Ceramic Coating

What is ceramic car coating?

To grasp the answer to what are ceramic coatings? It would be better for the reader first to get the basic information about paint-protection products. 

The organic and most reasonable paint protection product is wax. It is available in different forms that range from paste to easy spray. 

For a long time, waxing a car was meant to maintain its new and shiny look, but it was a short-term solution as wax needs to be applied to the cars many times a year. It provides a very thin protective layer to the car. A bar of soap or detergent can easily damage it.

Another chemical coating that is difficult to develop is Sealants, which last for months. Sealant is easy to apply, but the drawback is they must provide the deep shine that a quality wax promises. 

Both wax and sealant are outmatched in a ceramic coating. Car ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid polymer with manual application. It forms a nice protective layer that can be effective for many years if maintained properly.


There is a wrong assumption among people who adopt ceramic coating as a protective layer on their car that it does not need maintenance. The ceramic coating gets damaged over time if not maintained properly. Taking care of the rearview mirrors will improve your visibility of the vehicle behind you. 


1. Do not wash your car for seven days after the ceramic coating application

Ceramic car coatings take a few days to settle and provide essential protection to the original paintwork of your car underneath. A ceramic coating is a wise deal. One thing to ensure is not to wash your vehicle for at least seven to nine days after applying ceramic car coating. This time of about a week allows the ceramic car coating to cure thoroughly.

2. Wash your car

Choosing any material to install on your car as a protective layer does not make your vehicle dirt and taint-proof. Like all other vehicle protective layers, the ceramic coating requires a car wash after regular intervals. Con your vehicle doesn’t make it dirt-proof or contaminant-proof. It still requires a regular wash. A few ceramic-coated car washing tips are mentioned below for your ease.

Auto Boss experts suggest “Wash your car clean between one and two times a week”.

 A ceramic-coated vehicle is not easy to be grimy by water-based pollutants and smudges affecting your vehicle’s surface, as ceramic coating makes your car hydrophobic. But the dust, dirt, minor degrading material and pebbles may get fixed into the ceramic-coated surface. Regular washes give you the surety of keeping these contaminants away from your ceramic coating. The recommendation is to wash your car every two weeks at least.

You must not wash your car in direct sunlight.

Always wash your ceramic-coated car under a shade or in the garage, as sunshine can cause water marks and steaks on the surface of your vehicle. With time, sunlight can also cause creaks in the ceramic coating of your car. The suggested wash time is early morning and a shady place.

Use a dedicated car wash product.

Choose car wash liquids that do not have corrosive ingredients present in them. Soaps with neutral pH must be preferred as they do not damage the coating of your vehicle.

Suggested car washing soaps and liquids are formulated as wax-free, making it very easy to clean your vehicle.

Use the two-bucket method

The best way to wash the ceramic-coated car is to adopt two bucket methods in which two buckets are used; one bucket is for washing that contains a solution of water and suggested ceramic-coated car wash detergent, and the other is used to rinse the vehicle with pure water. Using a microfiber cloth to apply soap solution on the vehicle and rinse the car with water to remove soap and lose fragments is suggested.

One section at a time, wash the from top to bottom, from top to bottom

Always wash your car from top to downward direction. It is better to divide your car into different sections and focus on one section only while washing the car. After washing and cleaning, move on to the next section. 

Use different buckets and mitts to clean the wheels

The car’s dirtiest part is the wheels, which contain brake dusk. Maybe some metallic fragments using the same bucket and mitts on the ceramic coating can hurt the coating, so the professionals suggest that a separate bucket and mitts are used to clean the wheels. 

 Do not air dry your car

Please do not leave the car to be dried in the air as it can leave water spots on it. Water stains give you an untidy look to your car. Professionals suggest using a clean microfiber cloth, preferably new, to dry your car after a wash.

Remove contaminants from your coated paint immediately

If you find your ceramic-coated car contaminated by birds’ droppings, tree sap, or splatters, remove them immediately, as they are acidic and will damage the ceramic coating of your vehicle. Remember to blot and wipe this will limitate the spread of pollutants on the original paintwork underneath.

Use maintenance boosters

Use a maintenance booster to refill the scratches and cracks that occur in the protective layer of Ceramic coating. They are usually applied soon after the carwash. The suggested application time is after every three to four months. Remember that you need to use specified ceramics coating maintenance products only. Avoid using other sealants or wax on the ceramic coatings.  

Don’t go to an automated car wash

Avoid automated car washers, as the cleaning brushes may damage the protective layer and eventually degrade the ceramic coating of your car. If you want an automated car wash, adopt the touchless car wash. 

Annual maintenance checkup

Professionals suggest a detailed checkup of your car from the firm that coated your car; once a year, the detailer will check in your car with the detailer who coated it. The detailer will maintain the ĉoating of your car and restore its shine.

What happens if you don’t care for your ceramic coating? 

Pay more attention to maintaining your ceramic-coated car by properly washing and applying a maintenance booster. The ceramic coating of your car will get a professional maintenance boost. Below are a few signs informing you about your vehicle’s improper maintenance.

  Loss of shine

A well-maintained ceramic-coated car’s shine is noticeable from a distance. Conversely, the car loses its shine and polish because the coating wears out.

 Reduced hydrophobicity

The best feature of ceramic-coated cars is that most of the pollutants like water, mud and even dirt slip down from the coated surface, and the reason is the low energy level of the surface which is also known as hydrophobicity. If your vehicle is not properly maintained, the ceramic coating of your car starts losing its hydrophobicity.

 Wearing out and damage to your paintwork

Improper maintenance of your ceramic-coated car leads its coating to chip off due to any external factor, exposing the original paintwork underneath. That will eventually get damaged by UV rays, debris, bird droppings and many more. 


In a nutshell, ceramic coating is a good option to safeguard the original paintwork of your car, but it needs proper care and maintenance to keep your money well-spent.

Various time-tested and helpful maintenance tips are discussed in the article. Try all the recommended tips to make your cardol out better.

If you are lethargic or don’t want to waste your time on maintaining your car instead of spending it on some other activity, you are welcome to approach us. We are on a call distance only. Our professional hands will give luxurious maintenance to your car.


Is it fine to wash a ceramic-coated car?

Yes! You can get a car wash if you have a ceramic coating on your car. We suggest you hand wash your car.

Can you wax after ceramic coating?

Yes! You can wax your car after ceramic coating, But let it dry first.

What are the don’ts after ceramic coating?

Avoid using automated car washes Until unless they use pH-neutral products and it is touchless.

How long does coating last?

The ceramic coating may last up to five years. If your car mileage is less, the lifespan of ceramic coating will be more. However, if the mileage is more and you maintain it properly.

Does rain affect your ceramic coating?

Rain has no negative effect on your ceramic coating. Rain helps in activating and bonding it to the paint.

Is ceramic coating shiny?

Car ceramic coating provides a shiny look to your car’s outlook.

What affects ceramic coating badly?

Using a clay bar may damage the ceramic coating. Remember! Too much pressure causes damage to your ceramic coating.

DO UV light affects ceramic coating?

Yes! Applying the ceramic coating in direct sunlight affects your ceramic coating.

How many coats are ok?

Two coats, one of the topcoat and the other beneath, are sufficient to improve your ceramic coating.