ppf coating vs. ceramic coating

Do you want to maintain the pristine condition of your ride? If yes, you must have heard about PPF and Ceramic coating, haven’t you? Well, both coats protect the vehicle, but which one is the best? If you are also confused between PPF coating Vs. Ceramic coating, this guide is for you. 

Let’s learn what you should choose for your vehicle PPF or ceramic coating and how. Stick around. 

PPF or Ceramic Coating?

What is your first thought when someone asks for car paint protection? I am sure it must be PPF or ceramic coating. You have to pick one because you can’t have both. So, to decide which coating is best for vehicle protection, it’s important to crack the code. So let’s learn about both in detail one by one.

What is PPF?

PPF is the most common name for Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra. It is a transparent film that goes over the vehicle, covering it from all sides. PPF is a tough self-healing film made from polyurethane. The main purpose of this protective film is to protect vehicles from danger and damage. It provides protection against road debris, minor scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings, etc. Also, it protects from environmental contaminants and harmful UV rays. We will discuss its benefits in a while. Also, read our dedicated guide on the benefits of PPF for an in-depth study. 

Benefits of Paint Protection Film/ PPF

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

The best thing about PPF is its tough composition. It has the power to absorb impacts and provide ultimate protection to the vehicles. Free yourself from all the worries and driving challenges with a PPF wrap. Are you considering getting a PPF wrap? Read our guide to know how to choose a PPF installer near you. Only expert PPF installers can provide you following benefits.

  • No more stone chips, road debris, or UV radiation damaging your car paint. 
  • Its self-healing properties let the riders enjoy the flawless look of their car 24/7. 
  • The paint protection film is extremely durable. If maintained properly, it can last up to seven to ten years. 
  • It can be applied anywhere on the vehicle’s exterior. 
  • Moreover, it’s visually invisible. You will get an invisible guard that will protect your car every minute, every second. 
  • Plus, PPF reduces the effort you put into washing your car. Even a single swipe with a mild detergent is enough to make your car shine like a diamond.

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is also known as nano-coating. It’s a liquid polymer that packs the car’s exterior inside its protective layer. It creates a hydrophobic layer by chemically binding with the car paint. It seamlessly blends with the car’s paint, enhancing its glossy finish. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Just like PPF, the ceramic coating also provides plenty of fantastic benefits. Let’s have a look at the benefits of ceramic coating. 

  • It’s hydrophobic, which means nothing will stick to its surface. It creates a water-repellent surface over the car’s exteriors. 
  • It makes cleaning and washing the car easier. Also, as water rolls over from its surface, no water marks are left after cleaning or rain.
  • Also, environmental contaminants like bird droppings and tree saps do not damage car paint if it has ceramic coating. 
  • Because of its composition, it enhances the aesthetic look of the car. The glossy finish makes it more attractive. For more details, you can read our guide on how ceramic coating transforms your ride.
  • Ceramic coating makes the existing color pop more and gives it a vibrant glow. 
  • Protects the car against harmful chemical contaminants and oxidation processes that deteriorate the car. 



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How to Choose Between PPF Coating and Ceramic Coating?

Both PPF and ceramic coating provide ultimate protection. That’s why people get confused about what they should choose: PPF or ceramic coating. If you are also not sure between PPF or ceramic coating, then try the following. 

Protection Level

PPF offers better protection against impactful damages and abrasions. Whereas, ceramic coating works best against harmful chemical factors. You can choose a protective coating based on your needs. So, what do you want, physical protection or chemical protection? 

Coverage Needs

Coverage needs depend on protection needs. PPF can be applied on most exposed areas and the entire vehicle. Ceramic coating has no such choice. It is applied to the entire vehicle. Choose your protection film that matches your coverage needs.

Your Budget

Another factor that helps you choose between PPF and ceramic coatings is your budget. It is helpful for those who have a limited budget for this upgrade. Generally, PPF is costlier than ceramic coatings. If you are low on budget and want entire vehicle protection, go for ceramic coating.



Some people want to add extra protection without changing the look of the vehicle. PPF is designed in a way that it is virtually invisible. People who don’t want to change the original paint choose PPF. However, if you love the glossy and chic appearance of the vehicle, choose ceramic coating. Besides providing ultimate protection, it adds depth to the car’s paint. 


Both PPF and ceramic coating offer unparalleled protection and high durability. However, the choice depends on the rider’s preferences and driving environment. PPF is effective in keeping cars in good shape where the chances of physical damage are high. Whereas, against environmental challenges and chemical resistance ceramic coating works the best. You can choose the protective film that aligns with your needs. 


Which is better, ceramic or PPF?

In terms of durability and longevity, PPF is a better choice. It stays for seven to ten years. While ceramic coating hardly lasts two to five years if maintained properly. 

How long does PPF and ceramic coating last?

Both can last more than five years, but the ceramic coating has a shorter life compared to PPF. Also, they lose their effectiveness and wear off once they have passed their lifetime. 

Does PPF change car color?

No, PPF does not change the color of the car. It’s a transparent film that goes over the vehicle. PPFs are used to protect the vehicle from potential damage. They can not alter the color of vehicles because they are virtually invisible.