car coating vs PPF

Paint protection is necessary as your car paint surface has to face road debris, harsh weather conditions, and environmental factors like tree sap, bird droppings, and bug splatters. It is quite difficult to repaint your vehicle than to protect it from these factors. 

PPF and ceramic are the most famous paint protection options that provide shine and improve the resale value of your car. 

Car coating vs PPF: Both have similarities and differences concerning cost, maintenance, effectiveness, and durability. Here in this article, I will clarify the details about both the protection options, their similarities and differences.

What is PPF?

A PPF, thermoplastic urethane, transparent that is ultra-thin, flexible, and self-healing protection option. It protects your car paint from damage caused by bugs, debris, stone chips, and other environmental elements. It is virtually invisible and doesn’t change your vehicle colors. PPF is also UV-resistant and easier to clean and maintain. You can remove PPF without damaging the car’s clear coat.

What is a nano/ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating protects your car’s clear coat. Car coating is a liquid polymer sprayed that makes a hard, durable, and transparent layer over the car surface. It protects against swirl marks, minor scratches, UV rays, and environmental hazards, and the top most is protection against watermarks. The repellent quality of ceramic coating makes it easy to clean and maintain the sleek look of your car. 

PPF: advantages and disadvantages

Some of the merits and demerits of PPF on your car paint surface:


PPF advantages include long-lasting, invisible protection that protects your car’s original paint and is easy to wash and remove while providing glossy finishes.


It is more expensive than other paint protection options. Some PPF coatings turn yellow and damage over time. If it is not properly installed, it is expensive to re-apply it.

Ceramic coating: merits and demerits
Ceramic coating: merits and demerits

Like everything else, ceramic coating also comes with some of the benefits as well as disadvantages. 


Some of the most common benefits of ceramic car coating are:

  • Better protection. 
  • Durable  than a regular paint job or traditional wax, 
  • Withstand heavy shocks
  • Easy cleaning 
  • It provides better shine to the car surface than wraps, PPF, or paint.


It is expensive. The application process of ceramic coating can be time-consuming. If applied wrong, its appearance may become patchy or greasy.

Similarities between PPF and car coating 

Both PPF and ceramic coating have a few common properties:

  • Ceramic coating and PPF both provide an invisible finish when installed properly.
  • Prevent oxidation and fading of the car’s clear coat.
  • Enhanced chemical resistance, whether it is natural chemicals like bird droppings or tree sap or human chemicals like brake dust. 
  • Protection against UV rays, which, in return, prevents fading or patching.
  • Increased resale value

Difference between PPF vs ceramic coating 

Despite similarities, the PPF vs ceramic coating has some differences as well. Some of the differences are:

  • The paint protection film is thicker than ceramic car coating.
  • PPF has self-healing properties but ceramic coating does not. 
  • PPF doesn’t have hydrophobic properties, while ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties that make it water-repellent.
  • PPF absorbs minor scratches and prevents swirl marks. 
  • Ceramic coating is water repellent, makes it easy to clean and increases the shine.
  • PPF prevents stone chips that lowers maintenance requirements.


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Car coating vs ceramic coating: Protection level 

Here in this blog, we will compare car coating vs PPF based on the protection level: 

Impact resistance: PPF is a thick coating that offers a higher protection level against scratches. The self-healing properties maintain the paint in its original finish. 

Hydrophobic properties: The ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties that make it easy to clean.

UV protection: Low-quality PPF materials fade or turn yellowish when exposed to UV rays. However, ceramic coatings protect car paint from discoloration caused by oxidation.

Car Coating vs PPF: Durability 

A high-quality PPF can be long-lasting for up to ten years, depending on product quality, installed professionally, and maintained regularly.

The car coating is also durable for up to five years, depending on quality.

The PPF is more durable than car coating. You can apply PPF over ceramic coating for prolonged durability.

Car coating vs PPF: Cost

The PPF is more expensive than car coating because of its protection level against minor scratches.

Car coating vs PPF: What to select?
Car coating vs PPF: What to select?

Both the car coating and PPF offer a higher level of protection and shine to the paint job. Here are some of the suggestions from Auto Boss experts 

  • If you prefer better shine, car coating offers better gloss than PPF, making it a better option.
  • PPF protects your car from minor scratches and enables hassle-free ownership. 
  • PPF is an expensive protective option than ceramic coating.
  • If you have more budget and you want ultimate protection you can apply ceramic coating over PPF.


While selecting among PPF vs ceramic coating, it is better to consider some of the factors including 

Car coating vs PPF: both the protection options are helpful in keeping your car surface clean and protected for a long time. If you are applying PPF on old cars, it makes the scratches more noticeable. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can get PPF ce, ceramic coating, or both. Because PPF is a bit more expensive than a ceramic coating, and there is an installation cost for both options 

Although you can opt for DIY installation of both PPF or ceramic coating, it involves risks of damaging car paint. However, when you hire professionals like Auto Boss to install Paint Protection Film or ceramic coating, they ensure fine finishes for your car. A professionally installed PPF doesn’t show peeling or bubbling over time, nor does a ceramic coating show signs of greasiness. Auto Boss Vaughan has installation services for both PPF and ceramic coating.


Is ceramic coating better than PPF?

If you want long-lasting protection against scratches and scuffs from road debris, branches, rocks, and other elements for a long time, consider PPF. However, ceramic coating is better for those who like the sleek appearance of the car, along with protection against minor scratches.  

Which is costly, PPF vs ceramic coating?

The cost of PPF warping and ceramic coating depends on quality and vehicle size. However, between car coating vs PPF costs, PPF is expensive.

Can car coating replace paint protection film?

Both ceramic coating and PPF are not produced identically to provide paint protection and the finest finish. They can replace each other depending on your preferences and needs.