professional auto detailing

Taking your car to the car wash may help in washing the dirt off your car, but it will not keep your car in perfect condition. Unlike car washing or cleaning, detailing keeps your car clean and protects your vehicle paint and interior. Professional auto detailing is significant because it improves your vehicle’s life and helps maintain its resale value. Regular professional detailing not only adds value to your vehicle but is also a money-saving option in the long run. 

Professional auto detailing

Professional auto detailing is the art of cleaning and restoring your vehicle. It is a precise but labor-intensive task that requires expertise and skills. Car detailing is not only an automatic car wash, however, it includes thorough interior and exterior cleaning. It doesn’t involve machine washing. 

Which services are included in professional auto detailing :

While anyone can clean his car inside and outside, however, professional car detailers use the right techniques and products to clean your car without damaging it. Professional auto detailers have many specific packages, discounts, and multiple services. Some of the common detailing services are included in comprehensive professional auto detailing. 

Exterior car detailing 

Professional exterior detailing is the process of cleaning, restoring and then protecting the vehicle exterior. Exterior car detailing services include:

Exterior car wash and dry 

Professionals like AutoBoss provide services like  car hand wash and drying to protect your car paint and prevent it from scratches. Auto detailers spray cleaning products and wipe down the vehicle body with a clean microfiber mitt or cloth. Exterior washing includes hand washing door handles, rims, and glass.

Paint claying 

Professional detailers use clay bars to remove contaminants, overspray, or any leftover residue after washing. Claying results in a clean and smooth surface. It also helps in increasing the effectiveness of polishing and waxing.


Polishing buff is an abrasive compound that is used to remove a very fine layer of your car’s clear coat. Polishing is necessary when you observe minor swirls and scratches on your car paint.

Applying sealant or wax


Applying sealant or wax

A protective layer of car paint sealant or wax is applied to the car surface to improve the glossy shine of your vehicle. In some cases, detailers use wax as a protective agent. 

Other exterior detailing services include trim repainting, engine detailing, headlight polishing, glass chip repair, bumper repair, engine pressure cleaning, and paint touch-ups.

Interior auto detailing 

Interior detailing means cleaning and restoring car interior from stubborn marks. Full interior detailing includes: 


Vacuuming is one of the most important parts of full car interior detailing. Seats, headliners, rear cargo areas, trunks, carpets, and mats are vacuumed to clean dirt and debris. Vacuuming is helpful in removing dust from the corners of the doors or windows.

Scrubbing and brushing 

Floor carpets and mats are the major regions that receive dirt, water, drinks, or food spills. You would require removing stains from the floor carpets or mats. Scrubbing is necessary to remove dirt from the floor mats and carpets.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning

In certain cases, car owners don’t care much about food or beverage spills. When food particles dry, they make tough stains on carpets, seats, or on coffee holders.



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Glass cleaning 

Window glass and side view mirrors are important parts that require cleaning because these parts are important for visibility while driving. If the windshield and other glasses are not clean, it makes it difficult to see through them, causing accidents. Thorough cleaning of car windows and windshields is necessary to keep your visibility in better condition. 

Leather trimming 

Leather soap or cleaners are used to clean leather parts of your vehicle, like seats. 


Professional detailers like Auto Boss spray deodorants and perfumes into your car while leaving its smell clean and new. 

Additional detailing services 

Some of the additional but optional detailing services are: 

Paint correction

Professional detailing is helpful in removing scratches and spider web mars from your car’s clear coat. Car paint correction is the process of removing flaws such as oxidation or paint dullness from the car surface or the car’s clear coat. Auto detailers use different cutting pads or rotary machine polishers to provide you with the best results. 

Ceramic coating 

Ceramic coating is a protective option that is applied to the car exterior. It is used to prolong the lifespan of your car’s clear coat and can be used as an alternative to premium wax. It is a bit expensive but protects your car for more than seven years. 


PPF (Paint protection film) is a thin, transparent polyurethane film that helps protect your car paint from small scratches, rock chips, acidic rain, mineral deposits, and UV radiation. PPF offers more protection as compared to ceramic coating. Auto boss provides professional paint protection film installation in Vaughan. 

Both interior and exterior detailing services require exceptional attention to every nook and corner of your vehicle. The detailer ensures comprehensive cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your car while restoring it. 

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Professional auto detailing is the task of removing stains, dirt, and debris from the car. It requires specialized material, skilled professionals, enough time, and your nearest location. However, the result of professional detailing services is a visually stunning and well-maintained vehicle with long-lasting protection and improved resale value. 


Which products are used in professional detailing?

Car detailers use several products to clean or maintain your vehicles, including:

  • Car shampoo, soap, or chemicals for washing and cleaning the car exterior. 
  • Using clay bars or detailing clay 
  • Polishes and polishing compounds 
  • Sealants or waxes 

Why is professional detailing expensive? 

Professional auto detailing is expensive because it requires specialized equipment like pressure washing, polishing machines, and cleaning solutions to get the finest results. 

Will professional detailing damage car paint?

No! Professional detailing never damages the vehicle paint if skilled and experienced detailers perform the process.