the ceramic coating, they have to ensure your vehicle’s paint is in a good state. Most times, people assume new cars do not have imperfections on them. This is not true as experts sometimes have to correct paint imperfections on new cars too.

Also, if you have been using your car for a few years, it definitely has scratches and water spots on it. So, your car will undergo paint corrections before the actual ceramic coating. The cost of paint corrections ranges from $500 to $2500.

Ceramic coating car

Type and brand of coating to be applied

There are different brands of ceramic coating. Most times when car owners inquire about the cost of ceramic coating, they tend for cheaper options.

However, if your car care expert is offering you cheap options, they are not including certain services. Often, the cheap costs offer low-quality ceramic coating on your car instead. This will only last for a few months.

Hence, it is important you know the best type of ceramic coatings. We often advise, when pricing ceramic coating, always go for professional-grade coatings.

Unlike traditional waxes, the professional-grade coating forms a hard layer on your vehicle. Hence, making them durable and glossy. However, the cost of professional-grade coating will be considerably higher.

Experience of the dealer

The experience of the auto shop coating your car cannot be neglected. Most car care experts spend a huge amount of money picking up skills so they can offer excellent services.

All of these will increase their service rates. So, an experienced car care professional will charge more than one who is new to the business. The experience they have means they know how to apply ceramic coating efficiently. As such, they will charge more for their years of experience.

Hourly rate

This is the last on our list of factors that determine the cost of ceramic coating. Some dealer services charge hourly rates instead of fixed prices.

For instance, if your car condition is bad, it will require extra levels of paint correction. This will add to the labour hours that go into coating your vehicle. Hence, extra cash to your bill.

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To Coat it Up

The cost of ceramic coating should not prevent your car from looking attractive. For less than $600, you can enjoy a truckload of benefits. Some of these include protection from chemicals and UV rays.

Also, ceramic coatings make it easy for you to wash your cars and maintain them. All these benefits are because ceramic coatings form a glass-like layer on your car’s surface.

However, some factors affect the cost of ceramic coatings. They include the size of the vehicle and the colour of the vehicles. Also, the experience of the dealer is key to the cost of ceramic coating too.

Often, we advise car owners to go for experienced dealers as they offer great services. Just like we do at Auto Boss Vaughan. Check out our auto shop for first-class ceramic coating services today!