Paint Protection Film

The cost of paint protection film varies depending on the location and the make of your vehicle. For some vehicles, they may require more paint protection film because of their high complexity ratings. While for other vehicles, they may require low paint protection because of their low complexity ratings. In other words, painting cars with high complexity ratings will cost more than those with low ratings.

All the same, the price of paint protection is dependent on several factors. Factors like film choice, the car rating and location all affect the cost of paint protection.

With all of this, it’s easy to balk at the prospect of getting paint protection for your vehicle. However, one thing you can be sure of is that the cost of paint protection film is worth it.

Installing a paint protection film offers you a variety of benefits. When you install a paint protection film you preserve the original look of your car. The paint film serves as a covering that prevents chemical and mechanical damages. This way, you can preserve your car for a possible resale.

Here, we will discuss the different factors that determine how much you will end up paying for paint protection film. But first, what are the benefits of paint protection film?

The Advantages of Paint Film Protection

  • Paint film protection helps to preserve your car’s look and keep it shiny.
  • Paint film protection provides a permanent barrier for your car against dust. It helps prevent damage from UV light, scratches and burns.
  • In protecting your vehicle from scratches, paint protection film also helps to prevent rusting. Scratches accumulate water which can cause rusting in the long run.
  • Also, paint protection film helps to keep your front discolouration.
  • This protective film functions as an invisible layer that adds gloss to your vehicle.
  • Paint protection film repels dust build-up problems making your car easy to clean.
  • When your car’s paint is void of scratches, specks of dust, chemical damage and burns, it is easy to re-sell your car. Paint protection film unarguably preserves your car for resale.
  • Finally, paint protection film helps you reduce the cost of car repair damage.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Paint Protection Film

The cost of paint protection film in Vaughan can range from $400 to $8000. However, this pricing is dependent on factors like the area of coverage, detailing and film choice.

Vehicle Condition

A major factor that affects the cost of paint film protection is your vehicle and the condition of its paint job. Before the auto-technician installs a protective paint film, they will examine your car for scratches. Cars with paint defects, holograms and minor scratches will need mechanical levelling before the application of paint films. Installers refer to this mechanical levelling as a paint correction process.

After a paint correction process, your car will be free of scratches and defects. However, the paint correction process will take about 5-30 hours, depending on the level of perfection you desire. Nonetheless, an installer will charge you $100 to $500 for paint correction services.

Area of coverage

The areas that a car owner intends to cover affect the price greatly. Some drivers like to cover vulnerable places with paint films because they seldomly drive. Here, they only need to cover places like the rocker panels, wheel arches, partial fenders and the hood.

On the other hand, some vehicle owners want a full paint protection film on their car’s exterior. So, the installer will charge more for material and labour costs altogether. Clearly, it will cost more to cover more parts than only a few sections.

Notwithstanding, when you decide to install paint protection film on the vulnerable parts, the cost will be $1200 – $2400. However, if you will be applying paint protection film on the car’s entire body, the cost can range from $3000 to $8000.

Difficulty rating

Cars vary in their design and specific features. So, there is no one-size-fits-all kind of film covering. Before installing a paint protection film, an installer will use high-tech software to check for its difficulty rating. By difficulty rating, we mean the number of sharp contours, complex panels and curves.

Besides, paint protection films are two-dimensional pieces around a three-dimensional object. So, a high difficulty rating will mean more film material and labour. Also, it will mean a higher duration for the installation.

In other words, a high difficulty rating will add more to paint protection prices. Equally, a low difficulty rating will lower the price of paint protection film.


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Film choice

Paint Protection Film

Another important factor that affects the cost of paint protection is the type of film. There are three common types of films including

  • Vvivid 3M Scotchgard: This type of film is sticky, thin and adhesive. Hence, making it the most common paint protection film in Vaughan.
  • Xpel Clear film: Xpel clear paint is almost invisible, clear and glossy. Although, Xpel clear film is not as thick as the 3M Scotchgard.
  • Suntek top-coated film: Just like the others, Suntek top film is clear and firm.

The major difference between all three film types is the chemical make-up and thickness. However, they all perform the same function of protecting your car from scratches. Clearly, film choice affects the price of paint film protection.

Additional services

Finally, aside from paint films, most paint protection installation services offer other products and services. They may offer services like ceramic coating, car maintenance and window tinting. Obviously, these services will impact your total bill.

Also, the skill level of the installer matters. For a highly skilled-installer, you will have to pay more. Where the installer is concerned, the cost of paint protection film in Vaughan is mostly dependent on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions On Paint Protection Films

Here’s what you need to know:

What is the lifespan of paint protection films?

This solely depends on how well you can maintain it. Although paint protection films can last for a number of years, you have to treat them well and use soaps with a neutral PH. You can also wax it depending on your choice.

Can I use ceramic coats on paint protection films?

Of course, you can. Using ceramic coating on paint protection film will help to maintain it and increase the lifespan. When you use ceramic coating, it makes it easier to clean your car while giving it a glossy finish.

Can I wrap any car part in paint protection film?

You can wrap hoods, headlights, gloss trim, fenders, satin trim, bumper, etc, in paint protection film. As long as it is given to scratches, it’s advisable to wrap it in paint protection film.

How do I maintain a paint protection film?

Paint Protection Film

Maintaining a paint protection film is not a difficult task. The same car maintenance procedure works even after applying paint films. In fact, it is easier to maintain a car with paint protection films. Often we advise you use hot water or a heat gun to remove scratches on a paint film.

Will my car’s paint be affected if I remove the protection film on it?

The chances your car’s paint will be affected is very minimal. Your car’s paint can only be affected if the vehicle is newly painted. But we assure you that only minimal residue will be on your car.


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To Sum It Up

The cost of the paint protection film is definitely worth its value. Paint protection films protect your car from the harmful effects of scratches, sunburns and UV light. Also, applying paint films makes it easy for you to clean your car.

The good thing about applying paint films is that you can use them on different parts of your car. You can apply them to some parts or the entire car, depending on your choice. It is however essential to note that installing paint protection films come at a cost. This pricing can range from $400 to $8000 depending on several factors.

These factors will include the vehicle’s paint, area of coverage and film choice. Also, using additional services and engaging a highly skilled installer can affect the cost of paint protection film.

Here at Auto Boss Vaughan, we are home to a team of experts who are fully committed to making sure you enjoy quality auto-shop services. Perhaps, more importantly, we offer paint protection film at affordable prices too. Book an appointment with our auto experts today!