commercial window tinting

Modern workspaces use great degrees of glass in their design. Although more windows can give you an airy feeling, its downfall is glare. More glare can interfere with the employee’s ability to see properly on their digital screen. It can also cause fatigue and eye strain that accompany the headaches. 

Most of us used to stay at our workplace for more than eight hours a day. It means they have to be at their workstation in front of their computer screen for about eight hours. What if direct sunlight hits your system screen most of the time? Do you feel unpleasant because direct sunlight makes it so bright to strain to focus? Do you have a feeling of a drained body after spending a few hours in front of the screen? Window tint is an all-in-one solution to all the above-discussed problems. 

Has your staff’s productivity been reduced? You can improve productivity at the workplace by checking out whether your office has glare. Glare can reduce the workers’ productivity, as reported by Occupational health and safety risks. Business owners use window tinting films to reduce glare that enters from the glass; they make the workplace a comfortable place for the workers.

Consistent light and glare that hit the screens from the windows can affect your eyesight and work efficiency. Another common problem in people who work in such environments is eye fatigue, one common reason for which is glare. 

The one-step solution to this problem is to opt for commercial window tint, as it is the best way to reduce glare. Window tint handles about 87% of glare as it filters the light and improves the office environment, resulting in better output. 

Anti-glare window tinting film

The solution for the glare is a high-quality window glare. These films filter up to 94% of glare from the sun. It is a cost-effective solution that requires low maintenance. The tinting films provide perfect glare reduction and reduce harmful effects on your skin and furniture. It can make your home an energy-efficient space and reduce power bills.

Benefits of anti-glare window tinting film

Window tinting films come with countless benefits, among which are mentioned below.

Reduce risk, Add protection

Sunlight creates beautiful landscapes and highlights your office’s décor. But if you don’t care about this light and leave it untreated, your office will become a difficult and uncomfortable workplace. Harsh glare can also damage your staff’s health, make customers and general visitors uneasy, making your space unusable. Auto Boss Vaughan specialists suggest installing commercial window tinting to control the glare reduction from your office. It provides

  • UV protection is around 99%
  • The heat reduction of up to 75%
  • Energy saving more than 50%

Use electronics comfortably

Technology has turned the world into a global village, and we can not eliminate screens from our daily life, from education to businesses, from leisure to medicine; in short, we can not get rid of electronic screens, and the major goal is to make screens comfortable. Windows tint is the best solution to facilitate screen users. 

Prevent eye strain & fatigue

Some serious issues like eye strain and fatigue are major issues caused by executive glare and shine. It can make the eye muscles overworked and exhausted. 

When too much glare is present, people overwork their eye muscles and exhaust their bodies trying to see what’s on their screen. Window tint can help prevent this fatigue and keep your employees working comfortably and productively.

Enjoy the views & sunlight

While many people turn to blinds and curtains to reduce glare, these window coverings can create a less-than-desirable aesthetic effect since they block out light and outdoor views. Window tint allows your employees and customers to enjoy the beautiful views of New York City and provides ample natural light.

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Glare reduction window tinting film installation

Auto Boss Vaughan provides the best anti-glare solar window tinting film installation. It is designed to provide a better environment with glare reduction. Auto Boss experts will also guide you in deciding about the best, high-quality, low-priced tinting films.


Glare reduction film offers the aesthetically pleasing and most functional solution to reduce glare in your commercial building. It is nearly invisible, allowing you to maintain a clearer view from your commercial building while reducing glare. A high-quality window tinting film channels around 80% of the natural light to enter your workspace towards the ceiling and away from your computer screen. At the same time, when you redirect sunlight upwards, natural sunlight infiltrates deep into your office, which reduces the requirement for artificial light. It can save around 52% of your electricity bill.



Does window tinting minimize glare?

Window tinting reduces damages inflicted on the shades and curtains by excessive sunlight. It can also reduce up to 80% of the glare.

What is window tinting glare reduction?

Anti-glare window tinting film is the major type of sunlight control tinting film that helps stop a significant amount of unwanted glare and sunlight. However, it also allows natural light to pass through.

What is the best solution to reduce glare?

The best solution to reduce glare is to use filtered light rather than direct light. Diffuse light with globes or lamp shades, and use adjustable blinds or curtains on your windows. You must adjust your working areas and ensure having a matte or dull finish.