Coating a Car

Car coatings come with plenty of benefits, but shockingly, not everyone is aware of them. Is coating your car just a trend car enthusiasts follow? A simple answer to this is NO. You need to read this blog to understand the importance of car coatings. Today, we will talk about car coatings, their types, and the benefits of coating cars. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. 

Understanding Car Coating

Coating cars is not a new trend. Many traditional methods are still being used to coat cars. However, with advancements in the automotive industry, many new coating car materials have also been introduced. In today’s guide, we will shed light on traditional and modern coating car materials. Let’s discover different types of coatings and their benefits to comprehend which is the best for you. 

Types of Car Coatings

The main purpose of coatings is to protect the vehicle’s exterior. All the harmful environmental factors and daily driving challenges deteriorate cars. This is why it is important to protect cars from harsh environmental effects. Millions of car owners try to fix damages from UV rays, oxidation, etc. The easiest way to get rid of all these problems is to coat your car. Here are different types of coatings available that will protect your car. 

Car Wax

Car wax is one of the oldest ways to coat cars. It adds shine to the vehicle’s exterior. With the glossy finish, they enhance the aesthetics of cars. But it only protects for a limited time. To keep enjoying its benefits, riders need to reapply it on and off. 

Paint Sealants

Paint sealants are another traditional way of coating cars. It binds with the paint surface. They are more long-lasting than car wax. It protects the car against many daily driving challenges. These polymer sealants also add gloss to the car’s paint. 

Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is one of the most popular modern car coatings. These are liquid polymers that form an additional layer on the car. It protects against harmful environmental elements. Not only this, it also acts as a barrier against daily wear and tear. These factors make the car exterior appear dull and hazed. It adds a subtle glow to the car’s exterior, making it look showroom-new. 

Ceramic coating sticks to the car’s paint easily. No need to apply any external pressure. 

These are highly durable and free you from auto care procedures for 1-2 years. It is only possible if you get it from professional ceramic coating installers. Its water-repellent nature eases the washing and cleaning of the car. Moreover, it does not let any dust, road grime, or marks stick to its surface and destroy the flawless look. 


Another modern paint protection coating is paint protection film, PPF, or clear bra. It is a thin, transparent film that is wrapped on the car’s exterior surface. As it is virtually invisible, even if you have this on your car, it won’t be visible. It provides much better protection compared to traditional automotive care methods. PPF protects cars against UV rays, road grime, stone chips, bird dropping, etc. In short, this paint protection coating protects the car against environmental and accidental factors. 

Plus, its self-healing nature keeps the car scratch-free. Unlike a ceramic coating, this paint protection coating lasts up to 7 years. Choose skilled PPF experts to install the film with the car seamlessly. In terms of protection, nothing beats PPF.

Benefits of Car Coatings
Benefits of Car Coatings

  • The main purpose of car coating is to protect the vehicle’s exterior. To keep the car in good shape, it is important to protect it from harmful environmental elements. They protect the car’s paint from the chemical reactions of tree saps, bird droppings, etc. Mind that only modern car coatings can withstand daily driving and environmental challenges.
  • These coatings add depth and shine to the car’s paint. They enhance the overall look of the car. You can make colors pop and enjoy a glossy finish by coating your car. For a showroom’s new finish and ultimate protection, PPF and ceramic coatings are the best.
  • Car coats are an additional layer over the car’s original paint. Their layer stays over the car for some time. However, the longevity and durability of each coating are not the same. PPFs have the longest durability. 
  • They also make maintaining the car a piece of cake. Most car coatings are hydrophobic. They repel water and other contaminants. Making removing dirt, dust, and road grime from the car surface super easy. Just a simple swipe is enough to get rid of all the contaminants. Moreover, washing the car with a mild detergent gives a pretty shine to the car, making it look new. 
  • The best thing about modern car coatings is that they provide UV protection. Both ceramic coatings and PPF work the best against harmful sun rays. Say goodbye to the oxidation and fading of the paint with these coatings. These coatings maintain the vibrant look of the car for a long time. 
  • Also, they are cost-effective. Compared to other auto enhancement services, these car coatings free you from frequent trips to auto shops. They provide years-long protection, which makes them a much better choice than anything.

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Coating your car is not just about enhancing its aesthetics. These coatings play an important role in keeping vehicles in good shape for years. All thanks to their ability to block harmful environmental elements that make the car’s paint look dull and old. Some coatings provide unparalleled protection, and some are just OK. The choice is yours. If you need protection from UV rays, chemical reactions, etc., automotive experts say modern coatings are a better option to protect your investment. 


Which coating is best for a car?

Modern coatings like ceramic coating and PPF are best for cars. They protect against harmful environmental factors and withstand daily driving challenges. 

What are cars coated with?

Cars are coated with wax, paint sealant, polish, ceramic coating, and PPF. The purpose of these coating is to shield and protect a car’s paint from fading and hazing. 

Are coatings on cars worth it?

Yes, car coatings are worth every buck. They provide plenty of benefits in the long run. Maintaining a car’s pristine condition and keeping its showroom-new for years is not possible without coating.