Car Paint Sealant

Presently, about 65% of car owners are bothered about the cost of car paint sealant. You see, most auto repair shops are filled with cars damaged from scratches, chemicals, and UV rays. These damages can easily be prevented with a car paint sealant. 

You’re probably having doubts about getting car paint sealant for your vehicle. And you’re asking, what are the benefits? Or maybe you’re curious asking “How much does a car paint sealant cost?” And if it’s worth it? Or perhaps you’re bothered about its application.

You’re not alone, there are many others like you. Most of the time we’re asked. “Does the cost of car paint sealant range from $100 to $500?” “Is car paint sealant affordable?” And every time our answer is, “It depends.” 

Well, good news! In this article, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of the cost of a car paint sealant, the benefits, and everything you need to know before purchasing a car paint sealant.

What is Car Paint Sealant?

Car paint sealant, also known as nano-ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the surface of a car. It protects the car exterior and helps maintain your car. This paint sealant bonds with the car’s factory paint. Moreover, it gives the car a shiny gloss which may seem like wax. But it’s not wax.

Some people confuse it for a paint protection film. But paint protection film is more comprehensive compared to the paint sealant. Furthermore, car paint sealant doesn’t wipe off or break down easily.

Car Paint Sealant

Benefits of Car Paint Sealant 

In summary, car paint sealant protects your car’s exterior and adds value to your car. As a result, you can sell your car for an amount similar to its buying price — all because you used a car paint sealant despite the cost. 

Below are the benefits of applying car paint sealant to your vehicle.

It is durable

A very good car paint sealant will work well for a few years. In fact, of all the car paint layering materials, car paint sealants are the most durable. Some car dealers even offer car paint sealant services to ensure the longevity of their cars.

Protects against chemicals

You may be surprised to know that some elements you perceive as harmless can damage your car paint. These elements may include water, bird droppings, and tree sap. They usually cut deep into your car paint and leave scrapes. Just a layer of car paint sealant will protect your car from these elements.

Some people still find it hard to believe that water can damage their cars. When a car is parked in the rain, the water particles on the surface will slowly evaporate. Hence, leaving dirt that will damage the paint of the vehicle. However, a car paint sealant will act as a protective barrier for your car. 

Makes the vehicle easier to wash

One significant feature of a car paint sealant is that it repels water. After applying it, you’ll find that water glides over your car panels easier. This also means dirt and mud will have a difficult time sticking to your car. 

Improves the gloss of the car paint 

Yes, we know you can use car wax for a shinier car. But, car paint sealant improves your car gloss and gives the car a fresh look. Besides, it adds depth to your car paint.

Resistance to scratch 

Car paint sealant protects your car from scratches. Furthermore, it reduces the rate at which outside elements can graze your car paint. Plus, the effect of scratches on your car from bikes and little accidents will be minimal.


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Cost of Car Paint Sealant in Vaughan 

Now, the cost of a car paint sealant can range from $1000 to $3000. It all depends on the quality of the products and packages the company is offering. Although, a warranty can increase the cost. But not to worry, it will not make a significant difference.

Firstly, your main concern is where to get car paint sealant. Go to a company in Ontario that offers professional car paint sealant application services. There, you will be provided with multiple alternatives to choose from. No doubt, you’ll want to pick between quartz and liquid polymer. Yes, both products are good but the liquid polymer is cheaper. However, quartz is more durable and deflects water better. 

After picking your preferred car paint sealant, you’ll state how many layers of coating you want. The more the layers, the thicker the car paint sealant. A thick car paint sealant will provide more protection to your car. 

If your car is always parked outside or exposed to harsh weather, then you should get more layers. And if it’s parked in a garage, only a few layers should be suitable.

It is also important to note that an expensive vehicle will attract a high cost of car paint sealant. The pricing also has to do with your car’s design, model, or size. A large vehicle will need more car paint sealant and vice versa for a smaller car. Let’s face it, a Benz will require an expensive car paint sealant. 

Lastly, you’ll have to consider the warranty when checking the cost of car paint sealant in Ontario. A warranty will guarantee that the car paint sealant will remain on your car for a long time. And if it peels before the warranty time. The company will reapply the paint sealant free.

Is the Cost of Car Paint Sealant Worth it?

Car Paint Sealant

We’ve discussed the cost of acquiring the car paint sealant above. The next thing you’re interested in is if it’s worth it. It all depends on how you use your car. If your car is always parked outside or if you live in a busy city like Ontario, think about the damages your car will have on a good day. 

It all comes down to how much protection you’re willing to give your car. You see, your vehicle also needs to be treated right. In the end, applying car paint sealant will save you from high maintenance costs in the long run.

How to Apply Car Paint Sealant DIY

When applying car paint sealant, professional application is the best. But we are aware that some individuals prefer DIY. And for this reason, we have provided simple ways to apply a car sealant DIY.

Prep the vehicle

The first thing to do is clean your car. Your car paint picks up dirt easily and applying car paint sealant over the grime will damage it. For best results, wash the car from top to bottom with good soft foam. This will protect the car from scratches.

You can also opt for chemical decontamination. This will remove harmful iron deposits and filings on your car. A clay bar lubricant can likewise be used to remove any contaminants on your car. At this point, most people find the application stressful and choose to employ the services of a professional.

Apply the sealant 

When your car is clean and smooth. Shake the car paint sealant bottle before applying it to your car. Then with a foam block, apply the paint sealant from top to bottom. Ensure the paint sealant is applied evenly, then leave it to dry.

After some minutes, remove the paint sealant with a good microfiber towel and dispose of it immediately. If the microfiber towel is used on your car again, it will destroy the car paint.

Car Paint Sealant

Curing process 

Once the application is over, keep your car in a cool environment for 12 to 15 hours. Ensure your vehicle is protected from the rain, dust, and any moisture. 

To enhance the bonding process, park your vehicle in the sun. Nevertheless, with professional car paint sealant m, this process will be more effective. 

Maintenance after application 

Maintenance of your car after applying car paint sealant is easy. Do not park your car in the sun or rain. Also, avoid keeping your car in humid places. In short, your car doesn’t need much maintenance after applying a paint sealant on it.

Difference Between Car Paint Sealant and Wax

Car wax is often confused as car paint sealant because some people use it as an alternative. However, car wax is cheaper and ineffective compared to car paint sealants. Also, car wax isn’t as durable as a paint sealant. You see, it peels off within a month.

The differences can also be seen in their application. Car wax gives the car a shiny look. While car paint sealant provides the car with hard protection and a glossy appearance.

As mentioned above, with car paint sealant maintenance is cheap. All you need to do is wipe the surface of your car. It also saves you the stress of regularly applying wax to your car.

Final Verdict 

No doubt, the cost of maintenance is far less than the cost of car paint sealant. It lasts long, gives your car a distinct shiny look, and doesn’t have special maintenance needs. 

Give your car the protection it needs today by using our car paint sealant services available to residents in Ontario. We’re here to treat you and your vehicle right. Here at Auto Boss Vaughan, we offer both walk-ins and appointments. Contact us today to get your car looking great again!