mold and mildew smell

The most prominent problem with many cars is the smell of mildew and molds resulting in a repellent smell which sometimes leads to health problems for the driver as he sits in the same environment for an extended period. Being a top-class automobile detailing business in Canada, Auto Boss Vaughan fathoms the importance of removing mold and mildew from your vehicle’s interior. 

 Following are a few tips and tricks for you to eliminate mold and mildew smells from the story of your vehicle 

Thoroughly Clean the Car

You must clean your vehicle thoroughly at regular intervals. It is a crucial step to get rid of these frustrating smells. Professionals suggested vacuuming the car’s interior. These include the carpets, seats, other cousins, and foot mats in the car. Explore your vehicle’s parts, including doors, steering wheel and dashboard, using a dump microfiber cloth. Making it possible to wash away all the molds and mildew. Considering this as a first step towards odor free cars. It can help a lot to fight with the smell problem of the vehicle. 

Use Steam Cleaning

The second step towards ordering free cars is steam cleaning. After a nice clean, it’s time to steam. All the microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and other odor producing germs can be washed out by high-temperature steam wash. 

Steam cleaning is an entirely chemical-free and environmentally friendly method. It does not cause any damage to the car’s body and other sensitive parts in the vehicle’s interior. 

Make Sure the Car is Dry

The most critical step in a car wash is drying your car’s body. After steaming, it is essential to dry your vehicle’s interior thoroughly. The reason behind it is that a damp environment boosts the growth of mold and mildew that causes a terrible smell. 

A high-power fan is suggested for drying if you want an energy-efficient method to leave your car in a well-ventilated place for many hours. 

Do a Sanitization Cleaning

The next step after drying your car is sanitization. Car detailers use high-grade specialized products to disengage the vehicle. These disinfectants fight all the other microorganisms. 

It is an essential step that prevents drivers from getting sick as they are responsible for sitting in The vehicle for an extended period.

Follow with Ozone Treatment

  • If you applied all the above techniques but still have an unsolved issue of repellent car and odor, try ozone treatment. As we know, it will give you a surety to remove the order from your vehicle. Natural gas ovens have the power to break down and remove repellent charges. Many experiments found Ozone treatment eliminated mold and mildew smell. 
  • Do not use baking soda and vinegar.
  • The moldy smell of your car is still irritating you? Some DIY suggestions for baking soda and vinegar. But professional advice is to avoid using this hack to remove the odd smell from your car. It may be ineffective, but it can make the situation miss words. 

Both baking soda and vinegar are natural cleaning agents used in household cleaning plans. But after many experiments, they found both ineffective, especially in fighting against 

Baking soda and vinegar now do themselves as both natural cleaning agents and are often used in household cleaning. However, when it comes to removing moldy smells, they may not be strong enough to eliminate the odor.

Additionally, using vinegar on certain surfaces, such as leather or vinyl, can cause damage or discolorations. Baking soda can also leave a residue that is difficult to remove and may attract more dirt and grime.

To effectively remove moldy smells from car interiors, we recommend using a professional-grade mold and mildew cleaner specifically designed for automotive use. These cleaners can penetrate deep into the car’s surfaces and eliminate the source of the odor.

Ventilate your car

It is also important to properly ventilate the car and address any underlying issues causing the moldy smell, such as a leaky sunroof or damaged weather stripping. Don’t let mold and mildew smell linger in your car’s interior any longer! Book an entire interior detailing with Fresh Layer Mobile Detailing today and let our experts eliminate unwanted odors. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for internal detailing near me and get your car smelling fresh and clean again.


A mildew smell can remain after you clean your car and remove the fungus. When you feel a musty smell in your car, it means your car requires thorough dry cleaning. Trying to get rid of the damp smell means drying your car completely. Steam cleaners are a super non-chemical method to destroy unseen or seen mold. Water and white vinegar solution is also an excellent alternative to chemicals. Leave your car window open in an airy place to let it dry. Auto Boss Vaughan helps you eliminate the smell of mold with its best-in-class auto detailing services.  


What solution kills the mold smell from your car?

Effective tactics in killing mold smell

Vacuum, steam clean, applying mild detergent, using baking soda, vinegar, smoke removal and repeated mold cleaning.

Maintaining freshness

Regular steam cleaning and vacuum detailing can help remove mold and mildew smell. Use fabric softener sheets, charcoal, odor neutralization and ceramic coating.

Does mold create a smell in your vehicle?

Mold odor is one of the common problems in car interiors. The reason for these smells is moisture, standing water, window or door seal leaks, uncleaned spills, or condensed moisture in the car AC system.

How to get rid of the musty, damp smell in the car?

Sprinkle baking soda in your car where you feel mold and moisture. Allow soda to seep down into the carpet. After a couple of hours, vacuum it. You can do it yourself or take it to a shop for detailing. Clean the mats and floor with high-quality car shampoo.