car coating or ppf

Do you want to maintain a sleek look to your car and maintain its appearance for long? Car owners who love their vehicles and want to protect their appearance found two products: ceramic car coating or PPF. In this article, we will discuss the difference between the two and also guide you on what they can do for your car protection. 

PPF (Paint protection film)

Paint protection film is an anti-stone film made up of urethane material and applied to the vehicle exterior to preserve your car paint. It also reduces the risk of multiple damages, like 

Scratches and chips are caused by road debris or rocks.

  • Swirl marks caused by pressure wash.
  • Chemical stains created by acidic contaminants
  • Spots from hard water 
  • Oxidation or fading due to UV rays 

Our detailed article about the benefits of PPF will guide you more about the protection level and introduction to the product.

Ceramic coating 

A liquid polymer is applied to the vehicle exterior and bonds chemically with the paintwork. It makes a protection layer with hydrophobic qualities, making it difficult for contaminants to stick to the car’s surface. The major benefits of ceramic coating are 

  • It keeps the car clean for a long time.
  • Cleaning a ceramic-coated car is easier, and you don’t need a pressure wash for cleaning.
  • It also reduces the risk of damage, such as chemical stains, etch marks, and oxidation.

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Similarities between car coating and PPF 

Both PPF and ceramic coating share some of these properties. They are used to keep your car new for a long time and protect and preserve your car paint. Both products have some overlapping features, like reducing UV damage and acidic contamination while adding value to the vehicle.

Difference between PPF and ceramic coating

Difference between PPF and ceramic coating

Despite some of the similarities, PPF or car coating also has some differences:

  • Protective paint film is thicker than car coating.
  • The self-healing properties of PPF coating for a car enable it to absorb swirl marks, minor scratches, chips, or hard water spots without changing the chemical composition of the car paint.
  • Despite common myths and manufacturer’s claims, car ceramic coating doesn’t provide permanent protection against scratches, swirl marks, rock chips, and water spotting. However, its hydrophobic qualities make it easier to clean.
  • Some types of protective paint film offer a hydrophobic clear coat. Still, its performance is not equal to ceramic coating.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of the hydrophobic qualities of ceramic car coating without applying PPF coating to the car over it.

Car coating or PPF: Which one is right for your vehicle?

Car coating or PPF, you can choose any one of them depending on your budget and requirements or apply both on your car. Applying one option over the other provides ultimate protection to your car.

Experts from Auto Boss suggest applying Protective paint film to the vehicle parts that are susceptible to scratches or rock chips from road debris. The car portions like the front bumper, fenders, rocker panels, side mirrors, hood, or rear wheel arch are vulnerable areas to road debris. Car coating cannot protect these areas from rock chips. Apply protective paint film to these parts, then apply ceramic coating to the whole vehicle.

Ceramic coating over PPF creates chemical bonding on both car paint and PPF coat to provide extra protection against stains and chemical etching. It helps in keeping the PPF coat and car paint clean and adds life to the protective paint film as well.

The chemical and hydrophobic qualities of ceramic coating, whether a PPF coat is applied on it or not, make it difficult for contaminants to retain on the car surface. It not only smoothens your car’s surface but enhances its gloss.

Keep your budget in mind

Budget is an important factor when getting a protection layer for your vehicle and to decide whether to apply car coating or PPF. Remember! If you have enough budget, you can overlap ceramic coating over PPF, but if you have to choose one option over another, you will have to understand your needs. If you have more in your pocket, you can get a ceramic coating that is less expensive than repainting your car. However, if your budget is low, we suggest using a protective paint film that offers better protection while maintaining the factory paint beneath it. It doesn’t create any chemical bonding with car pai, and you can use a factory-finished car just by removing the protective paint film from it.

Drive protected: Partner with Auto Boss Vaughan
Drive protected: Partner with Auto Boss Vaughan

Confused about whether to apply car coating or PPF, If you aim to preserve your car’s factory paint and improve its stunning looks over time, then apply a ceramic coating over PPF. A combination of both options can provide you with long-lasting protection. Our experts are experienced enough to provide you with comprehensive protection along with the finest finishes. Our experience in detailing and protective installation enables us to extend our services to any vehicle. If you are confused about your decision, we will make it easier for you. Have a detailed, informative session with our expert to make a better decision for your car protection.


If you have enough budget, you don’t need to opt between car coating or PPF; apply both to get superior paint protection to your car. However, if your budget is low, then we suggest you apply protective paint film on your vehicle. It keeps your car looking like a new one while maintaining its resale value. It is a budget-friendly option that provides better protection against rock chips. Although ceramic car coating provides shiny finishes, it is an expensive option that also doesn’t withstand large scratches.


Should you do a ceramic coat before PPF?

It is difficult for PPF to stick to the ceramic coating. We recommend applying PPF before ceramic.

Is PPF good for your car?

PPF protects your car from rocks, road debris, and gravel, making it the best decision when it comes to protection.

Is Teflon coating better than PPF?

Teflon coating is a good option but it is not as durable as PPF.