Car Paint During Winter

Every season affects your car paint in different ways. The effects of winter might just be the worst. Therefore, you have to equip yourself with tips to maintain your car paint in winter. The way you protect yourself from harsh weather is the same way your vehicle needs protection too.

The effect of winter on your car paint can be ruthless. It can lead to rust or, even worse, lower your car’s resale value. Maintaining your vehicle during this period is vital. It’s not just a choice. 

We’re aware that finding the time to maintain your car in winter can be doubly hard. After all, it is freezing outside. Plus, it’s winter, and you’re probably going to get more dirt on your vehicle. 

We can make the whole process of marinating your car’s paint easier for you. This article will walk you through every tip you’ll need to protect and maintain your car paint during the cold holiday season. 

Effects of Winter on your Car’s Body

You may think it’s not worth maintaining your car in winter because it’s stressful. However, leaving the salty residue of slush on your car’s body can do more damage than what you bargained for.

It’ll affect the attractiveness and durability of your car’s body. Here are some effects the cold weather can have on your vehicle’s exterior.


If you don’t practice ways to protect your car paint in winter, you’ll be left to deal with corrosion from the harsh weather. The salt used to de-ice the streets is quite corrosive. Corrosion begins when the body accumulates wet slush from the snow. 

The saline solution of the snow will get swept up in your car’s undercarriage and erode the metal. After a while, the metal of your car’s exterior will begin to rust. Rust in your vehicle will not only reduce the resale value but diminish any chances of selling it. No one wants to buy a rusty car.

Scratches your vehicle’s surface 

The salt and ice in winter can leave scratches and dents on your car’s surface. If your vehicle isn’t prepared for winter, it’ll be more difficult to remove the ice stuck on it. 

For this reason, you may want to get the snow ice off by scrubbing it hard. No doubt, this will cause your car’s paint job to get scratches.

 Car Paint During Winter


Winter also makes your car paint oxidize, prompting the paint to scrape away from its protective sheets. 

Paint dullness 

Unfortunately, your car paint is subject to winter elements that can cause it to fade. The road salt can also make your car paint turn dull. 

In a situation where ice melts on your car paint, it’ll leave a wet patch. Over time, the paint will become visibly lighter in those patches. Hence, you cannot afford to be indifferent about maintaining your vehicle in winter. 

How to Maintain Car Paint in Winter

Here are some tips that’ll help protect your car’s surface.

Park in garages 

You should park in a garage or driveway. There’s no two ways about it. Salt trucks will continuously 

pass by to de-ice the roads during winter. 

Parking your car on the streets will only expose it to spills from salt trucks and snow. Besides, if you live in a place with regular snowstorms, it’s better to invest in an indoor parking spot.

If you have to park outside, consider using a car cover with heavy-duty protection against moisture. By doing this, you will keep your car clean in winter, and it’ll be suitable for everyday use. 

 Car Paint During Winter

Wash your car regularly 

This tip to maintain your car paint in winter is usually overlooked. Make it a habit to wash your car after every snowstorm. Washing your vehicle regularly protects it from rusting under the impact of salt and water. 

Moreover, you want to ensure that your frame suspension, paint job, and undercarriage do not get damaged.  If you’re washing your car yourself, ensure you clean it with a power washer set. Washing your vehicle under super-high pressure will strip the paint off your car. 

On the other hand, a power washer loosens dirt better than a simple garden hose. Finally, it’s best to clean your car when the temperature is above freezing so it can dry quickly. Or, better still, for the best results, you should choose professional car hand washing from time to time.


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Seal the paint

The benefit of using a paint sealant to protect your car from winter elements cannot be stressed enough. We know there’s an impulse to omit car care during winter but applying a paint sealant will go a long way. 

The bond will save your car from defects caused by salt, gravel, and dirt. Plus, they add an extra protective layer over your automobile. Paint sealants are transparent, thin, and very durable. 

Use snow removal brushes

One essential tip to maintain car paint in winter is to avoid buying rigid plastic scrapers and brushes. These tools will scratch your car surface and make dents in your paint. 

Instead, use a brush with soft edges or a specific snow foam brush. They will reduce the wear caused by brushing snow and scraping ice off your vehicle.

Inspect your wipers

Cleaning your wipers is a useful part of your car care routine for winter. By doing so, you prevent grime from obstructing your view while driving. 

Use a towel with cleaning agents to clean your wiper manually. Also, inspect the spaces in between them and remove any dirt cakes in the pockets. 


Apply car wax

Applying car wax on your vehicle’s exterior is an excellent maintenance tip for your car paint in winter. Not only does it add value to your car, but it also forges a boundary between the exterior of your vehicle and the ice. They also last longer than the regular paint sealant. 

Car wax offers a protective layer over your car paint. This means you don’t have to bother about the corrosive effect of salt on your car’s paint. You can use the spray wax that comes in a bottle and apply it yourself. If you’re contemplating getting your car through winter with an expert’s assistance, try a car detailing service in Vaughan.

Avoid tailgating 

Never tailgate other vehicles on the road. This rule applies in all seasons. When you tailgate cars, there’s every chance they’ll splash snow and salt from the road onto your car’s exterior. Hence, ensure you keep a considerable following distance from the vehicles in front of you. 

Inspect your car

Another maintenance tip for your car paint in winter is to inspect it regularly. Carry out routine checks on your car at least once a week. Check for rusts and scratches that may be caused by the winter elements. This will enable you to touch up any problem before it gets worse immediately.

Seal the convertible tops

If you cannot afford to treat your car to a full detailing treatment, ensure the top cover is sealed. The adhesive will prevent ice from cracking the canvas top of your vehicle. The damage can be worse if the ice melts and leaks into your car. The sealant will serve as a waterproof layer protecting your car and paint. 

Clean your vehicle for spring 

vehicle cleaning for spring 

This is the final tip to maintain your car paint in winter. Once the winter season finally draws to a stop, deep clean your vehicle. Wash your car and apply a new layer of wax. By doing this, your interior and exterior will be free from all traces of winter. Moreover, it’ll help your car look its best, just in time for spring.


There’s one thing to know about the above tips to maintain your car paint in winter. They can help you evade the cost of repairs after the season. By following these tips, you can avoid terrible damage to your car. 

If you’re facing difficulties in preparing your car for winter, our car detailing services in Vaughan can help. At AutoBoss Vaughan, auto body specialists will assist you in maintaining your car exterior with quality paint correction and detailing services. Let’s help you keep your car in great shape — all winter long!