car coating or ppf

When it comes to protecting the exterior of your vehicle from damage, car enthusiasts think of car coatings and PPF. Undoubtedly, both are amazing protective coatings but which one is better? Choosing between the two is a tough decision. Let’s make this easy for you. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with the characteristics and benefits to make your choice easier. Read it all to figure out which one suits you best. Without any further delay let’s get into this.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film is also known as PPF or clear bra. This transparent coating is made up of thermoplastic urethane film. It protects the car’s paint and exterior body from damage. Forget the rock chips and scratches that ruin the beauty of your ride. With PPF you won’t complain about stubborn water spots and swirl marks because it does not let anything stick to it. So, you will always be having a clean car.

It is mostly used to protect showroom new or luxury cars. However, there is no restriction on getting PPF on your old vehicle. If you cherish your vehicle you can get it done from PPF professionals. Its self-healing property lets you enjoy a flawless-looking car 24/7. 


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What is Ceramic Coating?’

Ceramic coating is another great solution to protect your vehicle from external damage. Unlike PPF, it is a liquid polymer that binds with a car’s exterior chemically. It acts as a protective layer or a barrier between the environment and your vehicle. The best benefit of ceramic car coating is that it is hydrophobic. From road debris to water nothing stays on a ceramic-coated car because of its hydrophobicity. So, you can enjoy a cleaner look for a long time. Moreover, it does not need hours-long washing. If you are a low-maintenance guy, this is for you. 

Car Ceramic Coating Vs PPF

These two protective coatings can confuse anyone. There is no need to think hard. Read how ceramic coating is different from PPF and choose the one that suits your needs the best.


Both PPF and ceramic coatings offer exceptional protection to vehicles from external damage. But PPF being the thickest car coating is more effective than ceramic coating. So, if you want to protect your car from impactful damage, choose PPF. Moreover, PPF is self-healing. Even if you got a scratch accidentally, PPF will heal it on its own. Where as, ceramic coating has no such property. 

Ceramic coating provides the best protection against water. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, mud, storms, and other environmental challenges, choose ceramic coating. The choice between PPF and car coating depends on your needs. 

Both PPF films and ceramic coatings offer great protection from sunlight and UV rays. However, PPF provides better protection against UV rays than ceramic coating. The only downside of PPF is that it fades or turns yellow with time. Where as, ceramic coating stays the way it was installed for years. 

Difference between PPF and ceramic coating


Do you want something that protects your vehicle the longest? If yes, you need to consider the durability period of both PPF and ceramic coatings. If you get a high-quality PPF installed from professional PPF installers, it will stay for five to seven years. Moreover, with good maintenance, it can stay up to ten years. However, the ceramic coating does not last more than two to five years.

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If you are worried these extra coatings will take away the shine from your vehicle, then you are wrong my friend. Neither PPF nor ceramic coating kills the vehicle’s paint shine. They make it look more glossier and shiny. Another good thing about PPF is that they come in different finishes. If you like a matte finish, you can get it with PPF. 


The cost of PPF and ceramic coating is not fixed anywhere. The reason is their cost-influencing factors. From the quality of the material you choose to the coverage area and the installer’s expertise, everything affects the overall cost of PPF and ceramic coatings. However, ceramic coating is much cheaper than PPF.

Which is the Best? PPF or Ceramic Coating

Are you still confused about which one you should choose for your vehicle? When choosing between PPF and ceramic coatings, you need to consider plenty of factors. For example:

  • Consider which protective coating aligns well with your needs. 
  • Whether it is providing UV protection or not. 
  • Does it protect the vehicle from corrosion, scratches, and marks?
  • Does it protect your vehicle from physical damage?
  • Will it improve the appearance of the vehicle?
  • How long will it stay?
  • Is it in-budget or overly expensive?

You need to look for all these answers before choosing between PPF and ceramic coating. Choose the one that suits your needs and is in-budget.


Being indecisive about PPF and ceramic coating is normal. You need to consider your preferences and need to select the protective car coating for yourself. Choose PPF if you want to enjoy superior protection and exceptional durability. Where as, ceramic coating is good at protecting vehicles from chemical and environmental damage. Before choosing between the two, consider your driving style, area, budget, and requirements. Both options are highly recommended, but one that suits your needs will work the best for you. 


Is coating better than PPF?

Ceramic coating is better if you like a glossy finish and want protection from damage caused by environmental factors. However, PPF offers better durability and protection from physical damage. So, choose the one that fits your requirements better.

Should I do coating first or PPF?

There is nothing wrong with applying ceramic coating and PPF at the same time. If you are applying both, apply PPF first.